Create stunning animated and interactive web content with Hype. Hype’s HTML5 output works on all modern browsers and mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. No coding required.

*** Hype Professional In-App Purchase upgrade now available! ***

Hype is used by leading designers to create animations which add a “wow” factor to web pages, infographics, presentations, digital magazines, ads, iBooks, educational content, app prototypes, portfolios, animated GIFs, videos, entire websites, and much more. Hype won the 2011 Macworld Editors’ Choice Award.

From prototype to production, anyone can create rich interactive media with Hype.

Quickly Animate:
• Easy to use keyframe-based animation system
• Record mode watches your every move, automatically creating keyframes as needed
• Create natural motion curves with bézier paths
• Make scenes for organization and flow
• Use the power of multiple simultaneous timelines to run animations

Add Interactivity:
• Action handlers kick off and control timelines, transition between scenes, or run custom javascript
• Visually build action handlers to respond to taps, clicks, and animation events

Create Stunning Content:
• WebKit-based WYSYWIG “what you see is what you get” scene editing
• Intelligent guidelines, arrangement, and sizing tools
• Easily integrate video and audio for stunning multimedia documents
• Cutting-edge effects: blur, hue shift, brightness, saturation, shadows, reflection, and 3D transforms
• Add Google Fonts to your projects or use your own CSS web fonts
• A flexible layout system resizes your content to fit any screen
• Retina image support

Perfect for Mobile:
• Hype’s HTML5 output works great on mobile devices
• Easily add swipe and touch actions
• Bind drag events to timeline positions for rich interactivity
• Preview your projects on iPhones and iPads with the free Hype Reflect companion iOS app
• Hype Reflect’s Mirror Mode shows edits live as you make them

Extend with Code:
• Edit the Inner HTML of any element
• Integrated JavaScript editor for writing custom functions triggered by user actions
• Use Hype’s JavaScript API to control scenes, timelines, and more

Export to HTML:
• Outputs state-of-the-art HTML5, CSS3 styles, and JavaScript
• Content works across all browsers from IE 6 up to the latest Chrome
• Self-contained directory holds all resources and JavaScript for your document
• Integrate into existing pages by copying and pasting 3 lines of HTML
• Great for ads and fast on mobile: A minimal document is only 24 KB (compressed) and 3 network connections

Hype also Exports:
• iBooks Author widgets
• Videos
• Animated GIFs

Because We Love macOS:
• Written in Cocoa exclusively as an macOS app (supports 10.8 through 10.12)
• Adopts new macOS features and is gorgeous on Retina displays


Hype Pro is available as an in-app purchase and adds powerful features to Hype 3:
• Responsive Layouts
• Physics
• Symbols for creating reusable elements
• Persistent Symbols for master content
• Waypoints
• Dark interface theme
• Editable timing functions
• Grid system
• Rearrangeable interface
• Templates
• Behaviors
• More Export options: OAM Widgets, APNG, video options, Advanced Export, and Export Scripts

Unlock Hype Pro via the Hype > Upgrade to Hype Professional menu item.

What's New

Version 3.6.3

- Bug Fixes

Visit our What’s New page for more info and a video tour for v3.6:

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5

7 Ratings

7 Ratings

This is great.


UPDATE FOR v3.6.3 : Hype 3+ Pro continues to be an indespensable tool for me. I have built site after site using it and it continues to impress me at every turn. I no longer dread starting new projects and having to put together a website to support them - Hype makes going from a mock-up in Affinity Designer to prototype to working site a breeze. And adding some simple, compelling animations into the mix is the icing on the cake. DEVS: you’ve got guaranteed sales for life here - bring on 4.0 and beyond. I’m all-in.

UPDATE FOR v3.5.2 : I can not get over just how much I’ve come to rely on Hype for not just building animations for webpages, but for building entire sites. The scenes and layouts functionality makes it so convenient to design a site that scales to fit any device from a desktop/laptop to tablets to phones. The “Flexible Layout” tools are invaluable - spend time learning how these work and it will pay off big time. I can not wait to see where this tool goes in version 4 and beyond. Devs, if you read this, THANK YOU!

UPDATE FOR v3.5 : This app just keeps getting better and better. I can’t help but be impressed with the latest release. The animations have gotten so smooth, I’ve had clients mistake them for videos at first glance. The flexible and responsive layout options have made Hype so incredibly useful! I can’t say enough good things about it.

I've been teaching Adobe Flash classes at a local community college for the last couple of years and I've been looking for a way to offer some form of HTML 5 training to my students as a starting point for transitioning into the future. I'm going to be spending a lot of time with Hype 2 in hopes that this could be the answer. From the few minutes I've used it so far I've been really impressed with what it's able to do. As someone who's been a Flash developer since the late 1990's, it's refreshing to see an application like this which can offer an experience similar enough to the Flash authoring tool that it makes transitioning compelling and simple. I'm already really excited about the potential Hype offers and can't wait to use it in an upcoming project. Great work, devs!

Like a Streamlined Adobe Edge Animate… Flash in JavaScript


UPDATE: My review only covers the part of Hype 3 that you get without buying the pro upgrade. It’s a great program even without that upgrade. With the upgrade you’ll get the extra functionality that would make it more or less the twin sibling of Adobe Edge Animate like the ability to package your animations into OAM files.

This is a great program for anyone who laments all the time they spent learning Flash in the years around Y2K only to see it abandoned (and rightfully so). In so far as your average Web animation is concerned, this is pretty much the equivalent of old school Flash, but done in JavaScript instead. If you know how to work Flash, it won’t take you very long to figure out Hype. This is great, pretty easy to use, and compares favorably to Adobe Edge Animate. I only have a little bit of experience with Adobe Edge Animate, but I prefer Hype over it. They’re very similar to each other and I can’t tell much of a difference where it really matters for everyday Web animations. I find Hype to be leaner and easier to use and that’s why I prefer it.

Hype 3 Pro is all that

Al Colonel

I’ve been using Hype since it was first released. I’ve always loved how eay it was to make animations, slideshows, presentations, anything! In the past I’ve used keynote and powerpoint, and I think that backround made it even easier for me to make content presentations with hype…

Over the years there have been bugs and unintended behavior of the web documents, and one of the best things about Tumult hype is how quickly Hype support will help. The guys are responsive and into making the program right. Even better, they understand the million directions in which people want to push Hype. One of the biggest changes with this release was making it so Hype documents can have robust layout differences between devices. Hype 2 had flexible layouts, but Hype 3 Pro is a step beyond, because now you can layout your doc to be better suited for each device profile. As a user of the Hype 3 Beta, I’ve been using it for a while now and it is the best — I find it to be very intuitive to make rich media that behaves as you expect when deployed online. That’s huge.

If you want to make a powerpoint/keynote kind of presentaiton that a user can click through at their own pace, then get this. You follow the easy directions on how to embed online and BAM — you have an interactive kiosk online.

If you want to make interactive media for a website — get hype.

If you want to make a richly animated movie easier than keynote, get hype.


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