*This app is way cooler when paired with your Hidrate Spark smart water bottle*
Why keep track of your water intake manually when your water bottle can do it for you? We all know drinking water is important but millions of us don’t get enough to drink each day, because it’s so easy to forget and hard to track, especially in our busy lives. Hidrate Spark is here to change that and make dehydration a thing of the past.

Sofia Vergara, “Finally never forget to hydrate”
Tech Crunch, “Connected water bottle that will glow when you need to take a sip"
Glamour, “Meet the water bottle of the future"
Hype beast, “Perfect for those who are busy on the go"
Fast Company, “Hidrate is very attractive"
Byrdie, “The smartest water bottle ever"

HIDRATE SPARK SMART WATER BOTTLE GLOWS: Hidrate Spark is a smart water bottle that automatically tracks how much water you drink and syncs with this app via Bluetooth. This bottle will also glow when you need to drink more water.
HYDRATION HISTORY: See your hydration progress over time in a daily, weekly, and monthly view. How many days in a row can you reach your goal?
CUSTOMIZED DAILY GOAL: The app calculates a recommended hydration goal based on your personal parameters such as age, height, weight and gender. It can even use your location to determine the temperature, humidity and elevation of your surroundings to make sure your goal is customized specifically to you. You can also manually set your goal for health reasons if you’d like.
INTEGRATE WITH APPLE HEALTH AND OTHER FITNESS TRACKERS: Sync with Apple Health, Fitbit, Under Armour Record, or Nokia HealthMate to further customize your goal based on your activity level. Whether you run, bike, swim, lift, do yoga, work out, or simply walk, your activity level affects how much water you need to drink. Save your hydration records to Apple Health or Fitbit.
NEVER LOSE YOUR BOTTLE: Losing your water bottle sucks. That’s why we made it really hard for this to happen. When location services are turned on, the app will know the last place it was paired with your smart water bottle and show you on a map, so you can go back and get it.
KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR FRIENDS: Keep an eye on your friends’ progress to make sure they are staying hydrated. Start some friendly competition to see who can get the best streak by meeting their goal the most days in a row.
FUN NOTIFICATIONS: The app will also send helpful reminders and notifications when you begin to fall off track and need to drink more water. The bottle will also light up and glow as a fun way to remind you to stay hydrated. Can your friends’ water bottle do that?

*Drinking water is essential to your body's health and well being. Check out some of the areas of your life that are affected by hydration.
COGNITION & MOOD: Your brain is 75% water, so proper hydration can have a positive impact on cognitive function and mood.
ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Even 1-2% dehydration can decrease physiological performance, and 5% dehydration can decrease your physical performance by 30%. So if you want to win, you better be hydrated.
HEALTH: Alongside a healthy diet and proper exercise, hydration can help dramatically improve your physical health.
WEIGHT LOSS: Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, drinking water can increase your metabolism and help you avoid eating and drinking extra calories.
INCREASED ENERGY: Drinking plenty of water helps with blood circulation, thus decreasing your feeling of tiredness and fatigue.
AVOID HEADACHES: Staying properly hydrated can help avoid headaches.
HEALTHIER SKIN: Staying properly hydrated helps your skin stay hydrated to help it look younger and healthier.
BOOST IMMUNITY: Staying properly hydrated can help you fight off illness and infections.
PREGNANCY: Pregnant and breast-feeding moms need to be properly hydrated so they can support their new baby.

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What's New

Version 1.7.10

Adding water from the watch app is now much faster and more reliable.
The history tab now defaults to "Day", so you can easily edit today's sips.
Includes new Firmware for the Hidrate Spark Bottle's water sensor, to help with battery life.
Fixed a crash when a custom goal is unrealistically large.

Ratings and Reviews

3.1 out of 5

278 Ratings

278 Ratings

Product only worked for 3 days


I received the product on 2/12 ( set it up ) and 2/15 was the last time the product and the app worked together. I am only giving one star as the product does hold water, and for that it is not worth $50 when I can buy a bottle for under $10. I feel it strange that I get a new product and it states I have a low battery and to send two replacements means they must know that this product is a hit or miss product, to say it only worked for 3 days and that the app is searching and is not keeping up with my water intake . it is easier to say I have to drink 4 or 5 bottles a day , then spend $50 for a product that sometimes works. I Set it up to get push notification only had one . The bottle i set up for 10 flashes a day and that never worked maybe twice . Push notifications I only had one time , when I had set that up for a few times a day . It's a great idea , but I believe that hidrate 2.0 knows there is very big defects as the reason to send 2 other batteries, I can't understand how a new product, just released that the batterie in the product is already showing low. And if the battery is only able to work for 3 days is very disappointing. I also got the black bottle and it's hard to see the fill line on the outside top of the bottle when filling with water.

Not worth the money


I bought my bottle 3 days ago everything seemed fine, I read the reviews and was disappointed in my purchase but I decided to keep it. I followed instructions as it said in the handbook to avoid any personal mistakes which really helped. The app and my bottle were syncing perfectly, reminders conquered with my preferred setting. However, I did notice the light level dimming by day 2 which was a bummer and today I unfortunately dropped my bottle three feet from ground level and everything went downhill from there. The app stopped syncing with the bottle, it stopped flashing, I would get too many reminders. I tried to restart and it began to sync but then go back to not being able to locate the bottle. For the money that I paid for the bottle seems agitating having to logout and log back in every time just to know how much water I’ve drank. I wanted to be optimistic about my purchase but unfortunately that was a mistake. If you plan on purchasing the bottle don’t do it, it’s a waste of money. If you already purchased the bottle and are reading the reviews just now, return it, save your money for something better.

Needs new options for alerts


I just got this the other day and have improved my drinking of water because of it. I currently use a FitBit, but will be getting an Apple Watch soon. I hope the developers can add something to the software in which notifications can be sent to your FitBit/Apple Watch that lets you know you are behind in drinking water etc. I do not stare at my water bottle waiting for it to light up. It would be nice to have a vibration on the Fitbit like it does when you need to “get moving” when falling behind in your steps etc. That way, I would get the notification vibration on my arm and then go drink more water. The idea of this is cool, but could be so much better utilizing my suggestions. I’m a mom, so I am not in one place at one time carrying around my water bottle. I drink it while in the kitchen from walking back in between laundry loads, bathing kids, homework, dropping off kids, cleaning etc. This would be a home run addition.


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47.1 MB
Health & Fitness
Requires iOS 10.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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