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Lapse It es una premiada aplicación para la captura de impresionantes vídeos del tipo Time Lapse y Stop Motion. Lapse It es una aplicación sencilla, rápida y intuitiva.
Ya no hay necesidad de un costoso equipo fotográfico, simplemente necesitas Lapse It.

• Comentado en el programa de la televisión Inglesa "The Gadget Show"

• "Estas buscando poder controlar automáticamente el tiempo entre diferentes instantáneas con tu dispósitivo móvil? Lapse It es la opción a tener en cuenta." por Erez Zukerman, PCWorld

• "Lapse It es la mejor aplicación que emplea la técnica time-lapse que me he encontrado por ahora." por Robert Iagar, AppStorm



• Captura de impresionantes imágenes empleando todas las capacidades de tu sensor óptico

• Brillante y rápido motor de renderizado que soporta hasta una resolución de 1080p

• Increiblemente bien diseñado interfaz de usuario que ofrece una alta usabilidad y éstetica

• Diferentes e impresionantes filtros, que incluyen el increíble efecto Tilt-Shift

• Habilidad para insertar tu propia banda sonora a tus vídeos

• Posibilidad de configurar el número de imagénes por segundo (frame rate)

• Modo Stop Motion

• Renderizado en codecs MP4 y MOV

• Comparte directamente en YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo y muchas otras redes sociales

• Programación automática de la captura

• Foco ajustable, al igual que el balance de blancos y el tiempo de exposición

• Galeria time-lapse social incorporada

• Cortador de vídeo

• Frecuentes mejoras y rápido soporte

• La única app para time-lapse que necesitas!


• Cámara frontal
• Información en pantalla durante la captura
• Ajuste sencillo de todos los parámetros de configuración
• Ninguna restricción en el número de frames capturados o en la longitud del vídeo
• Evaluado y aprovado por más de 500.000 personas con una puntuación de 4.5 o superior.

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Time Lapse es una técnica fotográfica que aporta la sensación de visión acelerada a eventos que cambian lentamente. A detalles como el movimiento de las nubes, el alba o la puesta de Sol, la vida animal, una fiesta con tus amigos, incluso actividades individuales como la pintura, la práctica de deportes o cualquier otra cosa que puedas imaginar. Ahora podrás observarlos desde una nueva perspectiva que te permetirá apreciar todo tipo de nuevos patrones en tus vídeos acelerados.


Versión 2.52

Lapse It brings new cool features of iOS8 and more, take a look into some of the changes:

• Import pre-recorded videos from your gallery as time lapse projects to speed them up or slow them down.

• Capture manual controls for exposure, ISO, focus and white balance.

• Zooming support including zoom ramping over time.

• More than 40 new stunning effect filters.

• Play and render projects as backwards.

• Easily export that stunning single image from your capture to your Photos app.

• Optimised for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

• Native support for iPad devices.

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Valoraciones y reseñas

4.4 de 5

845 valoraciones

845 valoraciones

The best keeps getting better

they are coming

I'm a longtime Lapse It user and I have nothing but praise for this app. The new focus, exposure, white balance settings are a welcome update. I have an 8 gig iphone 4s and haven't updated to iOS 8 yet but I look forward to unlocking the other features once I upgrade. I've got enough new features to tide me over until then. A plethora (yes I said a plethora) of new filter effects, the ability to upload video into the app, the ability to export single frames to the camera roll, and the new inverted (backwards) playback option are great additions that really open up the doors to all kinds of new creative possibilities. A couple things I would like to see in a future update is the ability to rotate a project after capturing. For those times you think you are capturing in landscape mode but you're actually in portrait mode. Another suggestion would be to make it possible to render a project in landscape mode. Above all else, the ability to import single frames would be an awesome addition. There is a real lack of quality photo to video apps for mobile devices on the market right now. You're almost there with Slide X but you need to allow for much faster transitions. And Lapse It has everything needed to do this except the option to import individual photos. Or just make a third app combining all these features and I'll buy it too.

Needs to make simple operations obvious


First, I bought this because it supports pause & resume, which Apple's time lapse doesn't. That would be a good thing to mention somewhere.
It was easy to record a movie. It was obvious that the Gallery is where recordings are kept. I wanted to delete a few false starts, but the closest I could get was an offer to delete my entire project - at which point I noticed that all the clips had the same default title, and were thus part of the same project: "My Time Lapse". Good thing I said cancel, I wouldn't have been happy if I'd blown them all away.
In addition to "Delete Project", the toolbar had "Project Details", "Not Rendered", and "Zip to iTunes". I knew I had to "render" the movie, but the only thing that looked like a command was "Zip to iTunes", and that didn't seem right. "Project Details" sounded like information. And "Not Rendered"? What sort of action is that? Is that what you click when your project is not yet rendered? "Project Details", it turns out, is where you do your post-production work, including rendering. After doing that, somehow I found that I could save it to my Photos, at which point I was back on terra firma, knowing that I'd saved it in a form I could then share. That, I would suggest, is your simplest workflow, and it shouldn't have taken such blind guesswork to get there.
That said, it works well. Just needs useability improvements and more online documentation.

Great app


LapseIt is a prime example of what apps are about: simple, easy to use, doing one thing and doing it surprisingly well! I've done - and will be doing time lapse projects with a 'real' camera and high-powered software. And I won't pretend that this app can measure up to that in terms of quality particularly under difficult light conditions. But it's a must have for the casual time lapse video in interesting places with lots of movement. It's really easy to use, produces good quality videos under reasonable light conditions, and - best of all - doesn't need all the gear necessary for full scale time lapse photography. Try it - you'll get hooked! The only two things you have to bring are your smartphone and time...


Mauricio Rubio
22.6 MB
Fotografía y video
Requiere iOS 6.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Español, Búlgaro, Catalán, Checo, Francés, Inglés, Italiano, Polaco, Portugués
Clasificación 4+
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