Storyist is a powerful writing environment for iOS that lets you create, review, and revise your work wherever inspiration strikes.

“If I could have only one screenwriting app on my iPad, Storyist would be it.” – Taz Goldstein, Hand Held Hollywood.

“I'm currently traveling in Europe and am just now putting the finishing touches on the book that will be published in September. I'm using the Storyist app for my iPad Mini and it's sensational... a real godsend.” – Michael Brandman, Bestselling Author.

With Storyist, you can:

• Produce submission-ready manuscripts and screenplays. Storyist provides a rich text editor with support for comments, images, headers, footers, and style sheets so you can create properly formatted manuscripts and screenplays. And Storyist comes with manuscript and screenplay templates so you can focus on the writing, not the formatting.

• Work with your story at a high-level. Storyist lets you sketch out a story using index cards and then refine it with customizable plot, character, and setting sheets. When you're ready to put words on the page, Storyist can even display your index cards next to your manuscript as you write.

• Review and revise on the go. Have a few minutes? Open Storyist and jot down a note, revise a few paragraphs, or annotate your manuscript with ideas for future changes.

• Keep all your writing organized and accessible. Storyist organizes your novel manuscripts, screenplays, notes, and other project-related writing so you can access them with just a few taps. And the one-tap Dropbox sync lets you quickly access your projects where and when you need them.

Features at a Glance

• Rich text editor with support for fonts, colors, comments, images, headers, footers, and style sheets.

• Automatic manuscript and screenplay formatting with familiar tab and return key shortcuts.

• Support for both the onscreen and physical (Bluetooth) keyboards.

• Color-coded index cards.

• Customizable story sheets.

• Sync with iCloud or Dropbox.

• Easy import and export using iTunes, eMail, the Open In menu, and the iOS 8 document picker.

• Support for Storyist for Mac, RTF, Plain Text, Fountain, Scrivener, and Final Draft FDX files.

• Ability to export text files as PDF.

• Wireless printing with AirPrint.

• Courier Prime font for screenplays.

What's New

Version 3.3.6

Fixes an issue that caused the app to crash for some users on iOS 11 when navigating to a story sheet.

Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5

8 Ratings

8 Ratings

Needs improvement


This app is great for distraction-free writing, and its plethora of features would be great if they were actually available and/or easy to find and use. Also, it’s not at all easy to turn your draft into a file that can be uploaded, or even shared, elsewhere on an iPad. The website claims the app has features that it either doesn’t have or are not able to be found easily. It worked for me writing my first novel, but I’m looking for a different app before I write my second.

Details of characters don't show up on iPhone


Overall, the app is wonderful. The first complaint I have is that you can’t open your files on the iPad version of the app, which then locks up and crashes later. Pleas fix this ASAP! Another issue I see with this app is that the details for characters don't show up on iPhone. That makes it next to useless for those without the Mac application or an iPad, and the Mac version is expensive. Please make the app the same on all versions.

Easily The Best iOS App For Writing A Story

Bank of America_Knoxville

Whether you’re compiling a Ph.D. dissertation (in any subject, but chemistry worked for me), or if you’re trying to find a word processing application that isn’t as awful as “Word,” or as bland as “Google Docs” & similar software of that ilk, Storyist has your back and will not disappoint you.

It’s not perhaps as ubiquitous as, say, “Scrivener,” when it comes to an endless maze of menu options in the user interface, allowing you to get lost with a gaudy amount of features that are only really used for a portion of actual screenwriters & novelists. I admit that much. Scrivener is a powerful beast that is very useful for the hyper-organized, (read: Irrationally OCD-addled writers, where every single punctuation mark needs to be organized on index cards, filed by color-coding & one page of compiled text is converted from the drawing board interface that sequesters you into a maze of sub-folders, character profiles, etc.) Which isn’t a bad thing, it’s a different thing.

So what about the other competition here? How does Storyist measure up to its fellow iOS story-based & creative writing apps? It actually blows most of them out of the water.

- Fade-In Mobile: HAHAHA. Sorry, I had to list it because it does share a market with these kinds of apps, but oh my, it is far from being worth your time, even the free (read: 99% useless without the eventual in-app upgrade/purchase) version is kind of a big insult. A yawn-inducing, “what did I just buy?” experience we all have been through at least once before.

- Final Draft: This is difficult for me to say, but Final Draft has actually done the impossible over recent releases/years. It used to be the massively overpriced desktop software (ex: Every single desktop app released by “Omni Group”), where you always wondered how they had the nerve to charge so much for a stripped down version of Microsoft Word that had a feature or two that suggested it was all about screenwriting and storytelling...but in truth, it only LOOKED the part, and it lacked features I talked about above w/ respect to Scrivener, like world-building, character profiles, and that jazz. It thought having, “Outline Mode,” was some genius idea when it was something we’ve been using since the first version of Word or Apple’s Pages were released. HOWEVER, recently, Final Draft has stepped its game up. I’d say it’s currently a 3 star app, (so, inferior to Storyist), but maybe in a year they’ll continue to improve and make things interesting. We’ll see!

- Scrivener: Pretty much the only app I’d choose over Storyist, IF I HAD TO PICK ONLY ONE. I’m sorry, Storyist! Scrivener just GETS me, you know? But can we still be friends? (5 star app, but personally I’ve been using Storyist more and more in recent months, which is mainly due to not needing the onslaught of options Scrivener throws at you every time you type a new word. So it comes down to how “OCD” you like your digitally composed files to be. Like, no one is going to ever see or admire how impressive your digital drawing board w/ a million pixel-pins & pixel-yarn-threads connecting an FBI case that’s we see mapped out in TV and movies. Or rather, every time Carey Matheson on HOMELAND goes off her meds but is still able to manically put the terrorist conspiracy together while Saul spends 3 days trying to call her to say they already cracked the case or caught the bad guy while she was being meticulous, and for what? It’s fun to make your storyboard and project files look so codified, so neat, and easily accessible should you need to find a specific comma you used somewhere between pages 135 and 637, the end of the day, your final compiled story is what will matter. Don’t be Carey Matheson. She’s super annoying when she does that whole “off the grid but connecting dots with yarn” routine. Like, how does a mother even have time for that? They don’t, they just don’t.)

- Mellel: Only on iPad as of now, (right?), but an iOS writing app all the same. One with a brute force desktop companion that has been a powerhouse for years, always under the radar and out of sight for reasons I cannot explain. This should be as popular (or more) than Fade-In and Final Draft, yet it’s never really become a well known product. Hopefully that changes soon. They just released a new macOS version (v4, a long anticipated release after v3 spent years and years useful yet outdated in some respects). The iPad version for Mellel is solid, it it’s the anti-Scrivener somehow. It’s a game you play. One called, “Try to find the menus and options and features; the developers hid them REALLY well and you might rage quit before finding any icon other than the ones for: new document, select, undo, redo.” I’ve played for like, over 100 hours on this guys, and just before I gave up, I finally figured out how to change the font type and document settings - but I’m not telling you. I had to work for it, so it’s only fair you do, too! For being agonizingly minimalistic for aesthetic reasons(?), I give this one 3.5 stars. But how easily this one could be in the 4.5-5.0 range if they would just SHOW ME HOW TO DO OTHER THINGS, okay I’m over it.




Storyist Software
29.2 MB
Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
English, French, Spanish
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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