The year is 2060.

War has plunged the world into chaos and darkness, and the responsibility of restoring order falls onto those of us who have survived.

Now is the time to revisit your past. Make use of your gift in tactics and command your T-Dolls in the struggle to unveil the far-reaching conspiracy that permeates the world.

For the sake of mankind and our future, join us...

...at GRIFON & KRYUGER Private Military Contractor

【Game Features】

◎ Strategic mobilization and maneuvers
Gain the upper hand in battles through the use of operation strategies on maps that enable free deployment and withdrawal of multiple teams!

◎ Hands-on battles in real time
Have the frontline engage enemies and the backline deal damage. Turn the tables by changing your T-Dolls’ formation and position during battle!

◎ 100+ Anthropomorphic firearm characters
Over a hundred classic firearms in every era all the way from WWII to modern times await your orders, all designed by famous illustrators!

◎ Character cultivation and skill upgrade
Cultivate your T-Dolls by leveling up their skills, dummy-linking and calibrating their equipment to enhance their performance in battle!

◎ An illustrious cast of voice actors
Enjoy the magnificent performance brought by A-list Japanese voice actors such as Rie Kugimiya, Yui Horie, Ai Kayano, and Haruka Tomatsu!

◎ Dormitory and Costumes
Give your T-Dolls a funky, cozy home by furnishing their dormitory with décor of various styles!


版本 2.0313

Bugs fixed.


4.5(滿分 5 分)
992 則評分
992 則評分

Fun and can be addictive but...

This may be a tad wordy and I apologize in advance for that. Let me just start by saying, even though her artwork is censored, I’ll touch on that later, M1 Garand is my favorite girl and top gun waifu. Very cute, much PING! xD
Now for the actual review. GF is a really fun game and I’ve sunk a surprising amount of hours into it as I tend to avoid most mobile games. I’ve even spent money on it which I’m not to proud of but that’s with any game I play so don’t take that to heart developers. I can say however, after seeing some of the comparisons between the English artwork and the original artwork, that the censorship does annoy me a tad. That being said it doesn’t annoy me enough to completely trash the game as some do because I can understand the developers worries for the most part. The gameplay, which is really the only thing that matters, is still solid and the game is still fun. It’s doesn’t feel heavily P2W and though you may have to grind it’s not awful imo. I do however agree with the idea of making the uncensored artwork an optional choice for those who want it either by a free download like the voice pact or even by a paywall, as long as the price isn’t too high devs.
Well that’s it. If you’re a potential downloader reading this I thank you for taking the time to read my review and I do suggest you still give GF a shot. If you’re the developers reading this I again say thanks for making this fun little game available where I live.


Excellent game. Excellent developers. Best F2P game I've ever played.

This is such an amazing game. It's fun and addicting and it's not even pay to win! It's very grindy but what do you expect from Gatcha games? Let me tell you, it's been about a year playing this game and Ive never missed a day logging on. It's exciting and collecting weapons has never been more fun. Whats more is that the developers are on top of things! You can really feel the love they put into the game. I have nothing but respect for them. Updates are constant and timely. Everytime they need to bring the servers down, they compensate the players accordingly, in spite of the fact that the update is to bring more content into the game anyways. The community is also helpful and very nice and supportive. I can't praise this game enough. Their customer service is also quick and responsive. I accidentally bought two items from the store when I only meant to buy one and I emailed customer service and they actually responded in a polite and timely manner. They solved the issue without any hassle and they also threw in something extra for the inconvenience. Great game and great developers. I'd give this game 10 stars if I could.


Not off to a good start...

So just seen this app on a website where new apps drop everyday and this one caught my eye because it recently dropped acouple of hours ago, so i decided to download and give it a try, to my surprise as soon as it downloaded and i started the app i got asked to download some kind of update in the game menu that took about 5 min to finish downloading, well ok i can’t complain since usually all updates are a great way to fix bugs and other certain issues with the app, so after the download was up im pumped up and ready to see what the game has in store, as i press the main menu screen again to proceed into the game it starts loading up and outta nowhere a pop up message appears saying its “under server maintenance” with a date and time saying until the may 8th 20:00 utc-8, so whats the point of releasing the game just acouple hours ago if its in need of a server maintenance already, sheesh thanks for that now im not in the mood to even give this a game a try.

Update: also after making this review went to go check again and it asked me yet AGAIN to download yet ANOTHER small update which took acouple seconds but still what a bad way to start of a release, oh and of course still under server maintenance.


Apologies for the inconvenience.
We release the game a day earlier for players to download the majority of the ingame update, and we switched the server to maintenance status to prevent players from entering the game before we reached the time of release.
We did not realized that this could potentially lead to misunderstandings like this. Apologies again for wasting your time. We will try to make it clearer next time.
Thank you for your understanding.


Sunborn Network Technology Co., Ltd.
308.2 MB

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



Rated 12+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
© Sunborn Games
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