General DB is a general-purpose database app that lets you record information quickly and easily.

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For example, if you have a bottle collection, you could make a table with these fields: Date Acquired, Bottle Type, Bottle Origin, Shape, Notes. Then whenever you add a new bottle to your collection, you can add a row to the table describing it.

If you want to track visits to different vacation sites, you can make a table with fields for the Date Visited, Location, Description, and Attraction. As you visit the sites, you can add corresponding rows to your table.

After you add rows to your tables, they will be:
* Searchable
* Sortable
* Selectable

Many apps are too specific to a subject, but General DB is flexible enough to handle many, many needs, such as:
- Inventories
- Customer info
- Membership lists
- Tracking Logs
- Accounts
- and many more !

No database knowledge is required to use this app, but you will pick some up as you go!

For power users:

General DB allows easy data entry into a full-fledged SQLite database. To do so, it enhances it with field types.

The field types allowed are Text, Number, Date, Time, Duration, Location, Photo, Barcode, and custom picker types. There are convenient buttons next to some fields for easier input.

For administrators or IT manager, you can create a master database of reference information that you don't want your users to modify. This master database can be published on the internet and either the Private DB app or General DB can download and view it.

Some more powerful features:
- Download files from the web or Dropbox
- Import text files into tables
- Execute SQL files
- Extract .zip or .gz files
- Manage your image files and create thumbnails
- Preview all the lines in a file before importing it
- Custom picker types to select values from a list
- Add your own image files from you computer using iTunes
- SQL templates for tables
- Add SQL statements to your Favorites
- See and execute past SQL in the History
- Built-in web browser to download files from
- Save websites in the Bookmarks
- SQL Console for executing arbitrary SQL
- Support for Views (subsets of fields from a table)
- Create views as JOINs of 2 or more tables for relational capabilities
- Export selected rows from your tables to a file
- Email your files to others
- Share your database via Email or Dropbox
- Create databases
- And much more!

If you have any questions, or if you need your business database customized for your iPhone or iPad, feel free to contact us on our website.

What's New

Version 5.1.2

IMPORTANT: Even though this is a minor release, it is imperative to back up your critical databases before any software update! To back up your databases, either use iTunes or AirDrop to share your databases to your computer, or upload your databases to Dropbox.

- SQLite 3.25.2 (Rename columns in ALTER TABLE sql, window functions)
- Bug fixes

Ratings and Reviews



I am a truck driver in the oilfield. I travel to alot of leases that are very rual with no specific address to identify their location. This database is exactly perfect for my needs. It lets me label the oil company that owns the lease and then allows me to input multiple sub-data bases under it. Example: oil company- lease name plus fields for lease number, tank size, destination, and also has an awesome GPS feature to pinpoint exactly where the lease is located with a stickpin on the map. On top of all this it sorts by several fields of user choice and has a search feature to find a sub-database in a single tap. I personally think this database app is worth way more than a mere $2.99. Thank you, an extremely satisfied customer, Peggy


Great App

I have a pretty large database with 8 tables and 10k+ rows - this runs great on my iPad and iPhone 6 sharing with Dropbox.
The only thing missing for me is the ability to have the 'picker types' dynamic, For example being able to define a field as a lookup in a related table rather than a static list of picker values. - UPDATE: I found out that the picker values ARE actually stored as hidden tables (view in settings). Now I can use triggers to update these picker values dynamically based on other tables. Very cool - can almost build a complete application now. Simple Form capability would make this app complete for me.
Keep up the good work


It's functional!

The cancel button does need to get fixed. I like the idea of emailing the table, I just wish I could rearrange the tables as well. Over all, it's a decent, easy, yet functional app!! I'm a personal trainer and I'm using it to track my sessions without the use of paper, not to mention giving my clients the opportunity to have an emailed copy of the dates to keep them up to par with witch session we're on!!! If I had a request; Please let us rearrange the tables, give skin options, customize table contents, let us use spaces and characters then maybe it would seem worth $2.99! But all things aside, good job!


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Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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