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InShot - Mejor vídeo y editor de fotos! Práctico, integral y divertido!


Vídeo Trim & Cut
- Recorte de vídeo
- Cortar / Borrar parte media de un video
- Combinar vídeos
- Ajustar la velocidad de vídeo

para Instagram
- Frontera de Blur para foto y vídeo.
- Borde de color.
- Mover vídeo / foto dentro de la plaza.

Música, efectos y voz en off
- Añade tu propia música al vídeo, al igual que los archivos mp3 y otros formatos.
- Un montón de divertidos efectos de sonido.
- Añadir la voz en off.
- Fácil de sincronizar el sonido y vídeo, con las características de línea de tiempo.
- Control de volumen para ambas canciones de sonido de video y mp3 originales.

Texto y Emoji
- Añadir texto en vídeo y foto.
- Añadir emoji en la foto.
- Con las características de línea de tiempo, fácil de sincronizar texto y emoji con vídeo.

- Muchos de los filtros de fotos
- Filtros de vídeo

- Girar, foto o video del tirón.

- Resolución de salida de vídeo de alta.
- Compartir con aplicaciones sociales.

Suscripción ilimitada a InShot
-Con una suscripción ilimitada a InShot, tendrás acceso a todas las características y los materiales de edición de pago como pegatinas, paquetes de filtros, etc. La marca de agua y los anuncios se eliminarán de forma automática.

-La cuota de la suscripción ilimitada a InShot se cargará mensual o anualmente y corresponderá a la del plan seleccionado. Además, se ofrecerá un pago único si es necesario, el cual no pertenece a ninguno de los planes de suscripción.

-La suscripción ilimitada a InShot se renovará auomáticamente en la siguiente fecha de facturación. Puedes desactivar la renovación automática hasta 24 antes del fin del periodo actual. iTunes store cobra la cuota de suscripción con confirmación de compra, y la renovación automática se puede desactivar en los ajustes de cuenta tras realizar la compra.

-Condiciones de uso

-Política de privacidad

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Versión 1.33.1

- Animación de texto
- Musica para navidad
- Otras correcciones de errores y mejoras.

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.8 de 5
281.6 k valoraciones
281.6 k valoraciones
Brina$$$ ,

Best Video Editor App Ever!! BUT...

This is by far the best video editor app I’ve ever used. I’m a new vlogger and i get the most vlog-like videos using it. It allows me to speed up or slow down my videos, add filters/ adjust brightness, contrast, saturation etc, I can also add pictures to my videos and record voice clippings in the app. There’s also a feature for adding text to the screen.
However, my biggest problem is the saving process. I make >4 minutes videos and it takes like half an hour to save videos. Sometimes after I’ve waited that long it goes off to say that ‘save failed’ and I have to do it all over again! Very frustrating. Next thing is I can only save one draft at a time so I can’t edit 2 vlogs at once or else the other one will be deleted. I also don’t like it that sometimes if I pause my editing and go do something on other apps, when I re-enter the app, all my editing has been lost. I would like to be able to use actual songs instead of just tracks and sound effects.
Lastly, it would be nice if the app noted me that I need a little more storage space BEFORE I wait almost an hour for a video to process and then I have to try clear some space and go back in the app only to find that my editing has been lost and I have to do it all over again.
Other than these things, editing my videos for my new vlog is easiest using InShot. I would recommend it to anyone.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Thank you for your comment, we will improve on it.

Lyzzie K. ,

Seems a little sneaky

I have used this app for years and recently decided to try some of the new filter packs and effects they offer within the app. While they present it to you as if you’re buying the packs individually at $1.99 and move the aforementioned packs to the top of line when you go to filters to add to videos.......making it appear as if you’ve purchased, and can freely use said filter pack. However, I found out today when looking at my Apple transaction history for the month, that they actually charge you (without a second authorization of the “purchase”) EACH TIME you use a filter from the pack that you had been led to believe you had purchased in full. Not criminal, but a little too sneaky. Although the app has always worked well for my videos, this seems too strange an issue to continue using the app and hope they find a way not to confuse or trick their customers into spending two dollars at a time in the future. Or perhaps, Developer, you could add a feature where the user continues to have to authorize said purchases; every other app I have for every other purchase I make through them requires a fingerprint or at least a “YES” before the transaction can be completed. No more sneaky transactions! This happened 3x before I called Apple Support and they explained to me what the app was doing with my money. Be careful!

BeautifulDisasters ,

Great easy to use However....

This app is very amazing almost perfect....
I am learning new things i this one. I do love that I can put in text and add what I need this has made it easy... if you could maybe add a feature ( I may not have figured this out yet) to only add music for a section of the edited part that would be super awesome! This app is easy to use to so beginners who have no idea would definitely be able to figure it out Great job on the Easy Interface!

I personally feel that there could be a couple more color effect ..... the yellow look and blue doesn’t do it for me. Just an example seafoam twilight ivory those kind of color nothing to high class but just more color effects not quite so yellow♥️
I also don’t like the fact that if your editing something and you get a call or text and answer, when you go back you have to start all over again.... yes if you save before you leave your fine but I did notice this not a fan.... other then this I love the App the small bugs are just that and once that’s done really nothing to blink an eye about😉 Thank you for a great app much appreciated❣️

Compras dentro de la app

Video Effect - FORM Pack
Glitch, TV, Ghost, Convex and JPEG effects.


InstaShot Inc.
89.3 MB
Fotografía y video
Requiere iOS 10.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Español, Alemán, Chino simplificado, Chino tradicional, Coreano, Francés, Indonesio, Inglés, Italiano, Japonés, Portugués, Ruso, Tailandés, Turco, Vietnamita, Árabe
Clasificación 4+
© InShot
Compras dentro de la app
  1. Retire marca de agua y anuncios $2.99
  2. InShot Pro (1 mes) $2.99
  3. Transition pack - Power $3.99


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