With iDatabase, you can manage membership lists, expenses, projects, keep track of your passwords, internet accounts and much more! You can choose from its ready to use and easy to personalize database templates to organize any type of information or you can create a totally new database from scratch. iDatabase allows you to catalog all the information you want and then easily find it whenever you need.

Choose from 22 ready-to-use database templates which you can personalize to fit your needs. The following templates are included: Accounts, Books, CD Collection, Classes, Computers, Contacts, Customers, DVD Collection, Events, Exercise Log, Expenses, Inventory, Membership List, Mobile Phones, Movie Catalog, Notes, Pet Care, Projects, Recipes, Records, To Do, Vehicle Maintenance.

With iDatabase, you have a large number of different fields to enter your information. iDatabase lets you store your data in 14 different types of fields:

• Small text: use small text fields to store characters of letters, symbols, and numbers used as text in a single line of text without scrolling bar.
• Large text: use large text fields to store characters of letters, symbols, and numbers used as text in a multi line of text with scrolling bar.
• Number: use number fields to store integers or decimals numbers.
• Date: use date fields to store dates.
• Time: use time fields to store time.
• Date and time: use Date and Time fields to store a date and time together to reference a fixed point in calendar time.
• Image: use image fields to store images.
• Choose: use choose fields to present a list of mutually exclusive choices. Item picker fields are used as a means of selecting one choice from a list of two or many.
• Calculation Field: use calculation fields to present the result of a arithmetic operation between number fields content. A calculation field can be a result of addition, multiplication, ratio and subtraction.
• Email: use Email fields to store email addresses.
• Link: use Web link fields to store web links, FTP addresses or other URLs.
• Checkbox: use checkboxes fields to indicate one option that must be either on or off.
• Password: use password fields to store passwords or any other sensible text data.
• Phone: use phone fields to store phone numbers.

The application can be protected by an access code to prevent unauthorized use.

iDatabase for Mac can be synchronized via Wi-Fi with iDatabase for iPhone (sold separately). The app supports Backup and Restore, Exporting and Importing of databases in .idatabase and .CSV formats. The .idatabase files preserve the complete content and structure of the database, including pictures and they can also be used by iPhone version of iDatabase.

For any product information, please contact our support, we are happy to provide information about our software and technical assistance:

What's New

Version 3.24

• Fixes an issue with images field
• Additional bug fixes and stability improvements

Customer Reviews

Easy-to-use simple databases


So glad I gave this app another chance! I reviewed this app less-than-favorably a couple years ago because I lost all my data. In the years since, I tried some other database apps that had a better reputation for reliability… but really I found them too complicated for my needs. I really didn’t need (or want) to use tables and formulas. I just need to keep track of some inventory, so I just need a robust list that I can search and filter in lots of different ways. I’d used this app before when “smart groups” was a paid feature; now it is included in the price and it’s just as easy as I recall. My only complaint is that if I make any changes to a choice list, then it can also change the results of a smart group, so I have to spend a little time editing smart group settings. The manual Dropbox backup and manual wifi sync is okay. Initially I had some hesitation about wifi sync (I seem to recall this was a method some of my favorite apps used years ago before everything was cloud-based). I thought it might be a hassle remembering to sync manually, but it’s not. I do most database work on a laptop, so I just grab my phone and sync the changes before I close the desktop app. So far I have not experienced any data loss. With the price, ease of use, smart groups, and iOS app… I’m quite happy with it.

Very handy! Our ecommerce company uses it daily.


We use iDatabase in our office. Each week, I download all of our online sales for the preceding week, from our shipping cart software. The download comes through as a CSV file. I send a copy of each day's file to our sales staff. Our sales staff opens the file in iDatabase and can quickly getting a nice view of each customer's order. From iDatabase, the order data in iDatabase, my staff calls back each customer to make a friendly follow up call on their recent order.

We also have Bento. By comparison, Bento is not as clean and simple. iDatabase gets out of the way. Our staff can easily see the info they need to see and get down to the work of calling customers.

Sure iDatabase is "No Frills". In fact that is exactly what we love about it. If you need a simple container for data, then iDatabase will likely serve your needs nicely.

No Filtering Feature


I'm not sure what the point of a database application is without a filter feature (I didn't even check to see if iDatabase had one before downloading, because I assumed the need for one was obvious). The Search function is fine, but if I have a list of 5000 contacts, and can't use it to generate a list of the 150 of them that are personal friends (I created a Business/personal field with the completely reasonable expectation this would work.)
As best as I can tell, I can't even get the records to sort by the Business/Personal field, so I can at least see all my personal contacts clumped together.
If this doesn't matter to you, and you just want a place to store data, but not be able to access it efficiently, then I guess this app is worth the relatively low price tag.
The support site says they're working on "More Flexible" searching features in the future. If they do come to offer filtering or more flexible sorting in the future, I'll gladly change my review - the UI is nice, and importing was a breeze. I will keep an eye out for updates that will make this app useful.


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