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By Josh Pressnell

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iConsult is a simple and intuitive interface to allow freelance workers to keep track of time spent on multiple projects. Simple. Intuitive. Fast.

Do you tend to work on several different projects at once? Do you need to switch back and forth between what you're actively working on regularly? If so, then iConsult will help simplify your daily life.

iConsult shows all your active projects in a single intuitive window. One project can be toggled to "working" at a time. While a project is active, the work "session" time increases, letting you easily keep track of how much you've worked on the current project. The overall amount of time worked is also tracked, and will continue to increase until you manually reset it. The reports window allows you to see overall time worked for each project, reset the overall counts, and send the data as an email report.

Features -

* Simple intuitive interface provides one-click task switching. No time is wasted configuring window fields.

* Basic reports allow you to report on your total work completed at the intervals you choose. Reset the total time each day, each week, or each month... whenever you like.

* Easy and intuitive setup allows you to add or remove as many projects as you like.


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Customer Reviews

Great application, one suggestion for feature(s)

I work on several different projects for multiple customers and never could keep track of how much time I was billing for without a lot of hassles. This app makes the process trivial, particularly when you need to stop and start a task or switch between tasks or customers. I can just leave the app open on the desktop and start and stop tasks as needed.

The fact that you can create a virtually infinite number of tasks to track is great. One thing that might make this app even better is to have the option of creating customers and tasks separately. I would like to separate my time for customer X into task 1, task 2, etc. While it is possible to create a task named CustomerX-task1 and another CustomerX-task2, what would make this perfect would be to be able to either (a) have separate files, one per customer or (b) a way of separating tasks by customer or even (c) allowing a task list to be reordered after it is created. Right now, if I have a list like CA-T1, CA-T2, CB-T1, CB-T2, etc. and I add CA-T3, it goes at the end of the list, breaking up the customer's tasks.

All these things can be done manually, of course, but the app spoiled me from doing that, so now I want it all. After all, I spent all of 99 cents on this (which is really a steal...)

Been needing this for a while now...

I am loving this application. I've long had trouble metering the time it takes for me to do certain things across all of my various projects and lines of business. Previous programs that I have tried have required a lot of attention to make work, and have been left by the wayside as a result.

iConsult, on teh other hand, allows me to quickly set up the various tasks and projects I have going on, and then switch between them with a single click, freeing my time and energy for dedication to the tasks at hand. And to top it off, I can now give customers a much more accurate quote, since I am able to really narrow down my time frames.

Well done, Verietas!

Just what I needed!

This app is incredibly simple and easy to use. I've tried several other "timekeeping" apps and every one of them requires me to spend a lot of time clicking buttons or entering data into fields just to keep track of the time I'd worked. This app does one thing and it does it perfectly. Just one click lets you switch between tasks and it keeps track of the total time each task was activated. I'll be using this every day.

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  • $0.99
  • Category: Productivity
  • Released: Mar 30, 2011
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 0.2 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: Josh Pressnell

Compatibility: OS X 10.5 or later

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