Find the perfect chords for your songs!
Thanks to a specially developed algorithm, the app will show you chord diagrams with all possible options in all 17 positions of the guitar fretboard. Simply select a chord root on the left, chord type in the middle, the chord type addition on the right, and explore the chords with “Guitar Chords Compass”!

App features:
- Number of the chords: 30,000,
- The displayed chord types notation and chord set is fully compatible with the GarageBand smart instruments,
- Possibility to listen to each displayed chord,
- Drag&Drop selected chords into GarageBand (for your own compositions).
- Drag&Drop selected chord diagrams into editors (for your own songbook creations),
- Supported 56 chord types:
Maj, Maj 6, Maj 7, Maj 9, Maj 11, Maj 13, Maj Maj7, Maj Add9,
Min, Min 6, Min 7, Min 9, Min 11, Min 13, Min Maj7, Min Add9,
Dim, Dim 6, Dim 7, Dim 9, Dim 11, Dim 13, Dim Maj7, Dim Add9,
Aug, Aug 6, Aug 7, Aug 9, Aug 11, Aug 13, Aug Maj7, Aug Add9,
Sus2, Sus2 6, Sus2 7, Sus2 9, Sus2 11, Sus2 13, Sus2 Maj7, Sus2 Add9,
Sus4, Sus4 6, Sus4 7, Sus4 9, Sus4 11, Sus4 13, Sus4 Maj7, Sus4 Add9,
5, 5 6, 5 7, 5 9, 5 11, 5 13, 5 Maj7, 5 Add9,
- Authentic guitar chord sound,
- All common guitar tunings are available:
1. Standard,
2. New standard,
3. Lute,
4. Half tone flat,
5. Whole tone flat,
6. Half tone sharp,
7. Whole tone sharp,
8. Drop B,
9. Drop C,
10. Drop D,
11. Double dropped D,
12. Celtic, DADGAD
14. Open A,
15. Open C,
16. Open D,
17. Open E,
18. Open G,
19. Slide open A,
20. Standard C,
21. Esus,
22. Drop C#,
23. Low C,
24. All Fourth,
- Left-Handed player's support,
- Volume control,
- Retina graphics.

What's New

Version 1.8

- The option to drop the chords into GarageBand,
- Extended fretboard to 17 frets,
- 5 new guitar tunings: "Standard C", "Esus", "Drop C#", "Low C" and "All Fourth",
- Smooth Scrolling,
- Changed the app binary name (please, check the tune and volume values in the settings),
- GUI Improvements and optimizations.

Ratings and Reviews

3.4 out of 5

5 Ratings
5 Ratings

Better than expected


True it’s a bit pixilated, but who cares when you’re looking for a playable chord in a particular position. I’d been looking for weeks for such a usuable chord in a difficult spot for a jazz standard solo. Opened the program, entered the chord, clicked on the fret I needed—presto!—I was able to add another composition to my repertoire. When you don’t have time to try every conceivable combination of the notes of a chord you need, this app will do the job for you. Worth the five-buck price (regardless of somewhat poor pixelation) in my book.

Good Idea But Limited Usefulness

A. Coustic

No problem with the graphics. Like the idea of being able to resize and copy and paste to my editor, but cannot edit a chord to add or delete notes to show only the notes to be played. Also, the chord options do not include split chords, which would be a plus. These two improvements would definitely move my rating higher.

Not worth $5


Graphics look really bad and pixelated, interface is not intuitive and there is a bunch of advertising for other apps. To me it’s not worth the $5 I paid for it.


Max Schlee
16.9 MB
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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