Fractal Architect 4 is the leading Mac Flame Fractal Image and Video Animation Editor

What it Makes ——————————
2D and 3D Flame fractal images of great beauty, endless unique textures, video animations.
Great works of art can be easily created. Huge image diversity - all are unique.
Flowing video animations can be easily made that can be incorporated into your own movies or used as-is.

This is our largest version to-date, with so many new features.

New Features Version 4:

◆ New Rendering Architecture:
⁃ Variation Group Chains - So Easy yet so Powerful
⁃ Matrix Variations for adding Matrix operations inside these chains
⁃ True 3D Camera - without the limitations of the Apophysis 3D Hack camera
⁃ Fully Backwards compatible with Fractal Architect 2 & 3D, Apophysis, Apophysis 3D Hack, and Flam3

◆ New: Lua Scripting - Example converted Oxidizer, JWildfire, and Apophysis scripts included
- Create great fractals with the builtin Lua scripts. Use Tweak scripts as a source of Fractal Variants.

◆ New: Create your own Custom Variation Types
⁃ All the tools you need are in the app (you can text edit with your favorite programmer's text editor too)

◆ New: Cross Breeder Shuffle Patterns - So many possible morph animations from just 2 keyframes

◆ Best Fractal Animation Tools Available Anywhere
⁃ Create great fractal animation videos with optional audio music tracks.

◆ Create "Basic" Legacy Animations - Keyframe Morph or Loop/Morph or 1 Parameter Animations

◆ New: Configurator Tool for "Complex" Animations:
⁃ Animate multiple properties (62 different types), all in parallel, each property having its own animation curve
⁃ Animations curve types now include 2D & 3D Catmull curves, B-Spline and NURBS curves
⁃ Edit parameter value endpoints with Triangle Editor or Outline view configuration pane
⁃ Make an animation using Fractal Variants

◆ New: Super Variants Editor
⁃ Use the Animation Configurator to create Variants

◆ New: World's First Fractal Animation Sequencer for "Complex" Video Animations
⁃ Audio Waveform and Sequencer Timeline
⁃ Multiple Animation Tracks
- Create 3D camera "lookat" animations with 3D Spline Paths
⁃ 3D Fly-Through Animations Possible with 3D Spline Paths
⁃ Music Beat Pulsing and Audio Synchronized Animations Possible
⁃ Full Audio Integration
⁃ Capable of creating extremely complex animations and long videos with audio track

◆ Many other enhancements - too many to list here (See for complete list)

GPU Rendering Trial Window - Risk Free Method to try GPU Rendering on a selection of 16 fractals
- You will know if it works on your Mac or not - Why pay for GPU rendering if it might not work on your Mac?

Base App Limitations
⁃ Restricted Image Size (Max 1024 x 768 pixels)
⁃ Restricted Video Frame Size (Max 320 x 240 pixels)
No Video Time Length Restrictions
⁃ Only CPU Rendering Capability Included in Base Version
- All app features are compatible with this limitation

In-App Purchase Options for Removing These Limitations
- Unlimited Image Size Option (includes Unlimited Video Frame size for "Basic" Fractal Animations)

- Unlimited Video Frame Size Option for "Complex" Fractal Animations using Sequencer and/or Animation Configurator
(See description above for difference between "Basic" vs "Complex" animations)

- Enable GPU Rendering Option - Please use free GPU Rendering Trial window to check if your Mac is compatible
GPU Rendering Option if Purchased, allows GPU rendering on all Macs you own (No need to buy the option again for each Mac)

What's New

Version 4.5.4

Restore Prior Purchases fixed

Ratings and Reviews

Very cool and fast


This is a cool pice of software. Its great having GPUs go to use for what are designed for. I love being able to fiddle with equations as well. Pretty patterns that make the machine work hard are what computation is all about.

The programmer has gone to great effort to allow you to change the formulas which allows real flexability in your images. The speed makes it easy to test out new ideas and see how they look.



After working with FA1 thru FA3 I find that FA4 is another dimension entirely (in terms of creative options for use). I would recommend it to any artist or fan of Fractal rendering for the sheer beauty of possibilities and technical advancements. It’s like the difference of engineering between an older Corvette and the newest model. ‘Plenty of upgrades and advancements.



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Rated 4+
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