Hey! You had a busy day? We suggest you to get a farm game simulator. Create your village life with growing and selling harvest. Reconstruct buildings, grow animals. Widen the harvest land. Join the village family and become the top farmer.

Golden Farm: game simulator for the whole family! Start with the hay day in the village and finish as an idle farmer in the town. When the town surrounds you have a unique possibility to create your paradise - village land. Pick harvest, fruits, vegetables and animals every day. Hey, do not forget to sell your agricultural products in the town.

* Build and upgrade farm buildings!
* Grow fruit trees and plants in fields and gardens!
* Breed animals: feed a chicken flock, milk a cow and shear sheep!
* Explore diamond mines below the farm!
* Produce and trade all sorts of goods: from dairy to jewelry!
* Connect with locals! Add Facebook friends as neighbors, or make new friends in the family farm!
* Compete with other farmers at the Fair of Achievements!
* Manage a top grade delivery service: by car, train or even airship!
* Customize your farm! Choose from tons of furniture, decor and flower items to make it look trendy!
* Visit neighboring farms to find out whose grass is greener!
* Get your daily serving of farming fun! Grab a lottery ticket and scratch off your way to the jackpot.

Download and start your idle farming empire.

What's New

Version 1.9.3

Cutting down the trees at your location is a very important thing. And now you can make quite a good profit from it! Besides selling wood at a good price, you can use it to fill some profitable orders.

Ratings and Reviews

4.4 out of 5
52 Ratings
52 Ratings

There’s no help for my loss

Moe Aung Htun

I got my new iPhone XS and redownloaded the game on new iPhone. I connected with my Facebook but there’s no syncing with my old progress level 36. It is only stuck on level 5 after connecting with my Facebook and then also no back up even after reinstalling or using Game Center. There’s no Facebook page for this game so I can’t get any help. Very disappointed. Help me out or I’ll leave this game for good.

Developer Response

Dear Moe Aung Htun, we are sorry you faced problems connecting to facebook. Could you please send us your former and new UIDs at so we can help you transfer the progress. Here's our facebook community page - please feel free to contact us there as well.

Great game


Very fun game it would be great if you could add more different kinds of animals like more fishes, crabs, lobsters, goats and much more animals.

Developer Response

Thanks for your review! Our developers are constantly working on adding new things into the game, so there likely may appear new animals or buildings. Stay tuned for the updates!

Here’s your review you keep bugging me about.


So every time I turn around the “How are we doing leave us a review” window pops up which is frikn annoying, so here’s my honest review about the many things I find needs changing!
The graphics are good. The amount of “gems” needed to do things are outrageous! The cost of gems are outrageous! The cost of items needed to blow up rocks, cut down trees is outrageous! The actual cost of gems and coins is robbery! You do not get much for your money, especially since it takes SO many to do something! Yes you could sit there and play without paying but it’s almost impossible the way the game is payed out. Then they have these cute amazing extras you can buy to put on your farm but they cost GEMS and the cheapest I’ve seen is 90
(I think) gems for Cinderella themed bench. Yes they have stuff you can buy with coins, but getting coins is a task in in itself. You can sell your stuff, and you’ll be forced to do this unless you want to pay gems for the screws, nuts and bolts needed to upgrade your bard and silo. There isn’t much room at all in either of these 2 buildings, and again it’s a hassle to get the items needed to do this. If you can’t upgrade, you can’t produce crops or products bc everything’s full! If you want to upgrade, you’ll need 24 gems to do so if you don’t have the items needed. It’s impossible to get things to upgrade.
Let’s talk about the enormous amount of trees on your farm, in your way that you have to buy items for to remove them. IF you u level up fast, you’ll be able to get 1 or 2 tools to remove a tree or rock. Again, you’ll have to buy gems to buy saws (2 different types for 2 different size trees) shovels, 2 different types of dynamite. You hardly get these from people that visit your farm, and again, you get 1 when you level up. I have a life, I can’t sit here and watch paint dry, which is what it feels like when you can’t upgrade, you can’t cut your crops because you don’t have room, you can’t make stuff because your out of items, because you can’t upgrade your silo or barn.
Friends aren’t an option apparently and if you “add” a neighbor, you only have 5 slots to add neighbors?! WHAT?? AND if y’all u want to “add another slot” to be able to add another neighbor you HAVE TO PAY GEMS TO OPEN A SLOT!! My gosh can you say robbing your customers blind developers?
The price and the amount of gems are of course in favor of the developers.
This is all my personal opinion BUT if you are curious, download the game and see for yourself.
I can’t add friends because this game connects to Facebook.
Listen developers, MOST of ya ur customers DONT want to bother their friends and families to play a game they’ve never heard of and most don’t even play games. I wish developers would stop forcing us to use FB to add friends. I have a better chance of finding friends within the game I’m playing. You know why? Because their playing the same game I am. You shouldn’t limit the amount of friends or neighbors a person has! You also need to add a way we can add our neighbors as our friends instead of making a player log into FB for friends!l
To recap.
Lower your prices for every single item we have to pay for in your game.
Raise the amount of coins and gems we get in the store where we pay real money, for fake money!
Everything doesn’t need something to knock it down or destroy it!
The upgrading of the barn and silo needs to get better! When upgrading you only add 10 more. And we have to upgrade again!
50 shouldn’t be the limit of the barn & silo anyway! We shouldn’t have to have a limit! Unlimited is more like it. Especially since we have to somehow magically find nuts, bolts, hammers etc to upgrade them! This entire game needs an overhaul!
I have bought things in this game because I had too! I wouldn’t have been able to do quite a few things if I didn’t. I buy things all the time in other apps I like, because I don’t mind supporting a developer I like. They don’t work for free and I know this is how their able to update the apps for us to enjoy, but there’s a difference when it’s almost forced, especially in this game.
No you don’t “have” to buy things, but it goes as fast as pain drying. It’s a terribly slow process otherwise.
Please don’t respond with a generic response (developer) and don’t tell me that this game is playable without buying gems and coins, because it’s not true, I’m playing your game and this is my point of view. It could be a 4 or 5 star game if all the above was fixed.
This is why you don’t pester your customers for a rating! You’ll get the Gods honest truth from me.

Developer Response

Hello, Minipawsvoluteer,
Thank you for such a detailed feedback! It's sad that our game disappointed you in some way. We really appreciate your concern about in-game economics and will submit your ideas to the developers for consideration. If you have more thoughts to share - we'll be happy to get them at And once again - thanks for helping us make this game better!


141.5 MB
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
English, Dutch, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© PlayMe8
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  2. Purse of crystals $4.99
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    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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