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Recruit. Strategize. Win.

Take control of your own college football program and bring it to glory!

In College Football Coach, you play the newly-hired head coach at your college of choice. As head coach, it will be your responsibility to manage your team's strategy, play through seasons, recruit new players, and above all, win national championships.

Playing a Season: Your team will play 12 games in the regular season, which consist of playing all 9 of your conference opponents once and three out-of-conference games. The most important game of the regular season is your rivalry game: winning it will net you more program prestige points, while losing it will cost you some points.

At the end of the regular season, the Conference Championship is played between the two teams with the best in-conference record. If two teams have the same record, a head-to-head tiebreaker is used. If three or more teams have the same record, the one with the highest poll ranking is chosen. After the Conference Championships, Bowl Games are played. Only the top 24 teams get chosen for a bowl, with the most important being the National Semifinals between the #1 and #4 team, and the #2 and #3 team. The winner of these two games advance to the National Championship where an undisputed champion is crowned.

After the season, your team will gain or lose prestige based on their results versus their expectations.

Rankings: As your team plays through the season, pollsters will determine how good (or bad) your team is compared to others. This "poll ranking" is determined by wins, margin of victory, strength of schedule, and more, and determines who gets into a bowl game and the semifinals.

Roster: When you start your career, you'll inherit a roster of 48 players (23 starters), broken down by position like so:
* 2 Quarterbacks (1 starter)
* 4 Running Backs (2 starters)
* 6 Wide Receivers (2 starters)
* 2 Tight Ends (1 starter)
* 10 Offensive Linemen (5 starters)
* 8 Defensive Linemen (4 starters)
* 6 Linebackers (3 starters)
* 6 Cornerbacks (3 starters)
* 2 Safeties (1 starter)
* 2 Kickers (1 starter)

Playbooks: As a coach, you can pick what playbooks your team employs on offense and defense throughout the season. Among what's offered on offense:
* Balanced: a standard pro-style offense with equal emphasis on passing and running.
* Smashmouth: a conservative, run-heavy offense.
* West Coast: a dink-and-dunk passing game that uses short, accurate passes to set up the run game.
* Spread: a pass-heavy offense that focuses on big plays but runs the risk of turnovers.
* Read Option: an offense that relies heavily on option reads based on coverage and LB positioning.

On defense, coaches can choose from the following philosophies:
* 4-3 Man: a standard 4-3 man-to-man balanced defense.
* 4-6 Bear: a defense focused on stopping the run that will not allow yards and big plays on the ground, but may give up big passing plays.
* Cover 2: a zone defense with safety help in the back against the pass and LBs that stay home to cover the run.
* Cover 3: a zone defense that will stop big passing plays, but may allow short gains underneath.

Recruiting: As coach, you are responsible for recruiting the next class of players that will lead your team to bigger and better wins. You'll recruit against teams across the country for the same players, and your program's prestige will affect how good the players available to you are. Stronger teams will be able to recruit higher-quality players, while weaker teams will need to recruit strategically in order to build up their programs.

Establish your own college football dynasty - play College Football Coach today!

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What's New

Version 2.0.6

* Fixed an issue where prestige labels were cut off vertically.
* Fixed POTY from being awarded multiple times.
* Extended notifications display time.
* Fixed scheduling so that teams play 6 away and 6 home games.
* Added a minimum level of recruiting effort that is independent of prestige.
* Fixed an issue with team renaming.
* Added QBs to Rushing Leaders panel.
* Fixed an issue where TEs wouldn't get drafted.
* Adjusted dual-threat vs pro-style labeling for QBs in recruiting.
* Fixed an issue where team name matching was done incorrectly in team stat rankings.
* Added TEs to Receiving Leaders panel.

Thanks for playing!

Ratings and Reviews

4.3 out of 5
323 Ratings
323 Ratings

Whoops, most popular reason for playing a football show sim regresses


Like many other reviews lately, the new update messed up the like-ability aspect of this simulation dynasty sports game and that’s recruiting and building a roster.

Taking the lower rank team to greatness doesn’t seem possible. It is now ridiculously too hard to predict which recruits will say yes to your offers, and you run out of recruiting points too quickly to make a dent in upgrading roster. Even low rank (stars) players will often say no to your offer at nearly the same rate as the top star players.
The next fixes to this game should be to increase the number of recruits by double, have scouting points (with a scouting phase in offseason) and make it much more easier to recruits with stars near your schools prestige level. Increment the amount of recruiting points required to recruit higher star players on weaker teams. This way lower rank teams will focus more on getting higher potential players (letter grade) near their prestige level and over time/some years be able to go after higher star players.

Great game, just too simple


First off, this is a phenomenal game. It's exactly what I've been looking for for a long time. Easy to pick up and play, easy and engaging layout, and very quick to learn.

All of that said, there are some improvements to be made here. It feels far too simple at times, and I do feel that the lack of positions is a big contributor to that. I get the OLine, but to group the entire front 7 together as one position comes off as a little lazy. I hope we at least get separation between LBs and DLs later.

As others have said, this game is just too easy after a while. Once you know what to look for in recruiting, it's very easy to build and maintain a powerhouse team that wins multiple championships in a row. There doesn't feel like there's really any difference between the difficulty levels, which I hope is something that gets reworked soon.

Needs fixes immediately

m'baku football

I played since beginning phases but with the improvements there’s still room for growth. First the recruitment part needs an overhaul. 1)there needs to be more players available. I’ve had situations such a as I needed 4 OL but only six players are available. A nice update would be a expansion of players with a top 100 or 300. This way like in real life teams with higher prestige could get the 5&4* players and lower teams could get the normal players with the occasional top tier players committing. 2)With the expansion of players there needs to be a regional feature added. Like players from your geographical region are more inclined to commit to you. I think there a slight programming like that but would be better if enhanced. 2a) Would be nice if there were a certain amount of players in each state and a rank of each instate player. 3) The effort and recruitment tactics needed major improvements. Even if you have a 90 or better prestige it’s difficult to get players to come to your school. Also players can commit to other schools early but not yours.

You should be able to get fired or receive offers from other schools to coach there.




Allow more of a scouting report for upcoming opponents.

Bowl games and playoffs played on neutral field

In game adjustments & halftime report


Akshay Easwaran
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Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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