Meet Focused, formally known as Typed - the writing & Markdown app that blocks out distractions and clutter, and aids your focus so you can just write.

We firmly believe the typewriter gives you the best writing experience. That's why we've completely re-built Focused from the ground up, typewriter first!

Focused has the best typewriter experience on the Mac!

“Focused has separated itself from the pack by very intentionally not packing itself full of features that many users won't touch, instead focusing of the pure writing experience as the core element to get right.” — iMore

If you’re writing for the web, or quickly outlining longer articles, Focused features a full complement of keyboard shortcuts to both format and structure as you write. Quickly mark headings, Bold & Italics, Add Links - all easily within reach.

When you sit down to write, getting in the “zone” as quickly as possible is imperative. So when creating Focused we carefully studied the ideal environment - and built it. There’s Full Screen as you would expect, and then there’s Zen Mode. Eight carefully selected ambient soundtracks that heighten your focus - from rain to wind and more. All perfect for keeping calm and creating great content when you’re on a deadline.


- No clutter, no distractions. Just a perfectly honed set of tools to help you write and stay focused on the task at hand.
- Filter out life’s distractions with 8 calming soundtracks that aid your focus, allowing you to concentrate on your writing.
- Need to hit a word count, or stick to a character limit? Focused keeps you on target without cluttering your workspace.
- The dog will never eat your homework again - Auto Save keeps your content safe, with Versions support to retrieve an edit.
- Typewriter & Focus modes: Focused vertically centres and highlights just the sentence or paragraph you’re working on. Great no matter whether you’re editing or writing.
- Built to help you write for the web without the need to know any code - Focused generates it all for you, and uses Markdown syntax to keep your writing easily readable.
- Never leave the keyboard again, with comprehensive keyboard shortcuts to help you structure and format.

Focused is not just a distraction-free writing app - it’s the first writing app that actually aids your focus, and we think you’ll love it.

If you have any questions, or want to share your feedback just use the Support link here on the Mac App Store to contact us and one of the Focused team will get back to you!

What's New

Version 3.1

This release contains minor bug fixes

The title bar items (buttons and document title) now work in full screen mode.
Add Link and Add Image menu options are now use the correct syntax.
If "Enable Zen Mode when Full Screen" is unchecked, the music isn't automatically paused.
Text in the preferences is now clearer.

Ratings and Reviews

Good, but still some kinks


This app has promise, but unfortunately there are still quite a few kinks. From what I can tell, fonts are not working properly at all, it would seem that it only edits the font of the most recent paragraph regardless of how much you have selected, and just behaves eratically in general. Secondly, as far as I can tell the word count is completely broken, which I find rather dissappointing. Though I love the concept of the app, it fails to deliver on some key aspects that are crucial to even the most minimalist word processor. I find it a great app to keep me focused on writing, but the buyer should beware, this app is still very much a first draft.

EDIT: I have discovered that the problems with word count and font inconsistency has to do with starting paragraphs with tabs. Any time you start a paragraph with an indentation it breaks both font and word count. I just thought that this would be useful information for people considering the purchase. It’s a good app, especially when you understand how to avoid the problems within it.

For the intro price… meh. For $30… no.

John Castle, Author

I gave this a try as the middle ground between two other apps — one with a zen-like soundtrack feature and one which is a much more fully-featured Markdown front-end.

For the intro price of $15, it’s okay. But at $30, it’s only $10 less expensive than the full-featured competitor, and you can always use the combination of fullscreen and iTunes to recreate its “Zen mode”.

To be honest, that would be my advice. Invest the extra $10 on Ulysses III, go fullscreen and hit up Apple Music for that ambient audio goodness.

Almost great


I really like this program. The background sounds are great - really great - and I love the screen layout choices. The fonts are great as well. It's just missing what is (to me) one crucial thing: customizable keyboard noises. For whatever reason, keyboard noises help me to focus in on what I'm writing, and I love it when they're an option in writing apps. If that gets added in, this would be a five star program for me.


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