Dungeons of Chaos is a retro-style 2D RPG that takes you on an epic journey with numerous spells, skills and tactical combat to employ in order to win the battle against evil. Huge locations to explore (both unique and randomised). Totally ad-free. >20000 sold so far for both major OS together, and 4.8 star rating and a very engaged fanbase on our facebook page, where I discuss frequent updates and additions.

Favourite fan quote to date (Kristian Borcheck): "If you were a fan of Ultima 3,4,5 or games of that ilk then this game will feel like coming home"

See overwhelming iOS reviews here:


"An Old-School-RPG with great character development, rewarding exploration, turn-based combat and well designed dungeons and quests. Retro-Fun!" - RPGWatch

"Deeply immersive and a whole lot of fun, Dungeons of Chaos belongs on the iPad of any self-respecting 1980s role-playing fan." - iRumorsnow

"If Avernum and Ultima 4ish had a genius baby, this would be it." - Aldinach

"The little guy who made this game made a gem. [...] It's very fun and deep. Creating characters is the bomb. It's great!" -- anabolicMike

- retro-style RolePlayingGame (RPG) in the spirit of old classics
- vast locations to explore in a top-down 2D tile-based view
- many different character classes, spells and skills to employ. Guilds can give access to advanced classes
- rewarding quests to fulfil
- atmospheric music, and detailed lighting and line-of-sight visual mechanics
- non-linear content and exploration: many locations exist outside the main storyline, with unique monsters and treasure and secrets
- some locations are fully randomised and different each time you play (procedural content generation). Some are randomised and re-settable. And there are over 30 fixed locations supporting the main storyline.
- many rare item properties make for over 5,000,000 combinations that let your armour, weapons and accessories take on powerful bonuses
- defeat many different monsters with unique abilities and challenges. level up your characters and upgrade their abilities.
- find important NPCs to expand your skill sets, find magic books to boost your spell knowledge and improve your equipment by trading your bounty with various shop owners
- intricate fight mechanics: flanking or being flanked makes an encounter change from being easy to being dangerous, and vice versa; using the right boost/support/attack spells and skills will prove vital for survival
- control a party of 6 characters, which you can generate using 9 starter classes and unique character features
- try out different classes, experience different randomised locations, find different equipment, for great replay value
- various difficulty levels. Higher difficulty yields better loot but also much tougher enemies and game mechanics

DETAILED GAME MECHANICS, TACTICS and HINTS are available at the support website

Some gameplay videos:

Dungeons of Chaos is designed to work on as many devices as possible and back to iOS6. Issues DO arise on very old devices with low memory (RAM of 256MB or less), such as iPad2 or iPad Mini or iPhone 4S and 5C if the latter run iOS 8 or 9. The game works fine on iPhone 5S,6,6S,6Plus and on newer iPads like iPadAir 1 or 2, or iPad3.

For any problems or suggestions we would love to hear from you at: .

What’s New

Version 2.7.250

2.7.250: The ZOMOK SET is here !

Requires 4 items:
DRAGON ROD (already existed, slightly tweaked)
ACOLYTE ROBE (already existed, slightly tweaked)

Wearing all 4 gives a lot of fire resistance, some fire damage, hp+, STR+, and alters SUMMON DRAGON outcome (you still need to know the skill though):

Without such set, the daily skill currently has 3 possible outcomes:
A - nothing happens
B - an enemy dragon appears
C - a friendly dragon appears

With the set worn by the skill user this changes to:
A - a friendly dragon appears (and better change of higher one)
B - nothing happens
C - a friendly dragon appears (with better change of higher one)

Also, the set allows for multiple use in the same battle (if the user wears this set), something that would otherwise always fail and result in enemy dragon.

Also fixed in this version: sorting by set items now works.

Ratings and Reviews

4.9 out of 5
99 Ratings
99 Ratings
Zero978 ,

Worth it

I’ve never written a review for a game before but this one is worth it. The game took a little time to get used to and at first it was easy to feel lost with no clear direction to go in to advance story lines or quests. I’ll admit that I stopped playing for a bit because it was rather frustrating. However once you get past that learning curve the game really does take off with so much to do. The character building is detailed and very customizable which makes you feel like you’re in control of how you want to play rather than simply getting more powerful with each new level gained. The leveling of your character ties directly into the battle mechanics as well so even fighting can feel different if you focus on different skills with a new party. Also the fact that there are no in-app purchases or ads is amazing. Nothing kills a game for me like a pop up every so often interrupting the gameplay. Great game I definitely recommend it if you don’t mind taking a little extra time to learn the mechanics at first.

Finkle Dickwaggler ,

Top Tier Developer

Check other reviews if you want something about the game - other than I recommend you check it out on PC as well. The guy (I'm pretty sure it's just one dude too) who makes this offers new content in free updates all the time. It's on the level of the people that made Shovel Knight, or like CDProjekt Red. New classes, a whole new chapter, new weapon types. The list goes on. Maybe it's not the absolute best, most polished game out there, but it's clear the developer poured his heart and soul into the game, and it shows. Plus, it's getting better all the time. Top tier game, I play it on PC but bought it on mobile again just to support the dude. Great work, if only more of the games industry were like you.

Nedefo ,

Amazing depth and great feedback

When I first got this game I loved the simple 2-d design but was quickly amazed by the actual depth to the story and the combat system. The different types of classes and party combinations means hour of replay ability plus one of the few games with no in app purchases. The online community around this game is always quick to respond and help out new players and getting updates from the actual creators is extremely nice. 5/5 would buy again and will be gifting this game to friends.


Volker Elzner
133.3 MB

Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



Age Rating
Rated 9+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
© 2014 and 2016/17/18 Volker Elzner


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