Add a whole new dimension of realism to your Infinite Flight experience with this polished, third-party add-on to Infinite Flight, the best mobile flight sim on the App Store!

Hear over 30 co-pilot voice samples during your flight, whether it's takeoff callouts like "V₁", "Rotate!", or "Positive Rate", or whether it's warnings when speed limits are being approached, or confirmation callouts when setting flaps or gear settings.

In-Flight Assistant is NOT a flight simulator itself but rather requires Infinite Flight to provide voice callouts and realistic automated warnings for your flights.

Check out a 7-minute video of the app in action at:


Start In-Flight Assistant, then launch Infinite Flight on the same device - you'll hear a confirmation that In-Flight Assistant is connected. It will now be watching your flight and provide the callouts as you configured them within the app. It's that simple!


The following callouts are provided:

• "80 knots"
• "V₁"
• "V₂"
• "Rotate"
• "Positive Rate"
• "Let's watch our speed, captain" warning when taxiing or flying too fast
• "Gear up/down" confirmation
• "Flaps at XXX degrees" / "Flaps Final" confirmations
• Spoiler status
• 4 voices, including Mark 'Skyhawk Heavy' Denton!


* Welcome aboard announcement
* Arm doors for departure & cross-check
* Safety briefing
* Flight attendants, take seats for takeoff (when turning on strobes)
* "You may move about the cabin now, etc."
* Descent beginning
* Welcome post-landing


Using a headset mic, use voice commands to control many of the airplane's systems! Once it is set up, In-Flight Assistant will be listening for your voice to say things like "gear up", "set heading 2-3-0", and much more, and your co-pilot will set the autopilot settings for you!

IMPORTANT A headset and a quiet environment is recommended for best accuracy. The stronger your non-American accent, the less accurate the recognition may work.


Experience fully-featured GPWS warning callouts such as "TOO LOW, GEAR", "SINK RATE", or "PULL UP!" - in accordance with the specification of the real-world Honeywell MK VI GPWS system - with all 6 modes supported, including turboprop alternative settings (automatically detected whether the aircraft is a turboprop), Steep Approach Bias, Flap Override settings, and more.

(NEW) Also provides a waypoint proximity alert system and a simplified "VNAV" system where you can set altitudes and speeds you want the autopilot to have per waypoint!

The following callouts are provided:

• Autopilot disconnect warning sound (Airbus / Boeing)
• "GLIDESLOPE" both quiet and loud, depending on how low you are
• "MINIMUMS" or "MINIMUMS, MINIMUMS" (configurable)
• "BANK ANGLE" based on aircraft type, altitude, speed, autopilot setting, etc.
• "RETARD, RETARD" when landing in an Airbus


Huge thanks to the entire Infinite Flight community for their amazing support, as well as Laura & Flying Dev Studios for providing an awesome API that makes apps like this one possible.

Additional thanks to Cam (maker of LiveFlight) for his open-source API examples.

Thanks to Jan ( for his audio engineering assistance!


In-Flight Assistant is not affiliated with Flying Dev Studios.

What's New

Version 1.051

Thanks for your patience everyone! This is a nice, big, new update for you. Hope you like it - and if so, I'd be thankful for ratings and reviews!


* New Flight Alerts system - on iPhone, go to the "More" tab to find it. This Flight Alerts system is included with your GPWS add-on purchase - if you already have it, this update is included for free!
* New callouts for 28° and 50° flaps settings.
* New “Pushback First” option for Passenger Announcements: If this is on, you will get the “First Welcome” at Pushback and the “Safety Briefing” when you start your engines. If it is off, you will get the “First Welcome” when you start your engines and the “Safety Briefing” when you start moving.
* New chime and setting “Altitude Reached” which comes when you are within 1000 feet of the autopilot altitude
* Fix for Voice Command Test not requesting recording permission
* Fix for rare random “Minimums” callouts
* Most importantly and excitingly (for some of you), a slightly different sounding “RETARD” callout. ;-P
* (1.051) fixed an embarrassing bug (so embarrassing I won't even explain it)


* First set a flight plan in Infinite Flight. Then enter the Flight Alert page. Your flight plan will show up.
* Tap a row's alarm bell button to set a proximity alert for that waypoint. Enter how many nm's away you want to be notified.
* Tap a row's altitude or speed area to set an altitude or speed you want the autopilot to set when the plane is headed toward that waypoint. The V/S will be calculated for you.
* Speed settings will be auto-limited to 250kts below 10,000 feet to attempt help you avoid speed warnings
* NOTE: Enter a double digit number to enter a Mach speed. (79 = 0.79 Mach, for example)
* NOTE: Just as in real life, you will normally want to still monitor your flight and double-check your settings. The system is well-tested, but if you screw up your settings, you will screw up your flight! :-)

Ratings and Reviews

4.4 out of 5

32 Ratings

32 Ratings

Great companion app to infinite flight!


In-flight Assistant is a great application that runs in the background while you play the flight simulator infinite flight. There are currently 4 in app purchases that you can make. I recommend the first 2 for sure co-pilot callouts and flight management warnings. Makes the flight sim experience even better. I just bought the third in app purchase where the flight attendants run through there preflight checks. It's very good but I am sure there are things John can do to make it better in the future as infinite flight releases the global update.

Note: I have not purchased the voice command options, so I am not sure how well they work or not.

Overall, this is a great app and I look forward to seeing John improve the app.

Good app, stupid prices


I've been a fan of IF ever since I bought the game, and the global update recently brought my attention back to the game after a short hiatus. This app does make the flight experience feel much better, but the pricing just feels way too high. For what you get, the add-ons should really be $1.99 or $0.99, unless if you were to add some extra features to them like multiple GPWS voices, or multiple different sounds for the PA (Really, the only reason I got the app was for the GPWS warnings and callouts, and I wasn't pleased when I saw that there wasn't any options for the sounds). Also, one co-pilot voice (Mark, I believe) says "Let's watch our speed dumba--" if you go too fast... Really, dude? I payed $10 to get cussed out?

Awesome to have in the background!


Especially to warn you of a overspeed. It keeps me from getting those awful violations and sending me back to grade3. However this version that just came out, when I select the flaps, they continuously repeat the voice command. That does get annoying. Then I'll change it up or down one flap setting and sometimes it will go away, sometimes it still does it. Please fix this!!!

Developer Response

Thanks for the kind words! Sorry about the issue with the flaps. This problem is likely because you have voice commands activated but are not using a headset. So it is interpreting the callouts as commands. Try turning off the voice commands or using a headset!


John Goering
151.5 MB
Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 9+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
© 2017 John Goering
In-App Purchases
  1. GPWS Warnings $4.99
  2. Passenger Announcements $4.99
  3. Voice Commands $4.99


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