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Immerse yourself into the mist of the Vietnam war as an US helicopter, rescue downed pilot, support other attack aircrafts.

This free version of Gunship III features:

* 360 3D cockpit view with zoom.
* Fully functioning cockpit avionics.
* Pilot G visual effects.
* Auto pilot for long flight.
* Weapon system: minigun, rocket, smoke grenade...
* Details graphics with cities, trees, ground troop on a vast terrain map
* Two realistic and detailed Vietnam War campaigns: Rolling Thunder (1965) and Barrel Roll (1964).
* Multiplayer with live chat, fly with people around the world.
* Free version features 6 flyable helicopters: H-19 Chickasaw, H-34 Choctaw, CH-47 Chinook, UH-1D Huey and OH-6A Cayuse.


Versión 3.7.9

Task #320753: AiM-7 Bug

Task #322790: Mission failed to reload

Task #327454: Improve overall performance and reduce memory usage.

Task #327489: key instructions

Feature #296416: Improve flight physics

Feature #327466: New beeping sound

Bug #320751: Jettison Sometimes Bugged

Bug #322791: A4 obsv animation wrong

Bug #325264: speedbrake jam

Bug #326541: oh-6 outside view too rigid

Bug #326695: Buildings (hangars, scenery, etc) all missing at Nakhon on kindle

Bug #327157: Increase night light

Bug #327158: Easier flight physics

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4.3 de 5

1.1K valoraciones

1.1K valoraciones

Fun but Frustrating on iPad


Game is fun and realistic but it crashes constantly (e.g. 4 or 5 time a play) when using the iPad 2.
I will attempt to play on the Macbook pro a report back.
Game is much more stable on a Mac. Graphics are better and controls are easier. You are at a distinct advantage if you play on an iPad but if that is all you have and you can deal with the game crashing it is fun to play with and against others.
Have fun...

good game for the sense it is free


Because this game is free I would not expect it to be great but it is just like the paid version but you cannot unlock everything which isn't a huge problem.

Good Game

Thugs highlighting

Some work can be done on graphics, but for a free game you won’t find much better, I would also like to be able to change the controls.


Phanotek, Inc.
227.7 MB
Clasificación 4+
© 2015 Phanotek, Inc.


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