This app has six classic text games with sounds and music, and it is fully accessible with Voice Over. The six games were originally developed by Richard L. De Steno, and were very popular with people who were blind or had low vision back in the 90's. A blind person would use a screen reader, which is a piece of software that allowed a person who was blind or had low vision to play these games just like a sighted person. Here is a description of the six games.

1. Atlantic City Blackjack: This game of blackjack is played by the rules set by the NJ Casino Commission.

2: Casino: This game has a selection of four games which are blackjack, slot machine, flash poker, and minibaccart.

3. Dodge City Desperados: You are the sheriff of the wild west town of Dodge City. Your mission, take out the Desperado Brothers before they take you out.

4. Destination Mars: In this game you will be taking a 35 million mile trip from the Earth to Mars, but it won't be easy. You will encounter different obstacles on this journey. Good luck space pilot

5. Run for President: Ever wanted to be president? Well, in this game you are a candidate running around the United States on a Monopoly style board in a bid to beat the computer and become president of the United States of America.

6. Sounds Like: In this word game, you must try to figure out the hidden word from the clues that are given.


- Turn on Voice Over before playing the games. It will read the screen changes automatically.

- This app was put together by the following people: Michael Barnes, Chaoji Li, Richard L. De Steno, Jeffrey Dawson.

Ratings and Reviews

3.4 out of 5

25 Ratings
25 Ratings

Terrible, awful, no good, very bad game!

Zoe 401

Recently, when I downloaded this app after a few years or so, to see if it would work, it didn't. I just took me all the way back to the home screen. Awful. But anyways, before that, whenever I type something in or whatever, nothing happened. Boring! No music, no sound effects. Nothing just a boring old text box that doesn't do anything what kind of game is that? Anyways, I'm only 12 years old and I wasn't born in the 19 or 18 whatever when these games were around. Why don't you building up to Torio? Because I have no idea how to play the darn things. Come on, think about it. A blast from the past? What if there are some people who work in that pass? What if there were some people have no idea how to play and just wanted a decent game to spend their time? Seriously, just think about it. Although you're probably not gonna listen to me anyways. You need times and times of reviews to get anything to happen. So why do I even bother? I don't know, I'm just hoping that there might be some people who actually care what I think.

A Blast From the Past


I should have believed the old expression, "There's an app for that," when I wanted to play these games after all these years. Personally, I am not into playing games much, but 3 of the games in this app are particularly enjoyable. Destination Mars, Run for President, and Casino are exactly the same as I remember them from over 22 years ago, when I last played. Even the screen looks like a retro DOS computer screen. I have made it to Mars a total of 5 times on the app. This is definitely my favorite app in a long time, and I am grateful a friend saw me use an expression from the Run for President game on a Facebook post. He gave me the link to this app, and the rest is history coming back to the present.


Braille Girl

The app is great. There's a lot of game choices, and it works awesomely with voiceover!! The only thing I have noticed, is that every time you lose a game, or supposedly, a game ends, the app closes on you before voiceover gets chance to read everything, or before you find out what happens. Also, it seems like either you always lose, or in the case of blackjack, the dealer always cheats and/or always wins. LOL. I think that's just me though. :-) One more thing, in some of the games, like "sounds like ", some of the instructions are hard to understand… As well as the actual game. All in all though, lots and lots of fun! And accessible!!


Chaoji Li
3.9 MB
Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© (C) 2011, Chaoji Li


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