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Floop yeah! Card Wars is on sale for a limited time.

¡A la carga! ¡Llegó LA GUERRA DE CARTAS a Hora de Aventura! ¡Diviértete con el juego inspirado en el episodio "Guerra de Cartas" de Hora de aventura! Invoca criaturas y lanza hechizos para lograr la victoria.

¡Comanda un ejército de magníficos guerreros, entre los que están los Caballeros del Maíz, el Perrito, el Caminante Inmortal del Maíz e incluso el Cerdo, para destruir las fuerzas de tu contrincante! Activa torres y lanza hechizos para desatar ataques fulminantes.

Colecciona tarjetas nuevas y personaliza tu baraja para cada contrincante. Aumenta el nivel de tus criaturas, torres y hechizos o fusiónalos para que tus tarjetas sean más poderosas.

¿Tienes lo que hace falta para coronarte ganador o vas a terminar bebiendo de la taza del perdedor? Juega como Finn, Jake, BMO, Dulce Princesa, Marceline, Princesa Flama y muchos otros personajes a medida que avanzas por la Tierra de Ooo!

¡Es La guerra de cartas!


Este juego está disponible en los siguientes idiomas: English, French, Italian, Spanish (Latin America), Brazilian Portuguese


Consideraciones importantes:
Esta aplicación incluye la opción para que adultos desbloqueen o compren ítems adicionales utilizando dinero real. Puedes desactivar estas compras ajustando la configuración de tu dispositivo.


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Versión 1.11.0

Floop yeah! Card Wars is on sale for a limited time.

Misiones del Día de San Valentín
-“Corazones solitarios”, la nueva misión secundaria del Rey Helado
-Mapa de Fionna y Cake ampliado con 18 nodos nuevos para jugar
-Colecciona nuevas cartas de hechizos y criaturas

Nuevas Cartas de héroe
-Desbloquea al Príncipe Gumball y a Lord Monocrómicon
-Exclusivo del mapa de Fionna y Cake

Más cosas que inspiran amor
-¡Evento gratuito para celebrar el amor! Juega GRATIS a la expansión de Fionna y Cake durante 3 días.
-El Gato del tesoro vuelve con 3 recetas nuevas de cartas raras
-El calendario dará nuevos premios cada día solo con conectarte

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1.5K valoraciones

1.5K valoraciones



Ok, so honestly I don't know what people are complaining about. I've never seen a bug in this game and I've had it since it was out. Also, my game has never deleted progress for me? I don't know if you guys don't link your progress, but I've been running with my 58 black and 99 gold cards for a while now. Another frequent thing I see are people complaining about the spins for daily rewards. I've gotten the 100 gems like 10 times now and one black card. Now, one doesn't seem like a lot, but when you have 50+ of them like I do, it's not that big of a problem.
All in all, an amazing game. One thing I would agree with though is take some time to accommodate the people that still play this. I like this game so much more than Kingdoms, as it just has a better feel (And I paid for it). There's so much more you could do with this to revive it, and if you did I'm sure many people would play again.

Waste of money, horrible service.


So I played this game a while back. I updated the game and lost ALL progress. So I deleted the game. I decided to come back because ultimately it is fun (if you're into card games). So multiple things. I bought some in app purchases and never received them all the whole being charged still. I tried to contact their app support, but they have been ignoring my complaints. So I contacted the iTunes support and they thankfully refunded me.

The game crashes more than when Pokémon go used to crash a lot. And one specific bug... if your opponent uses an ability that prevents you from summoning anything on your next turn, and you lose that same turn he activated that effect, it'll transfer into your next game. Meaning you won't be able to summon anything on your first turn of your new game.

Overall, this app satisfies my need to play a card game (bored with hearthstone). But I have never received such a negative experience from an app and it's developers. I will continue to play this, but not pay for in app purchases. And then when Yugioh Duel links comes out, goodbye Card Wars.



I LOVE this game. I especially love all of the changes made! Although, it DOES still like to crash sometimes, the game can be quite luck based, and the black and gold cards are extremely unbalanced. I also have to ask; WHY DID YOU GET RID OF ALL OF THE GOOD MUSIC? I loved all the different battle songs, but now it seems like there's only one, simple, boring battle song. It weirdly annoys me. Also, I've played this game off and on for about 2 years! It's fun, but once you beat the 120 levels, there's not much to do. Could you please add a button that deletes your progress in the settings? And perhaps if you payed money for gems, that those gems be re-given to you? Anyways, thanks for the great game that ISNT play to win. I haven't spent a dime on this past the initial 4 dollars and I've beaten the game. I'm just saying that people who DID buy gems should have them reinstated. Either way, good game.


Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
1.3 GB
Requiere iOS 6.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Español, Alemán, Francés, Inglés, Italiano, Portugués
Clasificación 9+ por lo siguiente:
Violencia de caricaturas o violencia de fantasía infrecuente/moderada
™ & © Cartoon Network. (s15)
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