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La Linterna Ⓞ es sin duda alguna la más LUMINOSA, RÁPIDA y SIMPLE aplicación de linterna de la App Store. Y es la ÚNICA linterna que viene con una brújula, indicándote la dirección correcta en la oscuridad.

Nuevas características:

• Mini Mapa incorporada, pulsando en la brújula
• Control del brillo LED
• Soporte completo para la pantalla grande del iPhone 5


• Brillante linterna encendida al instante
• Brújula Siempre-On
• Modo de luz estroboscópica con 10 frecuencias diferentes
• Señal SOS incorporada
• Interfaz de usuario intuitivo y elegante


Versión 2.1.6

- Increased stability
- Faster and more reliable

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.5 de 5

6.7K valoraciones

6.7K valoraciones

Not bad- not bad at all

Da big nasty

The other night i came home & all the lights were out at the house. First i flicked the switch by the front door- nothing happened. I worked my way to the kitchen to turn on that light. No luck there either. So i went to the basement to check breakers & saw that we had a few shut off manually. I did a quick visual inspection of areas with the power shut off to. All seemed ok til i hit the breakers. Still nothing happened- would u believe that the areas that the 3 breakers that were shut off to all had busted lights? Its ok cuz i switched us over to some nice LED/ spiral bulbs- it depended on which ones would fit in. & the reason i was able to check things out & test the operation of electrical wiring circuits for each breaker & individual unit/ machine shut-offs as well as getting around in a pitch black house. Thats right- my phone!! & more specifically it was my flashlight app(that i jus updated). It works great. It does the job that it says it will do on the box as well as doing the job that the salesman said it would do while tryin to sell me on a new flashlight app 7yrs ago. So im happy that i chose this app. Actually im happy that's all!! Official Rating 9.1 out of 10.0. That 91 percentile. Thats pretty good. I hope this review helps out at least 1 person or it was a complete waste of time & I'll remove it from the board/page. Thanks again- 9.1 outta 10. Goodnight



I don’t know why restaurants persist
in trying to create a romantic ambiance by placing one dim candle on the table in a dimly lit room. IMPOSSIBLE TO READ THE MENU with my 20/20 vision. Previously I would ask the waiter to fetch me a flashlight or insist he strain his eyes and read the menu to my date and myself. Both a hassle, but the only way to decide what to order. UNTIL NOW!!! With this FABULOUS flashlight app, I merely pull out my I phone and illuminate our table for menu reading. I have had folks at nearby tables ask me if they could borrow my “flashlight” phone so they could read their menus. FABULOUS APP FABULOUS FLASHLIGHT. Also very convenient for walking down a dark path or finding things in a dark trunk. Now I always have a bright flashlight conveniently with me at all times.

Most Helpful App Ever!


I find this app to be the most useful, most accessed app on my phone, short of the actual phone, texting, and camera!
I am hearing all sorts of horrible reports about imbedded malware in quite a few flashlight apps these days! Permission given to these apps to collect and use/transmit/sell personal info (cc#'s, location, ss#, etc) by accepting the privacy terms that nobody EVER reads...including me! I was very relieved and pleased to find (upon tracking down and actually reading the iHandy privacy terms) that the minimal amount of information they collect is used internally and to help in the marketing of their own apps. It's not being transmitted overseas or sold to the highest bidder!


iHandy Inc.
36.9 MB
Requiere iOS 7.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Español, Alemán, Checo, Chino simplificado, Coreano, Danés, Finés, Francés, Griego, Indonesio, Inglés, Italiano, Japonés, Malayo, Neerlandés, Noruego bokmål, Portugués, Ruso, Sueco, Tailandés, Turco, Vietnamita
Clasificación 4+
© 2015 iHandySoft Inc.


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