General DB is great for recording information quickly and flexibly into a modern, full-fledged database.

General DB lets you edit data in your database as if it were a spreadsheet, and you can open multiple databases at once and copy-and-paste data or drag-and-drop tables between them.

Some valuable features:

Open Multiple Database Windows:
For dragging and dropping tables, or copying and pasting rows

Lets you edit individual cells, or copy and paste selected cells to another app

Print Labels:
Good for postcards, stickers, envelopes, and forms

Copy and Paste Rows:
Copy and paste selected rows or cells to another database or app. Drag and drop tables between databases.

Import and Export Rows:
From CSV, tab-delimited, or pipe-delimited files

SQL Console:
Execute SQL and make favorites

Designed for both casual users and power users, General DB can be used as a replacement for some spreadsheet tasks, or as a staging system for larger database systems, or for publishing data sets to iOS devices using the Private DB app, or for many other tasks.

Some example uses:

Say you have a bottle collection, and you want to keep up with what you have. You could make a table with these fields: Date Acquired, Bottle Type, Bottle Origin, Shape, Notes. Then whenever you add a new bottle to your collection, you can add a row to the table describing it.

If you want to track visits to different vacation sites, you can make a table with fields for the Date Visited, Location, Description, and Attraction. As you visit the sites, you can add corresponding rows to your table.

After you add rows to your tables, they will be:
* Searchable
* Sortable
* Selectable

Many apps are too specific to a subject, but General DB is flexible enough to handle many, many needs, such as:
- Inventories
- Customer info
- Membership lists
- Tracking Logs
- Accounts
- and many more !

No database knowledge is required to use this app, but you will pick some up as you go!

Distribute databases to either General DB for the iPhone and iPad, or the free Private DB!

For power users:

General DB allows easy data entry into a full-fledged SQLite database. To do so, it enhances it with field types.

The field types allowed are Text, Number, Date, Time, Duration, Location, Photo, Barcode, and custom picker types. There are convenient buttons next to some fields for easier input.

For administrators or IT manager, you can create a master database of reference information that you don't want your users to modify. This master database can be published on the internet and either the Private DB app or General DB can download and view it.

Some more powerful features:
- Import text files into tables
- Execute SQL
- Custom picker types to select values from a list
- SQL templates for tables
- Add SQL statements to your Favorites
- See and execute past SQL in the History
- Create views as JOINs of 2 or more tables for relational capabilities
- Export selected rows from your tables to a file
- Create databases
- And much more!

What’s New

Version 5.4

NOTE: This is a major release. If you have critical databases, you MUST back them up before installing this update. To back them up, use Time Machine or backup your database and image files manually.

- Export view now shows the first row of the selected table.
- The options for importing and exporting are available by pressing the gear buttons on the Import and Export views.
- New options for importing files.
- Import text files that have newline separators within double-quotes.
- You can see NULL values in the Rows view (by checking the option in the settings) and the Add Row view.
- Set values to NULL using the Edit menu.
- Supports Dark Mode in macOS Mojave
- Icon changed to be more similar to a General's insignia. It is stylized though and not intended to represent any particular rank in our country's great military.

Ratings and Reviews

bejeantx ,

Works great even for a newbie!

I am anything but experienced with SQL, and I am delighted with the ease of use of this app. Product support is also timely and helpful, and I’m really glad I gave General DB a shot! I’ll be using this app a lot.

doggrowl ,

This app is excellent and will meet the majority of needs!

I'm very satisfied with this app! Some of General DB's options include: building a customized table, searching tables, importing and exporting, and simple controls for quickly manipulating table attributes on the fly. And some power features such as setting field names and executing SQL are available as well.

No database knowledge is required to use this app. If you’d like to track data for research, keep an accounting log, or perhaps maintain an inventory, General DB will very likely suit you.

Also, for anyone necessitating the use of Voiceover accessibility, the developers have been working hard at improving the usability of the app over the last few weeks.
All controls are properly labeled and you can navigate table data without any issues. There are keyboard shortcuts available as well.
I want to thank Thomas and his team for being So receptive to my feedback, and for implementing accessibility enhancements So quickly. Because of their work, General DB has become one of my most used apps.

If you need a general purpose database solution without paying a high cost, I definitely encourage you to consider General DB!

flying.fortress ,

beautiful in simplicity, excellent in function

Not just great for a "1.0" product -- General DB is small, efficient, and effective. The author's description is accurate.
I would like to be able to customize the SQL editor window (change text/background colors,etc), but that is a fairly minor wish. I suppose the next "big" addition would be a visual query builder. I would also include a public domain copy of the Northwind database file for handy testing/practice.
Anyway…this software comes highly recommended for its target audience, and you can't beat the price.


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