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Over 5 million downloads, and we've just released Frametastic 2.0 with Instagram Video Publishing.

New: VIDEO SLIDESHOWS for your frames!
New: AUTO-FRAME your photos (select a bunch of them, and we'll automagically generate a perfect frame to fit)
New: Full screen collage maker!

Frame your photos into memories and share them with your friends and family.

Create unique and beautiful framed compositions by selecting a layout or let Frametastic generate a layout to fit any number of photos using AUTO-FRAME. Pinch to zoom and swipe to get the perfect composition, then apply beautiful effects to each individual photo, and change the size of the frame for the perfect look.

Share your work as either a picture or as a VIDEO SLIDESHOW!

TIP: Double tap a frame segment to zoom in for more precise swipe and pinch gestures.

Select from over 70 frames to place your photos in!

- 10 Retro FX
- 6 Cinematic FX
- 7 Travel photography FX
- 15 Color FX
- 5 Basic Adjustment FX

Apply a great looking grunge texture to your each frame.

Once you're done, easily share:
* Send to Instagram
* Post to Facebook or Twitter
* Save to your Device

NOTE: All in app purchases transfer FREE of charge between the iPad, iPhone, or iPod. On the "select frame screen", just press the settings button in the top right corner to restore.

Rate Frametastic 5 stars and let us know what feature's you'd like to see in the future!


Versión 2.1.1

NEW in 2.1.1:
Our zany frames pack was sooo ZANY that the in-app purchase for them wasn't approved correctly. We fixed this.

NEW in 2.1:
Postcards are Back!

No, it's not a trick, a mirage, or a trap - that button in the sharing menu does indeed send postcards... again. We had to take the feature out for the iOS7 update, and now (by popular demand) it's back in full glorious color.

What's that? Not good enough... you need MOAR updates?

You're killing us here, but fine, we give up. We'll throw in a "zany frame pack" with crazy angled frames into the mix (...yes, these do work with the video slideshow maker).

If you haven't bought any in-app-purchases yet to support us, now's your chance! Everyone likes updates; We like making updates; We want to keep making updates; That's where you come in. Support your favorite framing app by throwing a few bucks* our way.

* We can't promise that some of the money won't be used to buy treats for our dogs, but we do promise we'll tell the dogs the treats are from you.

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3.0 de 5
171 valoraciones

171 valoraciones

Colormetay37 ,

Frozen Screen

Okay I understand the need to add advertisement links to these apps. What I don't understand is why this app doesn't give the option to "close" the pop up or "X" out of it. I won't even get through creating my image before the advertisement pops up and freezes me out of the app. The only way I can get back to what I was doing was either to A) turn my phone off and back on or B) wait an hour or two until it reboots. Also for the record I have clicked on the ads, thinking maybe if I click on it and "pretend I'm interested" it will let me back into my app....wrong.

This is literally my first app review because I'm so annoyed. I LOVED this app when I first got it, but now with its update I can't use it.

Seems like a simple fix

Daniel macdonald (legendstatus1997) ,

Review of App

Howdy my name is Daniel Macdonald and i'm a cowboy i had a been hit by a car 2 years ago and i'm alive a lot of details to being hit by the car what happened and what not i I have problems with memory and comprehension and a Tramautic Brain Injury but I'm doing a lot better thanks anyways Great app! I've used it a few times so far I haven't had any problems with it I enjoy that your able to make a collage of photos hey is there image effects cause if there is I haven't been able to use it thanks. -Daniel

Scotty Deux ,

Once great, now ruined.

I don't mind ads but the change with the ad that takes over after every save is ridiculous. You can read others full details (main thing is have to close reopen every time), but the absurd part is the apps aren't even available anymore. Who's paying to advertise for an Obamney app from over four years ago? I paid for extras, I gave a good review, what the hell. Oh and the support button doesn't work but sure as shinola the apps (again to non-existent ones) and purchase do. Going to dump this app and tell any friends that still have the last version to never update. Or even better, tell them which good frame app to change to. Worthless.


Imaginary Feet, LLC
47.4 MB
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Requiere iOS 6.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



Clasificación 4+
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