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By Indeeo, Inc.

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iDraw is a powerful feature-packed vector drawing and illustration application for Mac OS X.

"Lightweight vector drawing; easy to use; 9/10" -
Featured in "Amazing Mac Apps", "...very powerful at a very decent price" - iCreate Magazine

iDraw has all of the tools you need to create everything from detailed technical illustrations to beautiful works of art. Create intricate designs quickly and easily, and continue working on the go with iDraw for the iPad.

Create resolution-independent illustrations that can be pasted into Pages documents, included in Keynote presentations, or used together with iBooks Author.

- Import SVG, PDF, EPS, and Photoshop PSD files.
- Export designs as SVG, PDF, PNG, PSD, JPEG, GIF, and TIFF files.
- Copy selected objects as PNG, PDF, SVG, CSS properties, and Core Graphics code.
- Export icons, bitmap and vector images directly into Xcode xcasset folders.
- Export layers and tagged objects automatically as individual files.

Photoshop PSD Import/Export
- Import layered PSD files with vector paths and effects.
- Shape layers are imported as editable vector paths.
- Layer effects are imported as fully editable drop shadows, inner shadows, glows, etc.
- Export designs as layered PSD files.

Professional Drawing Tools
- Full-featured Bezier Pen tool for creating custom shapes.
- Brush and Pencil tools for fluid drawing and sketching.
- Essential set of shape creation tools.
- Boolean path combinations.
- Path multi-point selection and editing.
- Join, connect, and disconnect paths.
- Rotate, Scale, and Shear transform tools.
- Compound Paths.
- Convert Anchors tool.
- Eraser tool.
- Scissor tool.
- Dimensioning tool.

Layer Styles
- Apply multiple strokes, fills, and effects to any object.
- Apply inner shadows, drop shadows, and glow effects to objects.
- Arrange the order of fills, strokes, and effects using drag and drop.
- 24 vibrant blend modes, including Multiply, Overlay, Linear Burn, Vivid Light, etc.
- Set blend modes for layers, shapes, fills, strokes, shadows, and glow effects.

Many other powerful features, including:

- Shape Libraries.
- Appearance Styles.
- Text on Path.
- Multi-style Text.
- Layers and Groups.
- Smart Alignment Guides.
- Labels and Dimensioning.
- Canvas Scale, Rulers, and Units (mm, cm, inches)
- Canvas Styles.
- Snap to Grid / Snap to Point.
- Align and Distribute objects.
- Duplicate and Transform.
- Linear, Radial, and Angle gradients.
- Image masking.
- Convert Text to Paths.
- Inner and Outer Strokes.
- Outline Stroke.
- Duplicate and Transform.
- RGB, HSB, and Hex Color Pickers.
- Pixel-Preview Mode.
- Import PDF files and annotations.
- Export as vector-based PDF and SVG files.
- Plugins / Powerful scripting API.
- ColorSync Color Management.

OpenGL-optimized Drawing
- Fast rendering of very complex projects.
- Multi-threaded drawing ensures lag-free scrolling and zooming.

What's New in Version 2.5.1

- Fixes related to @2x and @3x image export.
- Fix for Eyedropper tool when setting gradient colors.
- Improvements to the new in-place settings panes.
- Other minor fixes and improvements.

New in 2.5:
Enhanced for Yosemite.
- Use Handoff to seamlessly continue editing a document on a different Mac or iPad.
- Store and access iDraw documents directly on iCloud Drive.
- Support for Handoff and iCloud Drive requires Yosemite and iOS 8.

Redesigned User Interface.
- Beautiful new interface designed for Yosemite.
- New single-window interface with in-place settings panes.
- Switch between Single Window Mode and Floating Panels (View > Show Floating Inspectors).

CMYK Colors.
- Create print-ready documents with CMYK colors.
- Assign CMYK color profiles (Modify > Color Settings…).
- Choose between RGB and CMYK document color modes.
- Export CMYK-based PDF documents.

Pattern Fills.
- Fill shapes with repeating vector patterns.
- Create new patterns from any selection of shapes.
- Use the ‘+’ button in the pattern fill popup to create a new pattern.
- Rotate and scale patterns using the settings in the Fill pane.

