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Build your very own Cannabis empire in Hemp Inc! Will you manage to grow the right plants for your customers? Will you hire the best staff, and equip them to help you become a successful Hemp entrepreneur?

Through choosing the correct strains, using top notch talent, the latest equipment and competitive pricing, you can achieve your dreams of becoming the top reputable Kingpin.

Keep an eye out for more updates soon!


Versión 2.1.1

Major Update: Introducing Missions. Send your staff on missions out into the city to intimidate or explore. Just watch out they don’t get in trouble with other gangs and the police!

Lots of other improvements including a new building featuring a live stream of Cannabis Radio, New special staff, better graphics, improved HUD, information screens, more people in the city and better customer flow, better tutorial, improved balancing and the adjusting of some prices. Also fixes for some stability issues and other bugs.

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4.5 de 5

255 valoraciones

255 valoraciones

Ehh .. the game is ok.. heres what i suggest

Nasir Team 10k

Ive been playing this game for about 3 days now and from my experience, here's what I think you can improve on. For starters the premium case system, currently there is absolutely no way to get them unless you spend money. Could at least give us 1 a day or a reward for doing daily challenges. The employee system isnt the best. Its no reason for me to only be able to hire 5 employees and im at level 13. You should get 1 employee slot every single level. The money grind is also a struggle in this game you make money so incredibly slow its not even funny. Especially with everything costing an arm and a leg. The exploring system needs to be looked at too. Seems like gang members and cops pop up out of nowhere and The suspicion bar will be completely empty. Whats up with that? Other than that the game is pretty fun i really hope you take these suggestion seriously, this game can be really fun instead of pretty much a chore.

Cool but needs some work....


I've been playing this game for about a month & I'm only on level 7. Something that I suggest adding to this game, is running the background. It's very unfortunate that you can only sell or grow while the app is open & you're playing. Also I don't understand how you can only have one location to sell weed at.. It makes it a little harder to make money. Then also, I don't get why when you upgrade your places you don't get more storage space!!! Its very difficult to want to keep playing....

The game is ok, not that exciting


It keeps me entertained, but it doesn't hold my attention as long as some of the other games out there (Weed Firm, Bud Farm etc). Reason being in my opinion, is because it's a little harder to accumulate wealth and move up in levels because of the limited storage inside the shop itself. On top of that, ever since the latest update, the game loads to 98% and just stays there. I actually want to play the game, but it won't open. Is there someway this can be fixed?


HKA Digital Limited
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Requiere iOS 9.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Para descargar esta aplicación debes ser mayor de 17 años de edad
Escenas o referencias a consumo de alcohol, tabaco o drogas frecuentes/intensas
Información médica y de tratamiento frecuente/intensa
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