iWall is a very popular and beautiful dynamic desktop software, it can use any format video (without conversion) . It directly supports 4K, 8K ultra-high definition video source, audio (visualization function), pictures, animation ( gif ), programs, web pages, websites, web addresses and url as your dynamic desktop and can interact with each other. Please note that: this is the sole dynamic desktop which can interact. Be imbued with various types of resources, from everlasting to everlasting. On - line and off-line settings are optional, and various types of dynamic desktop sources can be simply made by oneself. The recording screen supports synchronous recording of audio and video.

Features: This is an excellent dynamic desktop engine which is full of funning. Whether you have a high-end device, a low-end device or a netbook, you can run a variety of dynamic desktop sources smoothly. The software is very intelligent. When any application or window is opened, full screen and game play will automatically stop playing. The dynamic desktop source of web pages will automatically release resources, stop running and return to the desktop to play and run automatically. Notebooks also detect the operation and suspend intelligently. It makes no difference on screen saver and sleep, notebook cover and fast screen lock. The dynamic desktop is truly used normally, bringing all kinds of fun and learning a lot of knowledge to help you better use the equipment.

First use it, just click the iWall icon at the upper right corner of the menu bar. You can also right click on the Dock bar and the large icon of iWall, the settings menu bar will pop up. After selecting the preferences, the function options box will pop up.

First use the web resources, click on the drop-down list with the small icon iWall in the upper right corner of the menu bar to select the web file directory, select the download directory or other directory, and click to open it. After setting up the directory, put the webpage resources in it, just click the Open Webpage File button in the preference settings in iWall to choose the index.html in it.

If web resources can interact (that is, can be played), clicking the hidden desktop icon can achieve the interaction. Click to display the desktop icon (non - interactive) can switch between the two.

Audio (visual function) will show waveforms and dance with external sounds (you can also record your own singing and speaking sounds). That is to say, you can match audio visual desktop with different sound effects and backgrounds, which is really very interesting. (With the system's own player recording screen, audio visual videos with various effects can be simply recorded and dynamic desktop sources with various effects can be simply produced by the system. Audio and video recording screens are synchronized.)

The software has many functions, easy to use, compact size, no occupy the resource , operate smoothly, stably and safely. Let your desktop be ever - changing, unique, make it imbued movement and fashion dynamic, fashionable and full of sound and color. There is stillness in motion, stillness in motion, moving whenever you want, stillness when you want, and switching at will. There's no end to fun! _ There are various of playing ideal, waiting for you to find out. If you feel good, you can actively share to others and make comment! Thank you!

The use of iWall is so simple, it is so simple that everyone's chin is shocked!:)

What’s New

Version 3.0.0

When a novice uses it ( please read the description carefully at the same time ) just click on the iWall icon in the upper right corner of the menu bar. It can also right-click the Dock bar iWall icon to pop up the settings menu bar. Please feel free to contact (including various types of resource sharing and customization of dynamic desktop sources) if you have any requirements. Email: 。

This update adds and fixes the following new functions

1.Equipped with strong functions of quickly-open with the right mouse click and switching kinds of sources of dynamic desktop, Finder is your resource explorer with high convenience and practicability. ( Steps of opening kinds of sources of dynamic desktop in Finder: right click the file icon -> open with -> choose iWall. If you have set up iWall as the file's default open mode, you can change dynamic desktop so long as you directly double clicking the file icon in Finder, which is extremely convenient! )

2. A switch has been added to maximize the window's automatic pause function. Anyone who can select it separately.

3. It made some other optimizations.

Let's experience and taste something first!

Waiting for the next function update of iWall, you will get more and more pleasantly surprised!

