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Movie Draft SE

By iikon Limited

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*** Compatible with Mac OS X 10.8. HURRY: The introductory price runs out soon! ***

Movie Draft SE is new and unique to the Mac App Store. Probably the biggest advance in screenplay writing since the advent of the typewriter. Its streamlined, clean and uncluttered interface gives you everything you need to write that next blockbuster. Without doubt it is the best tool available for writing screenplays. From concept, outline and finished draft.

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*** NOTE: People have commented that they cannot save to PDF. You can. OS X allows you to save ANY document as PDF. To do this, press Print from the File menu then choose "Save as PDF" from the PDF drop-down menu button. ***

Why is Movie Draft SE different?

Unlike other screenplay software, Movie Draft SE is not a word processor with added bells and whistles that requires you to write your screenplay from the top down. It's unique Single Scene mode allows you to write non-linearly, that is, in any order you like! Want to write the ending first? No problem. How about the middle? Again, with Movie Draft SE it's a piece of cake. The built-in Scene List acts like an outliner and you can even view your scenes as index cards that you can rearrange to your heart's desire.

Started writing your screenplay in another program? No problem. Movie Draft SE supports the following formats for importing your existing work:

◆ Movie Draft Format (default)
◆ Final Draft v8 (.fdx)
◆ Final Draft v5 - v7 (.fdr)
◆ Microsoft Word (.docx)
◆ Microsoft Word (.doc)
◆ SceneWriter Pro (.swp)
◆ SceneWriter Pro (.osfx)
◆ Rich Text (.rtf)
◆ Plain Text (.txt)

And Movie Draft SE can save to the following formats, so you can exchange your script with Final Draft users too:

◆ Movie Draft Format (default)
◆ Final Draft v8 (.fdx)
◆ Plain Text (.txt)


✓ Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.
✓ Clean, uncluttered design.
✓ Industry standard formatting.
✓ Non-linear writing of your scenes.
✓ Index Card view.
✓ Print to PDF (File > Print, choose "Save as PDF")
✓ Know exactly how long your scenes and acts are with SceneTime™
✓ Different page themes to fit with the way you work.
✓ Print out Character and Location profiles, including photos.
✓ Create as many scenes as you like and hide the ones you're not sure of.
✓ Add Icons and Notes to your scenes.
✓ Color-code your script when typing for ease of reading.
✓ Full-screen mode for an uncluttered writing experience.
✓ Group your scenes into acts. Collapsed acts appear greyed-out.
✓ American and British spell check.
✓ Template-based. Includes screenplay and stage play templates.
✓ Automatic (MORE) and (CONT'D).
✓ Easily caters for US Letter and European A4 paper.
✓ Add notes to any paragraph you like.
✓ Supports Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter TAB and ENTER key strokes.
✓ Friendly "Getting Started" guide with an example project.

*** HURRY: The introductory price runs out soon! ***

What's New in Version 1.0.2

The following bugs have been fixed for this release:

1. Pasting weird characters bug.
2. Character window crash bug.
3. Overlapping when printing bug.
5. Clear Characters and Locations window bug
6. Window goes beyond top of the screen bug.


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Customer Reviews

A few irksome bugs mar an otherwise astounding app

Really great app, highly recommended if you're just starting out with screenplay writing. The app does most things really well, but occassionally has screen draw issues in Lion (it will put the scroll bars in the wrong place, making the outline view hard to use.) But if you're like me, you do everything in full-screen mode anyway.

One big complaint, though, is the font. Final Draft's version of Courier is professional-grade stuff; MovieDraft just uses Courier New. That's a terrible font, it makes your printed product look amateur. Copy editors make their living with their eyeyballs, it's really important to give them legible text. OS X comes with a decent Courier (just Courier instead of Courier New), I really wish MovieDraft defaulted to that, or at least let me choose.

Otherwise, though, an absolutely fantastic product, especially given the price. Four stars!

Description is misleading

The importing of Final Draft documents doesn't work - not even remotely. If you have a body of work saved in FD beware that you will be forced to re-id every single line of action/dialogue/character etc if you try to import it to this app. After spending an hour cleaning up a script I abandoned hope and just went back to FD.

Still no update to deal with these issues? I went back to Final Draft after a week of using this. I like some of the features of Movie Draft but unfortunately can't incorporate any of them into my workflow because of cross-compatibility issues. Great try but sadly I had to stick with Final Draft.

***Update - seriously, why don't you guys fix some of the issues? This is a great app. You got like 80% of the way there and just gave up. Sad. This really could've been something if you'd just stuck with it.

**** new Update - there HAVE been updates - just not here. If you paid for the original version of this and want it to open in 10.8 apparently you have to pay for it again…and then it won't install! This so much more trouble than it's worth. It's easier to get into my bank account.

works with Fountain too

I'm a long time user of Movie Magic Screenwriter and Final Draft and I have to say that I really like Movie Draft. Seems very stable and handles what I suspect 99% of screenwriters want to do -- just write scripts with proper formatting. I have also been experimenting with writing scripts on my laptop, iPad -- even my IPhone -- in plain text format using (in my case) Fountain syntax in Byword. I discovered today that I can open Fountain syntax documents in Movie Draft and they will look like properly formatted scripts. In fairness, Final Draft and Screenwriter can also handle this but since the Movie Draft has this ability I thought it was worth mentioning. Pretty good for a version 1.0 app.

Movie Draft SE
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  • $37.99
  • Category: Productivity
  • Updated: Feb 07, 2012
  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Size: 10.2 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: iikon Limited

Compatibility: OS X 10.6.6 or later

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