Clipping Paths.
- Clip objects inside vector shapes.
- Paste objects inside of a shape to create a clipping group (Edit > Paste Inside).
- Release clipping group shapes using the ungroup command (Arrange > Ungroup).
- Double-Click an object inside of a clipping group to select it directly.

Blur Effect.
- Apply a blur effect to any styled object.
- Enable, disable, and adjust blurs from the Appearance Effects pane.
- Adjust the blur radius to control the amount of blur applied.

Select Similar.
- Quickly select objects which share the same appearance settings (Edit > Select Similar…).
- Easily find and select objects based on their stroke color, fill color, opacity, etc.
- Find and select objects across all layers, or only within the currently selected layers.

Enhanced Export Options.
- Automatic @3x asset generation.
- Export bitmap and vector assets directly into Xcode xcasset folders (File > Export Layers…).
- Shadow and glow effects are now exported using SVG filters.
- Improved Swift code export for Swift 1.0 language changes.


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Customer Reviews

Fantastic, albeit limited App

I use this App daily as an Architect to do a variety of things I used to do in Illustrator. I’ve created libraries of common architectural planning objects and shapes that allow me to layout spaces in a very quick and easy manner. I can import a variety of file types and convert them for easy manipulation as well.

For the $$ it’s a fantastic value compared to 90% of the other offerings out there….. and the ability to use scaled objects with dynamic dimensioning is very nice. The only thing I would suggest is that for an App that presents Architectural Planning Elements that there would be an intuitive way to set the canvas and grids to common architectural scales. It’s easy enought to do by conversion however it would also be easy to set it up so you don’t have to convert.

Good job and I’m not sure about the whining reviews…. really?!…. comparing an App that has been around for a few years to an international company working for 20+ years on it’s overpriced bloatware?….. in just a couple of years they are 75% the way there….. That’s great in my book and then when you look at the investment…. well….

This is NOT a replacement for Adobe Illustrator (AI)

I love working with vector graphics and consider myself above average at using AI. I purchased this app in hopes that it would be “good enough” for me to get rid of my CC membership (purely economic decision). Unfortunately, this app is a huge disappointment. As an AI user, this app is very inefficient. Even doing simple things requires some work. (I will admit that due to my early experience using this app, I gave up. Therefore, there maybe more simple ways to achieve what I am about to discuss, but I don’t have the patience to learn about it).

One such example is changing the canvas size or font size. In the case of changing font sizes, you must stretch out the container in order to see your text. If you don’t do this, you text will remain invisible until your resize the container. By contrast, in AI, as you increase the font size the container will also increase in size, therefore your text will remain visible.

I can see how this app would be a decent intro app for someone learning how to work with vector object, but for others, iDraw does not cut it. Lastly, their support sucks…in fact, they don’t support their product.

a go-to vector graphics program

I use vector graphics programs to create posters and figures for publication in scientific journals. I have used Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape to do this in the past, but iDraw has become my go-to program.

iDraw isn't Adobe Illustrator; i.e., it can't do _everything_. But it does almost everything I need it to do - laying out arbitrary size documents, easy color picking and matching, masking, layers, custom shape libraries, etc. Pasting in from PDFs works perfectly, and the inserted elements scale without losing resolution. I find iDraw easier to learn and use than Illustrator, and I spend less time searching the internet for "how to do X in Illustrator CS 5".

The major downside is that its selection of special characters is in particular limited. Things like superscripts and subscripts are accessible for some fonts through the OS X special characters menu, but many fonts do not have superscripts and subscripts, or have an incomplete set. This menu is also slow and cumbersome to use. The same is true of Greek letters and mathematical symbols. Unfortunately, these kinds of things come up all the time in scientific manuscripts and can't be avoided. My typical workaround is to create the desired text in MS Word and save as a PDF, which can then be inserted into iDraw.

This was probably one of the best $25 I spent on apps. I suppose if you're a graphic designer, you need more power, but for occasional use this is a much better value.

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  • $24.99
  • Category: Graphics & Design
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  • Version: 2.5.1
  • Size: 11.8 MB
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
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Compatibility: OS X 10.6 or later, 64-bit processor

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