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Linea Sketch gives you the right balance of power and control to capture your thoughts and ideas effortlessly. The focus stays where it belongs: on your creations, not on the tools.

What People Are Saying:

⁕ The best possible sketching experience whether you are drawing, prototyping an app interface, storyboarding, taking notes, or something else. - MacStories

⁕ The color swatch in Linea is fantastic...It fits a spectrum of color options into a very compact space. - 9 to 5 Mac

⁕ Linea is approachable for all – and will quite likely prove to be useful and enjoyable by all. - SlashGear

Why Linea Sketch?

• Easy Colors - Choose from a wide range of pre-defined colors, or customize colors with a single tap. Auto generated tints & shades saves time and effort.

• Minimal UI - Every control is designed to stay out of your way until you need it. Linea Sketch’s elegant interface puts the focus on your creations.

• Move / Transform - Lasso part of your sketch, move it, rotate it, resize it. Transform your creations quickly & easily.

• Elegant Layers - Simplified set of layers that can be easily rearranged, merged & adjusted. Import images for reference or to trace on top of from Files, Dropbox & more.

• ZipLine - An intuitive way to make straight lines and polygons. Draw a line and hold at the end to automatically straighten it. Tap & hold to connect ZipLines to form polygons.

• Grids & Templates - A wide range of traditional grids, 3D isometric lines, storyboards, and templates for iOS screen or icon design.

• Flexible Exporting - Export your work as a layered Photoshop document, transparent PNG, and more. Export entire drawings or cropped portions to a range of services including Slack and Dropbox.

• Touch Eraser - Ever used your finger to erase a whiteboard? Linea Sketch lets you wipe the screen with your finger to correct mistakes and your hands stay clean!

• iCloud Sync - Automatically keeps all of your sketches & projects up-to-date across all of your devices.

Complete Feature Set:

• Technical Pencil - Hard lead, thin lines. Pressure sensitive.
• Classic Pencil - Soft lead, thick lines. Pressure sensitive.
• Felt Tip Pen - Thin solid lines that vary in opacity with pressure
• Wide Tip Marker - Fat solid lines that vary with pressure
• Eraser - Clean up your work with a finger touch or pressure sensitivity
• Tilted Rendering - Each tool works differently when an Apple Pencil is used flat against the screen.

• Always on-screen & easily available
• 2 banks of pre-defined colors + 6 tints & shades each
• Auto-generation of tints and shades
• Drag & drop color swatches into Linea Sketch from other apps
• Creation of custom color sets
• Hue/Saturation adjustments

• 5 flexible layers
• Easily merge & clear
• Import images from Files, Dropbox & more to reference
• Drag & drop to rearrange
• Opacity adjustment

Grids & Templates:
• Notepads with wide & narrow rules in both portrait & landscape
• App user interface and icon design templates
• Traditional grids in lines & dots
• Storyboards in 16:9, 1.85:1, and 2.35:1 ratios
• 3D isometric grid
• Hexagonal graph paper

Backgrounds & Paper Textures:
• Turn paper texture on/off
• Paper grain
• Butcher’s paper
• Black construction
• Blueprint
• Gray Bristol

• Save as layered Photoshop PSD, transparent PNG, or flattened JPEG
• Save all or just a portion of each drawing
• iOS Share sheet support
• Export to Slack, Dropbox, AirDrop & more
• Presentation Mode to video out or AirPlay to Apple TV

Project Management:
• Organize drawings in project folders
• Share, rename, move and remove drawings / projects
• Thumbnail previews of drawings save time

• Two-finger tap for quick Undo
• Three-finger tap for Redo
• Pinch to zoom and rotate
• Compass shows which way is up
• Tap Compass to lock, flip, or reset
• Long-press the Compass to reset
• Works in portrait & landscape orientations
• Supports split screen & drag and drop

What's New

Version 2.5.1

• Fixed memory issue that caused a crash in tools
• Blend tool now works on a smaller area when zoomed in


This major update includes new Fill and Blending tools, double-tap actions for the 2018 iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, ZipShapes that convert rough gestures into perfect shapes, and more. Linea’s tool set is better than ever to help you bring your ideas and creations to life.


