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Display Maid

By Funk-iSoft

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Display Maid is an app for keeping your displays tidy and managing your workspaces. If you use a laptop with an external monitor you probably know how frustrating it is trying to keep apps and windows organized when you have to unplug your display. Everything gets jumbled up on your main screen and when you plug your display back in you have to manually move all of your windows back over to your external display. With Display Maid you wont have to worry about it any more.

The concept of Workspaces
Display Maid considers any one arrangement of monitors as a “Workspace”. Any new workspace is automatically detected and recorded. So once you have a Workspace recorded what can you do with it?

Save and Restore window positions
You can tell Display Maid to save the positions of your open windows across many apps and later restore those positions when things become a mess. With Display Maid you don’t have to restore windows on at a time, or even one app at a time. Display Maid restores all saved window positions across all apps with one command. It will also restore window positions automatically when it detects a workspace change.

Network Locations
You have one monitor on your office desk, a different one at home, and none when you’re on the road. These three different workspaces can also automatically set your saved network locations so you don’t have to bother with it.

Custom Applications Launch List
Perhaps you want one set of Apps to launch when you’re at work with an external monitor plugged in, and a second set to launch when you’re on the road and limited to your built in monitor. With Display Maid this is possible! Simply attach a list of apps to your different Workspaces and then set Display Maid to open at login. Display Maid will detect which workspace you’re currently using and launch the appropriate list of Apps.

What's New in Version 1.2.1

- Option to turn off auto restore on space change
- If the above option is off you can choose to restore all spaces when adding or removing a display instead of just the current space
- About window


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Customer Reviews

Very Handy App!

I am constantly moving from one configuration to another at work and home like macbook with monitor at home, macbook with thunderbolt display, macbook with various projectors, etc. This app is very useful in restoring my windows to the right place. All in all it works well, but there are a few small gripes.

First, it doesn't seem to take the dock into account (I have mine on the right), so I end up having to slightly resize the right side of my windows that I have against the right of the screen. Second, it can sometimes take a bit of time for it to restore my windows to the right spot when I connect to a display. Of course, this is mainly my issue because I have so many windows open. :-)

Great product though and I'm looking forward to further enhancements and developments on it.

Best I've found so far

There is some definite room for improvement, but even so, this has been the best tool for organizing my windows across multiple displays. I work at my desk in a two monitor environment, but often detach my laptop to go to meetings. I also work with two monitors at home. It is very frustrating to re-arrange my windows after unplugging from a monitor and then returning. This is definitely an improvement.

Some things I would like to see improved:

* More intuitive UI. It took both my co-worker and myself several days to start to understand the various settings. The use of the terms Space and Workspace were especially confusing, as they appear to represent the same thing. As a result, I kept resaving my spaces and overriding what I intended it to do.

* Similarly, I had to hit enter key in the name field of a workplace setting for it to be saved. This is counter-intuitive to most preference setting pages.

* I'm still not exactly sure how the preference settings for AutoSave and AutoRestore interact with multiple workspaces. To get consistent results, I finally just turned them both off.

Bottom line: I'm still happy with my purchase, but I hope they can clean things up in a subsequent release so that I can take better advantage of what they seem to promise.


I've been looking for this for such a long time. I was at the point of buying Divvy (which is great, but it doesn't do the auto remember ALL your apps and just puts them in their place automatically) out of frustration of switching screens with my laptop between office and home.

This does it all perfectly. No button presses, no manual dragging of windows. It just works… perfectly.

If they charged $50, I would've paid that for it. AWESOME app!

I have a 2012 MBA with thunderbolt display (via DVI converter) and external USB screen, so using three screens

So, the above was when I first got the application. It's a true wonder. However, it has a bug, and it'll only get 5 stars again when this bug has been fixed. I have a three screen setup at the office. Macbook Air screen, a screen connected to the Thunderbolt connector, and then a USB screen (using display link drivers). My problem is that I have to quit Display Maid every time I get back to the office, in order to get it to restore my screen layout. After I quit it, I have to reopen it, and only then will it restore my screen layouts. HIGHLY frustrating.

Please fix this bug. Then I'll give it 5 stars again.

Edit again:
After more than 2 weeks with ZERO response from their support department, I've decided to ditch this. Stay away from this app, and buy "Stay" from Cordless Dog software in stead. MUCH better.

Display Maid
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  • $4.99
  • Category: Utilities
  • Updated: Jan 17, 2012
  • Version: 1.2.1
  • Size: 0.5 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: Kristopher Conrad

Compatibility: OS X 10.6 or later

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