"Gave the previous version 5 STARS … this deserves 6!"

This is the classic trick-taking game, clean and simple. In this card game, try to avoid the point cards or take all of them, while players sabotage each other.

• Full screen and retina display
• Multiple variations of rules
• Animation and sound effects
• Easier difficulty for beginners
• Harder difficulty for experts
• Tracks number of games played and won

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: since first launching this game in 2011, we have read every single email that customers have sent to and we're extremely proud of that!

What's New

Version 2.0

This is our most significant update yet (more than just a new icon!)…

- full screen and retina display are now supported
- there is a new, harder level of difficulty
- there is a new option allowing a Heart to be led instead of the Queen of Spades
- there is a new option that allows you to see the ongoing scores as you play
- the text on the scoresheet is a little larger now
- a problem with the shuffling has been fixed
- the game speed now sets how much time you get to study cards passed to you
- some freezes and choppiness were fixed

Ratings and Reviews

4.5 out of 5
189 Ratings
189 Ratings
Veteran Hearts Player ,

Hearts Cards is fun, but too easy

This game is fun and challenging enough that I play it frequently. But my “opponents” (i.e., the app and its algorithms) make a lot of mistakes. They pass very predictably, and if you’re thinking about shooting the moon, you can be pretty sure of getting three big cards (often hearts) in the pass.

I almost always run it once or twice per game, and I win 75 to 80 percent of the time. That’s good for my ego, but it suggests that the algorithms need a bit of refinement.

My “opponents” in this game try to shoot the moon way too often, even though they have loser hearts. If you have the ace, king, and six of hearts, that ace and king may look impressive, but that six is the kiss of death. No experienced hearts player will let you get away with running it when you hold such small hearts.

The game has some curious quirks. For example, suppose someone is clearly shooting the moon. You hang onto your biggest heart and eventually, voila: you take the trick because the would-be runner leads her loser heart. You think you've made a sensible sacrifice, taking a few points to keep yourself from taking 26. But then the next player plays a higher heart, even though he’s holding a low heart, too,and could go under your card. He’s thus taking points he doesn’t have to take. I’m prefectly happy to let someone fall on their sword to stop a run I’ve already stopped, but it’s a dumb play.

HJB0220 ,

Passing cards needs revamping

(1) Why low spades are passed is beyond me. No one that is a winner passes low spades. Even if you are attempting to shoot the moon, passing of low spades is just a give away of one’s intetnions. I’ve found that when your algorithms pass me low spades, the one passing them is NOT attempting to shoot the moon. I’ve four different applications of HEARTS and none of the others pass small spades. (2) Also, when cards are passed those being received are not on display very long. I should have some time to recognize what was passed and assmilate a strategy as to why they were passed to me. Hold the passed cards to be distinctive until I play my first card on the two of clubs. (3) It would be nice to see both the running scores and the hand scores throughout the game. I dislike having to go to a separate page to see if a heart has been played yet. For some of us that are older our retention is concerning.

Developer Response ,

Hi, we've addressed all 3 of your concerns in our latest update. Would love to hear what you think. Send us an email at

Collie Leroy ,

Needs a Little Work

Many of the comments from others are right on point: A veteran Hearts player almost never passes low Spades (only if you plan to run); the passes from the computer players are consistently high, with little variety—they are predictable; overall, the game is fairly easy, though if the passing is changed it might be a little less so. The game functions otherwise very well, and I’ve not come across any glitches or obvious errors. I do use this version often, largely because of the ease of set up and play. But, a few relatively minor changes (particularly to the passing) would make the games more challenging.


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OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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