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NOTA: Esta aplicación require un transmisor FM iTrip compatible (como se muestra más abajo) disponible en los principales distribuidores, o bien a través de internet en Encontrará un listado completo de modelos de iTrip compatibles en

Aproveche todo el espacio de pantalla disponible al utilizar su iTrip con iTrip Controller. Controle el transmisor FM iTrip desde la pantalla de su iPhone o iPod touch. Toque la pantalla MultiTouch y iTrip se sintonizará, buscará frecuencias libres y mostrará la emisora empleada para reproducir música sin cables en su radio FM.

• Controle iTrip desde su iPhone o iPod touch.
• Cómoda interfaz de fácil lectura.
• Busque automáticamente o sintonice manualmente las frecuencias adecuadas, con solo un toque.
• Marque como favoritas las frecuencias más adecuadas para recuperarlas fácilmente.
• NOTA: iTrip Controler solo funciona con modelos de iTrip posteriores a septiembre de 2009.


Versión 8.3.3

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed nearby radio station scanning on iOS 8.
- Replaced missing background images.

Valoraciones y reseñas

3.7 de 5

6 valoraciones

6 valoraciones

Newest version (end of July) still broken


Was hoping that the endless spinning wheel when scanning for stations would be fixed with this release but it's not. Although at least it looks like the Privacy->Location Services settings (iOS 8.4) do finally hold once you grant the app access while using the app (unlike prior version of the app). Sadly though even with the app having access to Location Services it hasn't been able to resolve the best stations here in southeastern Maine (and there should be PLENTY of dead air space for it to find some).

Awful. Just awful


I used to use the itrip physically but now you need an App? And they both don't work. Maybe my product is old but it should work with or without an app

Really bad, and pointless;


50% of the time I plug my iphone3gs into the griffin product, and turn on the app, all I see is a picture of an iPhone disconnected from the product? Huh? 45% of the time the newly purchased griffin product days my iPhone is "not compatible with this device." so 95% of the time I have to perform magic tricks for this junk to work. And by work I mean "do nothing." there's a scanner on the griffin product, I dont a dead weight app memory hogging app. Why is there an app? The 5% of the time it works occurs when I dont open the app. Not everything requires an app, an app doesn't by default make a product cool, and a useless app that's only relatable quality is that it causes you to fumble with the device while driving; forget texting while driving, try using griffin equipment while driving and feeling like you are Toonces the cat-LOOK OUT FOR THE CLIFF! This app gives the Griffin company the aura of out of touch, technologically unsure-throw-what-sticks company. The app is about as necessary as a 5 inch floppy disk, only more useless. Yank the app or give it some purpose or don't make it a requirement. I'll be returning your product shortly. and remember, apple never promises forward compatibility with products it doesn't produce itself. Buy the product this app is used for if you are into premature obsolescence, and figurative holes in your pockets.


Griffin Technology
13.2 MB
Requiere iOS 7.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Español, Alemán, Chino simplificado, Francés, Inglés, Italiano, Japonés
Clasificación 4+
© 2015 Griffin Technology, Inc.


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