Picture-perfect photo importing and metadata editing for your Mac.

Full Frame is a fast, focused app for browsing and importing photos from your camera to your Mac. It works with your memory cards, cameras, iPhone, and iPad. It lets you save your photos directly to your Mac’s file system and attached storage. Videos, too.

No databases, libraries, or clouds between you and your work — just files.

Full Frame comes with a powerful metadata editor and viewer. You can edit metadata after importing, and you can also create metadata presets that are applied to items as you import them.

◆ Full Frame is free to download and try. You can make 100 imports, deletes, and saves each for free. If you decide you like it, you can unlock the app with a one-time purchase of $29.99, or you can pay as you go by purchasing 100 more imports, deletes, and saves for $4.99. ◆

• Import from your memory cards, camera, iPhone, iPad, or storage media — or copy between folders
• View, edit, and add metadata
• Metadata presets: Automatically apply metadata to photos & videos you import — or remove metadata
• Automatically rename photos & videos you import based on their metadata — even file them into sub-folders
• Use the fast, stunning thumbnails view for the big picture — your photos & videos are ordered from newest to oldest, and you can scroll freely around your entire collection without having to wait for thumbnails to load
• Use the slideshow view to get a detailed look at each photo
• Select, import, and delete with customizable keyboard shortcuts
• Import all your new photos & videos at once, or select the ones you want
• Supports all RAW formats that macOS supports:
• Tethered shooting — view new photos & videos as you take them with a connected camera
• Quickly access your recently used folders — Full Frame remembers them
• Open Full Frame right from the Finder and other apps using the included system service
• Play your videos in either the thumbnails view or slideshow view
• Drag and drop into the Finder or Desktop to import

Try Full Frame for free today.

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What's New

Version 1.4

• New: Items can now be sorted by creation date, modification date, filename, type, and file size. Some cameras may not support all sorts. If yours doesn’t, then instead of connecting your camera to your Mac, try plugging its memory card into your Mac instead.

• New: Full Frame can now notify you when tasks finish. Notifications are shown in your Mac’s Notification Center. You can choose to be always notified, never notified, or notified when Full Frame is inactive or idle (the default).

• New: Info windows and the inspector window have been redesigned. Both the Name and Value columns are now left-aligned, and metadata groups can be collapsed and expanded by clicking disclosure triangles.

• New: Info windows now remember their last size.

• New: Info windows now support tabs in macOS Sierra (10.12) and later. You can view the metadata of many items in a single info window, with each item in its own tab. Option–click the “i” info button on a thumbnail to open its metadata in a new tab instead of a window.

• New: In the thumbnails view, the “Get Info” menu command now opens an info window per selected item instead of a single info window with the merged metadata of all selected items. You can open a merged info window with the new “Merge Info” command.

• New: You can now choose that nothing should happen when you click thumbnails.

• New: Lots of improvements to dark mode.

• New: The app better handles the situation where your iPhone or iPad is “locked” and Full Frame can’t access it.

• New: Memory cards and other devices can now be ejected from the Sources popup in the toolbar.

• New: Slideshow transition animations when using the keyboard are now disabled by default. You can enable them in Full Frame’s preferences window if you’d like.

• New: The inspector window keyboard shortcut has changed from I to Option–Command–I since the latter is the usual inspector shortcut in macOS apps.

• New: The keyboard shortcuts for the “Deselect All” and “Invert Selection” menu commands have been swapped: Deselect All is now Shift–Command–A, which is the usual Deselect All shortcut in macOS apps, and Invert Selection is now Option–Command–A.

• Fixed: The app sometimes showed items from newer iPhones out of order.

• Fixed: Items in iPhones and iPads are now sorted correctly. By default they’re sorted by creation date, newest to oldest. You can also change the sort as described above.

• Fixed: Newer iPhones may have been very slow to load, especially if they had videos.

• Fixed: If you changed the import filename template during import, the remaining items in the import would use the new template. Now, all items in an import will use the template that was set when the import started.

• Fixed: Photos could sometimes take a long time to load in the slideshow view.

• Fixed: Editing metadata in the inspector window could sometimes crash the app.

Ratings and Reviews

Great app, but sneaky purchase requirement

Andy Ata

This app solves a big challenge I have had trying to sort photos in Finder. I can’t stand Apple’s Photos app and have tried to maintain control over how I file and sort my photos. This app, at first glance, seems to do that very well. I love the seamless interface and tile format. I love the ability to resize the tiles at will and delete right from the interface. The app is simple - doesnt try to do too much, but seems to work very well. The app itself does what it advertises.

Now, the downside………… The app is listed in the app store as “free”, but that only gets you 100 imports or deletions. That will get used up in about 30 minutes if you are sorting or importing a lot of photos, like me. To spring the user with a $40 purchase price to me is outrageous. When the app states “offers in app purchases” I would have thought there are some upgrades or features that might make it even better, but to lure people in, then tell them in order to keep using the app, you have to shell out $40, to me is a deal killer. Either drastically lower the price, or make this truly “free”. Otherwise, it goes in my wastebasket.

Adjust the price or be honest up front and the app itself will get a much better rating.

Very good


Very fast and easy to use. Its features are limited so it probably can't be everything to everybody which is maybe why folks have given it 1-3 stars. But for me it's great, fast and easy to browse a day's take and import the keepers. I do agree with the other reviewer who said it has potential. It's still at version 1 so I'm excited to see what new features will be added in the future.

Great Start and it’s free to try


The app does exactly what it says. It has a fremium model where you get to import 100 pics for free and then you have to pay to import the rest of your pics.
If they will enhance it to allow us to use the Photos App extensions, we can actually edit the pics using other editors, which would be really nice. Good start on this.


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