My hands covered in blood— I... killed someone?

A detective who helped when I'd fallen in the rain.
While attracted to the sincere him, With my lost memory, I only thing I remember is The sight of the serial murder crime scene.
My hands covered in blood— I... killed someone? Confused, before me appeared a man claiming to be my fiance...
How are my lost memories and the incident related?!
A Shocking Suspense Love Story.


"Illegal Romance" is a supense drama type love game app to be downloaded for free,
and its basic play is done for free.
Please enjoy a dramatic story of attractive characters.


◇Noze Hiroki
A detective who works at the East Police Station.
He can't leave someone alone when she or he is in trouble.
Since he is too nice, sometimes he can be indecisive...

◇Aida Masahiko
A man who suddenly appeared in front of you after you lost your memory.
He says he's your fiance but his actual identity is a mystery.
He's burly, manly and caring.

◇Ichiji Atsushi
He's a top-level bureaucrat at the Metropolitan Police Department.
His words and actions are out of the box and always makes others surprised.
His priority is to contribute to the police organization.
He wouldn't mind paying the necessary price to complete his missions.

◇Oga Ryutaro
He looks light-minded and talks without care, but actually is quite thoughtful.
He's great as a police officer as well.
He tends to over-react and make mistakes.

◇Amano Chuzen
He belongs to the Public Safety Department at the Metropolitan Police Department.
He looks young for his age and he acts like a fool. He's an underachiever in his department.
Although he has a sharp sense to notice the important stuff sometimes.
His nickname is Ten-nen.

■ How to Play
You can process the game very easily!
1. Start the app and press "Start the story".
2. Process the story using 5 tickets given every day!
3. The outcome of the story depends on your choice.
What is the ending of your story ... !?
In addition, it is full of fun elements such as "Secret story" to enjoy the side story, and cute avatars.

■ Recommended to:
- those who like girlie games (love games)
- those who play love simulation game for the first time
- those who want to enjoy a game for free
- those who like criminal dramas
- those who want to be in love with attractive handsome guys every day

◆ When you need help ◆
First, refer to "FAQ" in "Illegal Romance" app.
If your problem is not solved, contact via "contact us" by describing the details of your problem.
If you cannot start the app, please contact to our Customer Center【support@accela2.com】
Thank you very much.



It's a fantastic game so far.

I've only been playing for the last 4 days and I'm really into the story. As I continue reading, the mystery keeps me wanting to read more! The only thing I would complain is that for me the tickets come back at 1:00 am and it's difficult for me to stay up that long. Anyone reading this if you want my friend invitation id, here it is: fnr1484 ! :3 I hope you have fun playing as well as I do!


Paid version?

This is a great game and the quality of the story is above that of Voltage and Ntt Solmare games. This is just a suggestion, but making this game have a paid version ($ per route) would attract many customers- including myself. Keep up the good work, I'm impressed with your work thus far.


Great game When It Works

I’ve played this game to the end got rid of it then reinstalled it & all it does is go to connection error when I’m connected to the internet. It won’t even go to the top page & I don’t touch the screen I’ve sent you several emails. Doesn’t work on either my cell or iPad but it has in the past


Accela Co., Ltd.

Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



Rated 12+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
© Accela,Inc
  1. Coin pack A $0.99
  2. Coin pack B $3.99
  3. Coin pack C $5.99


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