We designed this calculator specifically for Mac OS X to evaluate simple or complex mathematical expressions, to display all results as text or graphs, to keep track of previous results, to save and reload previous calculations, and more. This calculator is ideal for people who need to evaluate mathematical expressions, such as students, teachers, educators, engineers, researchers and scientists. It was developed by a scientist for modelling and analysing data, but designed for ease of use.

Why use Formula Calculator?

Formula Calculator does not imitate a pocket calculator - instead the mathematical expressions are typed in directly. The results are evaluated as you type. The entire mathematical expressions are there to see, making it easier to spot mistakes.

Very long calculations can be broken into smaller calculations. You assign parameter names to intermediate results, just as you would in algebra or arithmetic. Formula Calculator keeps a history of your work, so you can check previous results. Multiple versions of the calculator can be open at any one time.

Formula Calculator comes with the mathematical functions that you find on a scientific calculator and you can define your own functions, simply by typing them in. More advanced functions enable numerical differentiation, integration, finding complex roots (zeroes) of functions, Fourier transforms, fitting functions to data. You can define your own constants and save them for use in any arithmetic expression - this is very useful for constants that you use often, such as the gas constant, Avogadro's number, Planck's constant, and so on. Formula Calculator has a list of common physical constants that you can send to your calculation.

Formula calculator allows you to easily graph your functions, ideal for students who want to understand what functions look like and how they behave when parameters are varied. You can format the graphs how you like, including labels and colors and output them as images, pdf files or in eps format for inclusion in reports.

Features ...

* Large range of scientific functions including differentiation and integration
* Perform both real and complex arithmetic
* Define your own functions and save them
* Define your own constants and save them
* Show your recent calculation history
* Export your calculation history
* Show information about functions and constants as lists or keypad
* Select pre-defined themes to alter the appearance
* Print your maths text and the results
* Comprehensive help

* Multiple calculator windows
* Use multiple lines to input and perform complicated calculations
* Perform calculations in the background or stop them midway
* Type calculations in any order (!)
* Assign results to parameter names and use those in subsequent lines
* Allows left or right assignment of values to parameters
* Automatically retain function definitions, with an option to keep them
* Save your results to a file and reload them again
* Export or import user functions
* Design your own themes to customise the look

* Create matrices and perform matrix calculations
* Create arrays of values and perform calculations on them
* Additional functions for manipulating arrays and matrices
* Perform Fourier transforms or fit functions to data
* Advanced graphing function for plotting your calculations
* Format your graphs, add labels, legends, change colours etc.
* Save your graphs and read in again later
* Zoom function to expand regions of your graphs
* Cursor for reading values from your graphs
* Import text data into your calculations for data manipulation or graphing
* Export array data as text
* Export your graphs as images, eps or pdf formats
* Send your graphs to a printer

What's New

Version 2.0

Added a Quick Help to get you started using Formula Calculator.
Fixed an auto-layout issue that affected the window size on startup when both icons and text were displayed on the toolbar.
Fixed an issue when no arguments were entered for functions of functions caused the calculator to hang.


Timothy John Davis
13.2 MB
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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