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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Arthur C. Clarke (1962)"

iRuleThem for iOS as a comprehensive analysis tool for any Hold'em game, providing real-time outcome probability and extensive configuration. Basically, iRuleThem is an advisor app offering to simulate and visualize any game scenario. The model in use is evidence-based with an empirical approach. This means the app relies on authentic random experiments instead of static calculations.
The configuration supports simulation of up to ten simultaneous gamers and also enables customization of the simulation dimension, likelihood structure (odds, proportion, likelihood) as nicely as bet, call and feasible win sizes. What's more, iRuleThem is the only product offering a complete fold equity model (likelihood that every opponent gives up after a substantial raise) including proper pot odds for calling and raising cases. After having the betting specifics entered the expected value (EV) is displaying your average gain or loss of the next betting round.

The simulation process takes a specific hand including your opponents' characteristics and checks the outcome of taking part in thousands of random games. It proves that Poker describes a game of skill, where the likelihood of winning can be predicted beforehand based on data. Therefore it utilizes substantial mathematical formula and close to genuine-time large scale experiments.

A configuration option is to only run against the best ranked starting hands which are dealt at a multi player table. Otherwise it has the ability to detect an opponent's strength (ideal starting hand range). Therefore the Tap'Counter has to be used to keep tack of the amount of played/raised opponent hands compared to the overall number of received hands. The ranges are working like a barrier saying that the drawn starting hand has to be better/equal or worse/equal than the given. That makes them easy to understand and very fast to use. Furthermore iRuleThem has a made hand specification that enables filtering the 5-card poker hand combinations of already reached opponent's hands (e.g. at least top Pair/medium Kicker).

Outcomes can also be seen in a sequence of bar and pie charts. These diagrams are showing exact ratios between success and failure. At any time all feasible results can be simulated and fast look icons show at-a-glance chances of different hands and winning positions, with values shown primarily based on either drawing or not-drawing any further community cards.

Offering input via either the custom produced interface or specific voice controls iRuleThem can provide in-depth evaluation quicker than general speed-of-play, consequently permitting fanatics of the game to acquire a better understanding of game dynamics in a selection of situations, even during online gameplay.

The visualization checks the outcome of a single game (e.g. AKs checks the flop). The Single Deal Mode therefore resolves the reached poker hand for every involved player revealing the winner. Using the evaluation repeatedly updates the existing statistics by the result of each try. It's possible to use/fold an unknown starting hand, what gives you the ability of developing an intuitive feeling for your chances/risks. Besides that you can study your own financial progress, stage related game stats, and starting hand range.

"√ Simulate & Visualize your poker reality!"

What's New

Version 4.0

v4.0 Update: Dedicated to CowDaddy...
Thanks for supporting iRuleThem!

Improved User Handling
- instantly abort a running simulation by touching the simulation activity indicator (circular progress animation at the bottom)
- entering the configuration also aborts a simulation running aside
- winning positions are using dynamic labels (win(hand), win(flop), win(turn), or win(river); they're showing the game stage for creating the 5-card hand
- In the bar diagram a dashed white line shows the needed equity for calling a pot-sized bet and a blue dashed line stands for the received equity of the simulation win(pos1)
- iPhone/iPod Touch devices enter the configuration from any setup specific screen (Board, Opponent cards, Tap'Counter)
- on iPhone/iPod Touch devices the Single Deal Mode's 'Slow animation' option has been relocated from the configuration to the Single Deal Mode (logo with an eye in front of hidden cards)
- various interface simplifications (symbol for ghost range, F.E. state, relocated help symbol ...)
- Tap'Counter counting process starts from the Big Blind position

Enhanced Made Hands (read documentation)
- filtering approach allows further narrowing of an already applied made hand specification (multiple uses)
- stronger bluffing hand approach detects an opponent's bluff occurrence automatically, without requesting a per-cent value
- multiple bluffing scenarios chose able together (e.g. low value bluffing in combination with high value bluffing)
- made hand usage history of each opponent is fully replicable by reading the Result's text description

New User Hand Stats
- hand rankings for combined 5-card hands
- AX starting hand stats (ace + other ranked card)
- Pocket Pair starting hand stats

Expected Value (EV)
- shows you exactly average gain or loss of the next betting round (compare with screenshots 4 and 5)

Fully Updated Documentation
- Opponent's chapter 'Made hand specification' demonstrates the sophisticated filtering principle
- 'Tutorial for Beginners' guides a novice player to success at the table

Ratings and Reviews

Really Good


I have bought and tried about 20 poker utilities.

This one is top notch.

I did get aggravated at first because i couldn't figure out some of the functionality, but this app has directions on a webpage. I recommend looking at the directions not only to work this app, but also to become aware of what all this app will do.

This developer has put some effort into this.



Jumbled controls cryptic dont know how to use the app no help in the app


Roman Keller
27 MB
Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
English, German
Age Rating
Rated 12+ for the following:
Frequent/Intense Simulated Gambling
© 2011 Roman Keller


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