Ferrite is the award-winning app you need for creating podcasts, radio journalism, or other professional voice production work — lectures, speeches, voiceovers and more.

It combines the ease-of-use of a “voice memo” audio recorder, with a versatile multi-track editing studio. Powerful tools like effects and automation are available when you need them. With its time-saving features and a UI designed to get out of your way, people around the world are switching to Ferrite.

— Streamlined Recording —

Open Ferrite and with just one tap you’re recording. No fuss, and it won't break a sweat even with hours-long sessions. Just make sure your device has enough free space!

Recording an interview and you want to highlight a few quotes? Have to take out some inappropriate language? Or just fluffed a sentence and need to fix it? Bookmark moments during your recording and they’ll be flagged up during edits, so you can jump right to them.

Monitor levels with live recording meters, or listen through headphones. Tag your audio to find it quickly later. And of course you can import audio from your Music Library, iCloud, and other services such as Dropbox.

Please note: the free version has limited duration for recording & editing projects. Upgrade to Pro and you can edit projects up to 24 hours long!

— Editing is a Snip —

Ferrite features full multi-track editing, from quick cuts, to producing a complete podcast or broadcast package. Zoom out to see hours at a glance, or zoom in all the way down to individual samples.

Take a single clip, or a bunch, and arrange them in an editing project: move, crop, slice, fade in and out, or crossfade between clips just by overlapping them. You have full control over each track’s volume and panning, and can Mute or Solo as needed.

And best of all, you needn’t fear trying out changes: Ferrite has great Undo/Redo — even if you quit the app and come back a month later, you can still undo all the way back to the moment you created your project!

— Advanced Features —

Need more? Ferrite also includes:

• Automatic ducking: set tracks to “duck under” others (e.g. ducking music behind voiceovers).
• Strip Silence: Carves away all the silent sections from a recording, making it easy to edit the remaining audio.
• (iPad only) Split View and Slide Over support: Use Ferrite side-by-side with other apps. Recording a narration? Open another app with your script and place Ferrite down the side of the screen. Or open the User Guide in Safari on one side while you learn Ferrite on the other.

With a single In-App Purchase, you can unlock many additional tools, including:

• Prepare your audio for production with Noise Reduction and Auto Levelling.
• Add professional effects to your tracks such as EQ, Noise Gate and Dynamic Range Compression, for projects that sound clean and engaging.
• Automate volume, panning and effects settings so they vary over time, both on individual tracks and the final mix.
• Tighten Audio can automatically take out awkward pauses and gaps.
• Producing a podcast or series? Create a template to get each new episode off to a flying start.
• Found the perfect settings for an effect or tool? Save them as a Preset for re-use in other projects.
• Audio Unit Extensions: if you have other apps installed that provide effects as Audio Unit Extensions, they’ll show up in Ferrite, where you can add them to tracks or projects.

Note: Split View and Slide Over require a recent iPad. Please see our support pages for more details on compatibility. Maximum number of tracks available depends on the speed of your device.

What’s New

Version 2.1

New for Ferrite 2 Pro customers:

Various improvements relating to import and export, including:

• On recent devices (especially iPad Pro), creating MP3 files should be much faster using a new "parallel multicore" encoding system.
• Optionally customise sharing/export settings (format, quality, mono/stereo) for each project or template.
• When importing movies with multiple audio tracks (e.g. iOS screen recordings with narration), Ferrite now imports each audio track as a separate file.
• Support for "markers" in .WAV files

New for all users:

• Performance, user-experience and reliability updates

Ratings and Reviews

4.4 out of 5
69 Ratings
69 Ratings
Mick_I ,

Top notch

Works wonderful for my projects. There’s a good learning curve so check the PDF & their videos.

Highly recommend.

Soybean ,

Great app, but not for my podcast editing needs

Ferrite is quite an achievement, but it doesn’t entirely meet my needs for podcast editing. I come from using Audacity on Mac, which isn’t exactly a joy to use, but will have to continue to be my audio editor for podcasts.

As an amateur podcast creator noise reduction is particularly important to me since I don’t record in a soundproof studio on top-of-the-line equipment. For starters I find putting auto leveling, noise reduction, and boost into a “preproduction” phase to be strange and annoying. I don’t know why it’s not just an effect you can apply on a track like everything else, which would make it easier to toggle on/off and experiment with.

But worse for me, the noise reduction is so aggressive it cuts out some of the spoken audio (even with boost enabled) and leaves the rest sounding distorted. Maybe I’m not recording with enough gain or my guests speak too softly, but the software should be able to deal with it. Again my only comparison is Audacity, which has a feature that allows the user to sample some silent audio to create a noise profile that can be removed from all of the track. Ferrite’s fully-automated approach is easier to apply, but much less useful for my needs.

Garage Band supports using my Zoom H6 as a USB audio device and thus can record each of the 4 microphones I have attached to it onto separate tracks right to the iPad. Assuming iOS allows that capability to third-party developers, that would be an amazing addition to Ferrite that would let me overcome annoying import issues from iOS’ limitations on external storage. Right now it’s Zoom’s SD card to Mac to iCloud Drive/Dropbox to Ferrite. But again, that’s an iOS issue, not a Ferrite issue.

On the plus side, most of my workflow involves deleting things across all tracks, and Ferrite has clever gestures for that: swipe with two fingers left to right to select across tracks and create clips (that you can move or delete or whatever). But swipe in the other direction (right to left) and the selection is immediately deleted. You don’t have mouse-like precision without a cursor, but it’s still a huge timesaver. My only complaint there is that sometimes it takes a couple tries for the two-finger swipe gesture to register.

In general the touch-based editing in Ferrite is powerful and the speed of the iPad Pro makes it faster for me to edit with Ferrite than my MacBook. Easy chapter-marking is a joy. But being unable to tune noise reduction means it can’t quite replace Audacity for me yet. I may yet play around with one pass through Audacity and refined editing with Ferrite.

Developer Response ,

Thanks for your feedback! In answer to your question about why Preproduction is applied to audio files instead of tracks: Track effects in Ferrite are fully dynamic, non-destructive effects — this means you can continuously adjust them, either by hand (e.g. to hear the results as you make changes) or using automation. To do this, the effect must be applied continuously whenever the audio is playing back. But some features can't be applied that way for technical reasons — for example, because they need to process the entire file in one go, not just the audio being played back at one moment. Noise Reduction and Auto Levelling are examples of this. By adding a Preproduction section, it allows Ferrite to support those features, which it wouldn't be able to if it was limited to only track effects. And Preproduction tools are designed to "clean up" audio that needs it, before you start editing — it can also help make editing easier by improving the waveform preview quality when dealing with very quiet files. And Preproduction improvements will apply automatically to any project that uses the audio file. Hopefully that clears things up, and if you're having issues with noise reduction that you'd like us to take a deeper look at, please get in touch directly via the Contact Customer Support link inside the app so we can investigate. Thanks!

Calvin C. ,

Makes Podcast editing and publishing from iOS possible

Great app, really empowering to be able to take care of edits on the go or on the couch. Only thing missing from my workflow is the the ability to see the exact file size, in bytes, of the exported audio, which is required (as far as I can tell) in the rss feed for my show. That’s the only thing that requires me to switch to my Mac, since the iOS Files app also lacks this functionality.


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Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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