iSmartPhoto is a fast image browser and powerful image organizer. Work with retina displays, Compatible with OS X El Capitan! Unlike iPhoto that require user to import photos into the software, iSmartPhoto pulls your photos from any folder or drive. By just double clicking a single image, iSmartPhoto automatically display every image from the folder and subfolders.

iSmartPhoto can automatically group your photos by modified date,image format,image size,file size,GPS location,rating,flag,tags and exif information such as camera model,lens model,F number,exposure time,ISO,focal length and IPTC information.

iSmartPhoto natively supports all popular image formats like JPEG,TIFF,JPEG 2000,BMP,PNG,TAG,RAW,EPS,AI and any other image format supported by Mac OS X.

• Browse and display thousands of photos quickly and easily
• Easily select a image folder through folder tree
• Multiple folder selection in folder tree, so then you can view all your photos in more than one folder at once and find all duplicate photos
• Automatically sync your photos in folder with Mac OS X Finder
• Thumbnail view for an overview of your all photos
• Grid view mode, so then you can view more than one photo at once and compare them easily
• Smoothly scroll thumbnail view/browse view/photo bin, even not using Apple Magic Mouse
• Automatically rotate photos with exif orientation
• Browse,zoom and rotate with touch gestures
• Press option key to switch to zoom mode in image browse view, so then you can zoom photo easily by mouse scroll wheel,mouse dragging or mouse click
• Slideshow your photos with transitions
• Inspector with image general information and metadata including EXIF and IPTC
• Support animated gif file
• Open your photos with external application

• Automatically group your photos by image general information and metadata including GPS,EXIF and IPTC
• Automatically copy or move your photos with group structure.
• Free combination of maximum four group types
• Easily pick and flag your photos by pressing spacebar key
• Rate and tag your photos
• Quickly find all duplicate photos in your folders.
• Smart filter. Search or filter your photos by a set of rules that you’ve created.
• Multiple tags or file names search in search field. You can separate tags or file names with a comma.

• Powerful batch rename
• Batch image convert

Export and Share
• Export image to jpeg,png,jpeg-2000,tif,bmp,pdf and other formats.
• Sharing photos with your family and friends on Facebook,Flickr,Twitter and other share service supported by Mac OS X
• Sharing photos with your family and friends via email
• Easily set your photo as os x desktop picture.

• All views can be shown or hidden, so you can customize your favorite interface.

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What's New

Version 1.7.8

• Add an option for thumbnail view background color
• Bug fixes

Ratings and Reviews

Fast! Great for viewing an image library


I have an image library, separate from Apple’s Photos app, and this is a great resource for accessing reference pictures. The images stay right there in their original folder. There’s no import into a separate library that I’m aware of. This is a very helpful app for navigating an image folder.

Awesomeness! Sort, tag, and batch rename


My workflow is to take a lot of photos of my kid’s sporting events. I then use Apple’s Image Capture to copy the images off the Camera’s SD card to my hard drive. Thats where iSmartPhoto comes in. I love the 3 panel view. 1st panel is a folder hierarchy of my hard drive. I like to put all my photos in a folder named after the event - ex: Water Polo Game - Bellarmine. The main panel window is a huge list of all the thumbnails. You can work in this mode or double click to go full screen on a single image. I then arrow through my images and use the FLAG keyboard shortcut Command period. After I flag all my images I then chose View > Filter >Flag to just see the images I want to share with others. I then right click and chose reveal in finder. At the finder view of my flagged images I then right click to chose a Finder color label. You can then switch to Facebook Group (upload about 15 images at a time) or SmugMug (all at once) or other file sharing services. The third panel view can be toggled to show file info or specific EXIF data from the image. Use the preferences to set a default app for photo editing - I recommend Affinity Photo.

This app beats iFoto Viewer in stability (hasn’t crashed on me yet - even with corrupted JPEGs in the folder). You can use iSmartPhoto’s Preferences to change spacebar from browse photos to flag photos (similar to iFoto’s spacebar for Favorite a photo).
This app beats Xee3 in the ability to easily flag or rate images.
This app beats iPhoto in leaving the files where they are and not trying to put them in the iCloud or in some crazy database.
This app beats Perfect Rename for the same cool batch file rename features at a fraction of the cost.

Love this app for how it just works!

Feature Requests:
Right click option in image to single file rename (ideally you should be able to just click on the filename in general info or in the window pane.
Add plug-in module for photo sharing sites to upload chosen photos to various photo sharing sites with your login. 500, Flickr, DropBox, SmugMug, etc.

I really wanted to like it


It’s fast and the layout is clean, not to mention attentive TRYING support. Thats what I love that about it, but it’s ridiculous confusing and there is no instructions, videos, tutorals, or ANYTHING to help you understand this app!!! Its importing my photos, but I’m unable to move them out of the years (which really is my only deal breaker for the photos app), and I really don’t know where my pictures are or if they are safe. I don’t know if I delete the app are all my pics going with it!!
I emailed support and they were very quick getting back with me, she confirmed that there were no instuctional videos or anything read me document or anything like that, but I could email her if I had any questions and she would help me as best she can. The problem is that, I do have lots of questions, and she tried to answer some of them in the email, but it just left me with more!! It was a waste of 5 dollars I feel Jipped!!! I’m serious when I say its confusion, I just didn’t know wheather i was coming or going. And I would consider myself a mid level skill set when it comes to the computer, I know my way around a hard drive, and well, like i said, I really really wanted to Like this but was left very very disappointed. learn From me, Save your 5 dollars comback in a couple more upgrades then maybe well have a clue as to how to operate this app


Chi Lin
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Rated 4+
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