Everything you could possibly want from a Bridge App. Play Rubber, Chicago, Teams of Four and Duplicate Bridge, with no interaction with other players and minimal reliance on an Internet connection.

One of the World’s top Bridge Artificial Intelligence engines, wrapped in a user-friendly interface.

FREE to download and sample all the features, this App will challenge the most experienced players, while the ‘Assist’ mode will teach and guide the novice. 40,000+ users playing 120,000+ hands daily, and universal 5* reviews (read them!!) show that we must be doing something right!

"Simply Outstanding" Justin & Barbara Hackett - current English and German Internationals.

• iBridgePlus Assist - for beginners and intermediate players, iBridgePlus Assist is your Bridge teacher in the room. “Assist” will tap you on the shoulder when you are about to make an incorrect bid or card play, and will give you hints and explanations when you are unsure of what to do.(Free trial included)

• You ONLY play on your own, (always as South) with the Bridge Engine playing as your partner North and also opponents East/West.

• Set North to bid like your favourite partner, and you can set East West to use a different bidding system, to simulate your most feared opponents

• Support for SAYC, Acol, 2/1, Precision Club and Standard American / Danish / French / German / Italian / Swiss bidding systems, at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

• Be free from internet connections - play whenever you want, wherever you want.

• Take part in Duplicate competitions - you will still play on your own, but you can compare your scores with other users from around the world, allowing you to monitor your own progress with your personal performance rating.

• NEW FEATURE - our improved analytics enable you to review the bidding and card-by-card play of all competitors in a Duplicate game.

• NEW FEATURE - Daily ‘Community Hands’. The same hands available to all users. Compare your score. Ideal introduction to the concept of Duplicate bridge.

• Alter My System - this module enables you to tweak, adjust, or completely redesign your bidding system to behave exactly as you would like it. Save and share your bidding system with others (in-app purchase required).

• Comprehensive in-app documentation and video presentations to help you use and make the most out of this all-encompassing app.

• FREE to download and evaluate - get 16 trial hands, PLUS Free ‘Community Hands’ EVERY DAY.

• FREE 24 hands of Assist

• Claim your $10 FREE iBridge Dollars to get you started in the Duplicate competitions.

What's New

Version 5.5

iOS 11 performance enhancements

Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5

236 Ratings

236 Ratings

Worse than nothing at all


Let me amplify: if you want to become a decent bridge player, avoid this app. You will end up in bad habits. You will end up avoiding good no trump contracts because this app makes you believe that weird defensive distributions are inevitable. You will become conservative in your bidding because you can't rely on your partner to bid according to the system you have selected, but you can depend on the defenders to play as if the hand was double dummy. And if you foolishly purchase their "assist" and even more foolishly follow the advice it gives, you will learn to bid incorrectly. Finally, you will learn to dread the game of bridge, rather than enjoying it.
Original review (2 stars): Look, I play the game. I get it, sometimes the distribution is screwy. But the number of 7, 8, or even 9 card suits you see in these hands (both yours and opponents') just have no basis in statistical reality. The "percentage" play is almost always the losing play; meanwhile, the opponents play the hand as if it were double dummy, eschewing the percentage play for the one that ends up working. I do not find this to be a useful tool to practice real, randomly dealt bridge hands (whether rubber or duplicate).

Developer Response

If anyone looks back at our reviews, you will note that we rarely take the opportunity that Apple give us App Developers to respond. However in this case we feel compelled to respond to this unjustly critical review.
We will address the 'long-suit' criticism first. The app does enable users to choose filters which will produce non-randome deals (such as single suited hands, high points etc etc) We presume that this user has inadvertantly set the long suit filter to be on, hence the weird distribution that's reported. With no filters set, the app deals a truly random selection, where the long suited hands will appear ... but as frequently (or rarely) as they do at a real table.
As for his criticism of the bidding and playing AI. This reviewer should note that he is criticising a Bridge AI which has come in the top 3-4 places at the annual World Computer Bridge Championships every single year since the competition started. It is widely recognised that all the top performers in that competition are performing at near International human standard. Unless this reviewer is also a national Grand Master one should take his critique with a slight pinch of salt.
The app, and indeed the AI, are not beyond criticism and improvement. However they both perform to an extremely high standard (as is evidenced by the myriad of 5* reviews around the globe) and this particular review is atypical, biast, and untrue.

A good app with some flaws


I am not an expert bridge player and this is the only computer tool I have used for bridge. But I have played with humans a lot. From my experience this app does a good job 80 percent of the time in making the final call after multiple bids. I test the app by asking for hint and 80 percent of the time it will make the logical suggestions. That is impressive in my mind but I would like it to improve more. The more major flaw (it seems) is that the dummy players refuse to get trapped. Often. It seems that the dummy players knwo exactly what cards held by each party. A lot of it is acceptable and understandable, since the initial bid is supposed to give a sense of card distribution. But there are cases when it seem to know a little too much about hands that should be unknown. If you could review that aspect and improve that will be highly appreciated.



This ap is challenging and fun to play and it is a great early morning brain exerciser to get yourself awake and alert, ready for your day. I learn from observing other players choices, from the coaching advice and from my own poor choices when I compare myself to others. And i do not have to find 3 other competent players to enjoy my bridge. There are several in ap purchase options that are worth the price so this is a 5 star ap. If you are going to use it, purchase the whole package.



Breva Bridge Ltd
90.8 MB
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 12+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Simulated Gambling
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  2. Lifetime subscription $13.99
  3. Buy Assist Forever $12.99


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