Ratings and Reviews

3.1 out of 5
32 Ratings
32 Ratings
Parscival ,

Highly recommend this Application, exactly what many Mac users are looking for

At first when I downloaded this at around a year ago, there were numerous bugs and inconveniences regarding the usage of graphical backgrounds, switching between different wallpapers, opening wallpapers for external displays, etc. Indeed, not all of those issues were fully fixed, neither is the software anywhere close to perfection. However, it is great to finally see a wallpaper engine for MacOS on appstore with an identified developer. I hope Mr. Zhang could work on bug fixes more often, and keep the good work going!
By the way, the iron man time displaying wallpaper needs a minor fix on display of “Thursday”

Developer Response ,

This is the latest Iron Man wallpaper resource pack download: ,This is based on the needs of my dear modified, the time on the lower right corner, the font into a blue time font, now more cool and better look. My dear background can be modified to your favorite. I would like to tell you my dear, if you like iWall want to share a lot, actively recommended, because it is personal development, it is difficult to publicize, now mainly rely on dear to share with each other, so I sincerely hope that the United States friends I hope you can share and actively recommend iWall, you can go to the relevant sites, or even anywhere to show off and show the system performance and fashion beauty and your personal taste, which is also iWall is also one of the greatest help, Can bring happiness to more people, many people are hard to find. Now everyone's every download and sharing is to support its continued development and build the community to accumulate strength, I have been preparing for the 2.0 update, this update will bring more dear ones more shocking features and use Experience, look forward to it! I wish my dear happiness every day, there is demand contact at any time, 24-hour quick reply. Thank you!

kiisuuke ,

Exactly What I Was Looking For

Was looking for a working OSX alternative of Wallpaper Engine and happened to find this. It’s exactly what I was looking for so I don’t mind the small price. There are only a few default wallpapers, but they are nice wallpapers of high quality. You can certainly customize it with your own background as well. It is also fairly light on the CPU compared to other programs, using only about 2-4% whereas I’ve seen others use 7-15%. Overall a nice, simple program with HQ animated and interactive backgrounds with plenty of customization options.

Developer Response ,

My dear user, the software is very good, and has been the same as the use of ordinary picture wallpaper, does not take up resources, power consumption, is only poor exposure, and I hope to use a good system users in your country and a lot to share and Actively recommended, in particular, it is very much play inside, you need to tell each other, so that more system users can bring happiness, only everyone's support, I can do it better, in fact, the use of foreign users iWall is more fun and convenient, you can use youtube online wallpaper, you can also download high-definition, ultra-clear youtube video source directly to the local use, but also can be used directly to Google Earth Desktop , very new and interesting. As long as we have any needs can feel free to contact, I will respond positively, thank you very much, and finally I wish you a happy life every day, work and study smoothly.

Double0_Joe ,

Excellent Software — Just Get it!

I don’t write many reviews but this app warrants it. This is very good software. I’ve played around with a number of “live wallpaper” and background programs on both Mac and Windows over the years and I must say this is one of the best. A very clean and simple interface that provides a lot of options for users in a concise manner. The engine itself takes very little in terms of systems resource and is very efficient. Very nice job by the devloper here — please keep the updates coming. Thanks

Developer Response ,

My dear user is very grateful to your download, the software is very good, this is a perfect show Mac system performance and fashion beautiful, and the system user grade software, many of the features are system users exclusive, a variety of effects Can be seen and can not see can be achieved, but also to show the world, you can make everyone in the use of the system is full of all kinds of fun and learn a lot of knowledge, not just good-looking fun, and very useful, so that everyone In the face of the computer is not boring and boring, the play is very simple, any function to achieve only one step, and have done normal use, without any problems, which are thanks to the Mac system hardware and The perfect software to give everyone more choice of a way to use the Mac. Whether it is pure users or a variety of resource producers will be very like it, but also for resource makers made out of all kinds of resources are no longer used to look, but really can come in handy. There will be a new version soon, the new version has done a lot of optimization, the new version has joined the full screen of other applications, it will automatically stop playing the major functions of video, resource consumption and energy consumption has been completely ignored, but also There are a few other small, automated features and more. If you feel that the software is not bad, please be able to share a lot, and actively recommended, especially to share it to the major community, because this software is difficult to make money, as an individual there is no way to go publicity and promotion, a lot The play I can not teach you to use the development of the current price is difficult to continue, I now rely on faith in the follow-up development adhere to, only hope to use the user to a lot to share, and now every time you download and Share is to support iWall do better so that it can continue to develop. To bring more happiness to Mac users, because we do not know that there is such a fun and fun software. And this year's focus is to launch boutique community features, look forward to it! Once again thank you for your use, I wish you good health, family happiness, work and study smoothly, happy life every day.


jh zhang
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macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor


English, Simplified Chinese

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