Fill Tool - The paint roller fills large areas with color quickly and easily:
- Tap to instantly flood-fill an area on the selected layer
- Uses all currently-visible layers, including templates/grids, for the fill boundary
- Draw a shape with the fill tool to enclose a free-form area
- Supports opaque and additive ink settings

Blending Tool - The blending stick softens a portion of your sketch or smudges it:
- The effect uses both brush size and pressure
- Blur mode - Soften hard edges and lines; create pleasing gradients
- Smudge mode - Push or pull strokes to create free-flowing shapes and effects
- Finger blending - Set your finger to blend instead of erase in Settings

ZipShapes - Draw rough shapes and hold at the end to create a perfect version:
- Recognizes circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, triangles, and polygons
- Transform handles let you modify the shape - move, scale, stretch to get exactly what you want
- ZipShapes work with the pencil, pen, marker, and fill tools

Versions - Revert a sketch from a previous version to fix a mistake or take a different creative direction:
- In the Project view tap Select, pick a sketch, then use Versions from the Actions (⋯) menu
- Revert to a specific version or create a new sketch out of a selected version
- Versions is only available when iCloud is enabled in Settings


- There is now a setting for what your finger does while an Apple Pencil is in use: erase, blend, draw, move the canvas, or ignore.
- New paper background: Mulberry
- Double-tap on the new Apple Pencil can be configured to switch tools, change interface state, enter selection mode, or modify tool sizes
- New template for full-screen tablet that matches 11" iPad Pro aspect ratio
- When recording or broadcasting your sketch, the record indicator and popup are no longer captured
- Refined user interface elements

Ratings and Reviews

4.5 out of 5
86 Ratings
86 Ratings

Editors’ Notes

Sometimes our artistic ambitions exceed our technical know-how, which is why we’re so grateful for the simplicity of Linea. This sketching app eases us in gently with tools and settings we instinctively grasp—pen types, color shades, line widths—before revealing cool features like multiple drawing layers and templates. No intimidation, just pure creation.

Alfatreze ,

Excellent drawing, poor organization workflow

I will start by saying I love Linea. It is excellent for sketching with a razor like focus on the drawing experience workflow.
The main area I have issues with is organization. I do mostly UX work, and I have a very large amount of files across multiple projects and clients. The lack of any kind of organization, beyond naming is severely restricting. This is not specific only to linea, as most apps have daily poor organization. But the introduction to folders with at least 1 level deep nesting would go a really long way in helping to manage this.
Another feature would be faster iteration workflow. Forge solved this really well, although it’s now mostly abandon ware, but something similar in linea, for me to have something akin to a book, or a more branching flow, would be awesome. I frequently have to go back and forth opening and closing drawings.
I would also really like to be able to add accurate colors by hex or rgb/cmyk. Reorganize and copy. Or have folder/project based palettes.
I’m eager for a really juicy update, but as always I’ll always be looking at the tools that allow me to have the best workflow.

Developer Response ,

Thanks for your excellent feedback on Linea! Adding an additional level of folders inside of projects is something we'll definitely consider. Also, color improvements are on the list for the coming year as well including saving color palettes with an associated sketch or project so stay tuned (hopefully) there. We want to be able to select colors by hex value as well and that too is on the list to do.

A major update is coming to Linea tomorrow (March 20th). It won't address these issues specifically but it will improve some major areas in the app that we think you'll be pleased about. Be sure to check it out and thanks for your detailed review, we appreciate it!

3rikK ,

Great for Notes

I initially downloaded the app when it was released as it had been reviewed so well for notes and sketch noting. I’m not much of an artist, just a napkin sketcher and this app makes it fun to just sit and sketch for a while. I primarily use it for notes and brainstorming as I don’t retain much when I try to type notes. This app has always been great for that, and the 2.0 update was a surprise to me and added so many great updates such as the select tool, split screen (great for notes) and the portrait orientation. If I could request one addition it would be the ability to export to .pdf. I have to figure out a workaround currently to get my notes to PDFs and it would be great to have that feature inbuilt.
All in all, this is an enjoyable app to use, simple yet functional. I have recommended to many others and would purchase again in a heartbeat.

Developer Response ,

Thanks for the great feedback about Linea Sketch, it's appreciated. True PDF support is on the list for the future but there is a work around for this now that you can use to export to PDF in the meantime. When you go to export your drawing select the option that lets you send the file to your printer. Then pinch-out on the screen and you'll see options that will allow you to save as a PDF. Hope this helps!


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Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.
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Rated 4+
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