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iQUIK X is a new user application (trading terminal) of QUIK – the user may trade financial instruments, view exchange quotes, monitor portfolio parameters and more.


iQUIK X does not require access keys. To get a server address, login and password please contact your broker.

Key features:
- Monitoring of current financial instruments quotes with possibility to customize a watchlist,
- “Level 2 Quotes” market data visualization,
- Placing market, limit and conditional orders,
- Monitoring of trade dynamics with charts, including technical analysis indicators,
- Monitoring and control of own orders and trades,
- Current state of a user portfolio visualization,
- Setting notifications on order status and instrument parameters,
- Financial news stream,
- Sending instructions on money withdrawal,
- Message exchange with a broker.

To use the program in a production mode, signing a contract with a broker that uses QUIK system is required.

Details and contacts:

- Please send your questions and development inquiries to the following email quiksupport@arqatech.com

- Free trial access is provided via this link http://arqatech.com/en/support/demo/

- More details on the application are provided on the official website of ARQA Technologies https://arqatech.com/en/products/quik/terminals/user-applications/iquik-x/

Что нового

Версия 3.1.0

Features of the new version
1.Chart period selection is added. Herewith, the minimum and maximum prices of the instrument for the specified period are displayed, and the percentage of change (the change between the opening price of the first candle and the closing price of the last one is calculated).
2.In the Level II Quotes of bonds added transmission of the yield of the offer.
3.Updated the design of some screens.
4.In the order entry window, prices (best bid price, best offer price, last trade price) are now automatically updated.
5.In the portfolio window in the upper right corner, the settlement currency is displayed now.
6.The PIN code input window now does not close on timeout (previously, users could have difficulties because of long waiting for SMS with a PIN code).
Issues resolved
1.The information on a conditional order was not fully visible in the general list of stop orders.
2.When there were several trades within one candle, only one trade prompt was displayed on the chart. Now, if there are more than three trades, the prompt will display summary information on them.
3.After switching to another application, the data on instruments in the quotes window was not displayed.
4.The validity period of the linked stop order during the evening session on the derivatives market was incorrectly selected, that is why such orders were not placed.
5.In some cases, when viewing the chart to which the Stochastic indicator was added, the program crashed.
6.In some cases, repeated reconnections to the server occurred.
7.When a new candle appeared the chart did not automatically move forward.
8.The speed of loading primary data into the application was increased, which will overcome the problems with connecting having a large set of available instruments.
9.In some cases, the dates of weekly candles were incorrectly displayed.

Оценки и отзывы

5.0 из 5
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1 оценка


ARQA Technologies
38.1 МБ

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, Russian

Rated 4+
© ARQA Technologies


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