Do you miss the old "Album Shuffle" on your Apple device? Here at Spudfish Software, we did, so we did something about it!
Smart Shuffle: The Album-Centric Music Player

Smart Shuffle brings album shuffle back to you, randomly shuffling your music and playing it back one album at a time with songs selected in the order that the artist intended. If you love albums, Smart Shuffle is the only music player you need!

Version 3.6 also includes a host of new features to help you further take charge of your album collection!

- Smart Shuffle can now access your albums in the cloud, seamlessly adding them to your selection list. Have a bad data plan or spotty internet connectivity? Just turn off this feature from the Settings app for Smart Shuffle.

- Sort your albums by Title, Artist, Genre, Composer, or Release Date
- Filter the selection list to refine your selections. You can create an album playlist to match your mood by filtering on any combination of:
- Genre
- Grouping
- Composer
- Rating
- Play Count
- Decade Released
- Minimum Song Count
- Inclusion in one of your Playlists
- Cloud Availability
- Filter by Selected to see only the albums you have currently selected for shuffling, or those that you haven't selected yet.
- Start Album: Select the first album to play, then pick random albums thereafter.
- Split Multi-Disc Albums - treat each volume of a multi-disc set individually

- Control the playback of your album selections on your Apple Watch. Play or pause the current album, skip to the next album, or re-play the previous album.

- Touch and hold the play/pause button for a second to request Sleep Mode
- Smart Shuffle will automatically pause after 30 minutes, an hour, or after the current album. You'll get lulled to sleep listening to your favorite albums without missing a bunch of them while asleep!

- Smart Shuffle now comes with settings to announce each new album before it is played, and to delay for up to 30 seconds between albums to let you cleanse your musical palate.

- Double tap the screen to play/pause music
- Swipe left/right on the album art to skip to the next/previous album
- Swipe left/right on the now playing information to skip to the next/previous song
- Swipe down in the pull-tab to show your entire shuffled album queue. Swipe up to view the currently playing album art.
- Touch the progress bar to change songs
- Touch the time remaining to show the time of day that the currently playing album will end. Touch again to return to time remaining.
- Touch and hold the progress bar to get a list of songs to choose from
- From the Selection Screen, touch and hold an album to play it first in your shuffled list

- In addition to the usual remote control events (play/pause, next song, previous song), Smart Shuffle can now skip to the next/previous album using the "skimming" remote control events. Double-click and hold the remote control on headphones, or touch and hold the forward arrow on the remote control panel on your lock screen.

If you quit the application, your music keeps playing. Open the Music app, and your Smart Shuffle mix is retained. Pop right back into Smart Shuffle to skip albums or select new albums to mix.

Happy Shuffling!

See our website for additional information, FAQ's and contact us to report bugs or request new features.

What's New

Version 3.7

- Addressed some issues with memory usage when using Smart Shuffle with large (>1000 album) queues
- Supports Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12 for Shuffle Album, Next Album, and Previous Album
- New Setting: "Split Multi-Disc Albums" OK, we know you love your YesYears 4-CD Box Set, but maybe you don't want to listen to all five hours of it at once! Select this setting and Smart Shuffle will treat each album of a multi-disc set as a unique album to be selected and shuffled independently of the others.

Ratings and Reviews

3.7 out of 5
22 Ratings
22 Ratings

Nice app when it works

When I initially purchased this app, it worked fine. Each time I hopped in the car the album I’d been listening to would resume where it left off. Occasionally, if I’d been away from the car for a while, using other apps, it would “forget” the playlist in progress, and the iPhone music player would revert to the first track in my library by alphabetical order. Upon opening Smart Shuffle a prompt (from my iPhone I believe) would let me play from the last remembered song, which usually wasn’t exactly where I left off, but close enough. The problem is that it gradually got to the point that Smart Shuffle would rarely resume a playlist when I started the car, and could never seem to successfully restore a playlist, instead just reshuffling. I have over 500 albums on my phone, and would like to stick with a playlist that allows me to hear many different things without repeats. Constantly stopping and starting over is a deal breaker. I’ve recently added a different app that performs the same function and doesn’t seem to have any such issues. Unfortunate because I prefer the look of the Smart Shuffle interface, especially the screen that allows you to swipe through albums horizontally.

Developer Response

Sorry you're having trouble! Car audio interfaces are all different, and even behave differently with new iOS releases. Nevertheless, we'll take a look at the recovery logic of Smart Shuffle and see if we can tweak it to make it work better for you. If you'd like some personalized support, please email us at and we can ask some questions about your setup to help us target and find the issue.


Close but too slow

I almost feel like this app deserves 5 stars simply because it provides a stellar concept for the neglected album lover. I want to love it, I really do. Unfortunately, this is not everything it ought to be. The concept is perfect. The way you can explore playlists, combine playlists, and add/remove albums for listening is great. Once that is done, the user experience is pretty bad. The interface is slow and doesn’t react in a timely way when responding to buttons being pushed. (I’m using an iphone 7. Maybe that’s the reason. Maybe iOS is bugging. But i think it should work properly on a 1 year old phone.) There’s also no way to actually interact with songs, scrub through the track, rate or love songs. I bought it for a dollar figuring it was worth a shot but it doesnt meet the requirement. If you’re going on a road trip, this will work great. Otherwise, not so much. If only the album shuffle and album selections could be merged into what apple already has in the stock app, we would have a GREAT app. Not yet though.

Developer Response

Thanks for giving Smart Shuffle a try! The slow interface issue was due to a known bug introduced in iOS11 that impacted all third-party music players. This bug has been fixed in iOS version 11.3!
In terms of your other suggestions, we didn't want to recapitulate all features of the Apple Music app, especially since once you select your albums and shuffle in Smart Shuffle, the entire queue appears in the Music app as well. There, you can see songs, scrub through tracks (which you can also easily do on the lock screen or with remote control devices such as the Apple earphones that come with iPhones), and rate or love songs. Also, if you press and hold on the progress bar in Smart Shuffle, a list of songs appears and you can select a new song to play. We feel that this is a good way to merge what apple already has and what we provide.

Spudly Dudly

Gets Better! Best Album Selection Tools

This clever app shuffles my music by album. It has surpassing depth. I can select any number of albums using any criteria and hear just what I want to fill a day in the car or a week in my office with concerts.

The best part is that the developer—who seems to be just one guy with one app— is VERY responsive to feedback and has fixed any issues that used to arise when I switched locations or car audio systems.

Apple makes it really hard to get what I want from their Music app. This developer understands that completely!


Scott Berk
38.3 MB
Requires iOS 11.4 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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