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RSS feeds are a great way to follow updates on your favorite website. However, some sites set up their feeds to only show a portion of each entry, you know, to get you to click through to their actual website. We find that really annoying, and we're sure you do too.

Which is why, unlike other RSS feed readers, that either push you into a browser (in-app or otherwise), or depend on third party text parsing services and require you to be online to fetch the full text of one article at a time (which makes it no different from having to click/tap through to a website), in lire, you get your favorite RSS feeds as they should've been. You don't need to click through to any website (though, you do still have the option to, if you really wanted). It takes your favorite partial feeds, does it's magic, and converts them in to full feeds, so you don't have to click/tap on those annoying 'Read more' or 'Continue reading' links.

Once they're cached, you don't even need to be connected to read your full-text feeds.

Use as a standalone feed reader,


sync with any of the several services: Feedly, Feedbin, FeedHQ, The Old Reader, Inoreader, BazQux Reader, Newsblur, Feed Wrangler.

What's New

Version 3.1.12

WARNING: If you are currently using version 2.0 in standalone mode, please make sure that you have a backup of your feeds in an OPML file, before installing 3.0.

Version 3.1.12
- Added ability to mark all articles under a single hot link as read. (swipe from left to right on a hot link to mark all articles under it as read)
- Added ability to mark individual articles under a hot links as read/unread. (swipe from left to right on an article to toggle its read/unread status)
- 'Swipe To Left' & 'Long Swipe To Left' are now also available on individual articles under hot links.
- Minor bug fixes & improvements.

Major 3.0 update..

- New sync services: FeedHQ, The Old Reader, Inoreader, BazQux Reader, Feedbin, Newsblur, Feed Wrangler.
- Completely redesigned UI.
- Several new fonts.
- State Restoration (lire will now start where you left it when you were last using it).
- Spotlight search for articles.
- Standalone feed engine is completely rebuilt from the ground up.
- New background refresh/sync engine: You can now set the minimum amount of time that must elapse after a background refresh/sync before another background refresh/sync can me initiated.
- Get notifications when a successful background refresh/sync downloads new articles.
- New, and more efficient full-text fetching engine.
- New OPML import engine: Besides being able to import file via 'Open with:' from other apps, you can now import OPML files from iCloud drive, and other apps that offer file providers, from right within the OPML Import/Export screen.
- New section in Accessibility/VoiceOver Options: VoiceOver users can now change the order in which VoiceOver will speak different attributes of each article in a list of articles.
- New Fast Read Later option: This is different from 'Fast Read Later' in previous versions: Go to Settings > Article Options > Fast Read Later, and select what you want Fast Read Later to do. This actions will basically replace the second button on the bottom bar in the main article view.
- New Swipe To Left Action option in article lists: Go to Settings > Article Options > Swipe To Left Action, and select what you want Swipe To Left Action to do. Which in a list of articles swipe/slide an article to the left to perform this actions. VoiceOver users can perform this action from the rotor.
- New Swipe To Right Action option in article lists: Go to Settings > Article Options > Swipe To Right Action, and select what you want Swipe To Right Action to do. Which in a list of articles swipe/slide an article to the right to perform this actions. VoiceOver users can perform this action from the rotor.
- Easy way to report problems with specific feeds that the new standalone feed engine may have trouble with: Go to view articles of specific feeds, from the article list, open Subscription Details, and tap on 'Report a problem' button at the bottom of the Subscription Details view. (This button is only visible if you’re using the app in Standalone mode).
- Easy way to report problems with full-text extraction of specific articles: Tap 'Report a problem' link at the bottom of the full-text view if the specific article.
- Easy way to report problems with Cache: Go to Settings > Caching Options > Report a problem.
- Tons of other new features, improvements, and bug fixes..

If you enjoy using lire, please leave a review, tell a friend about it, or consider dropping a small thank you in the Tip Jar. That helps a lot!

Ratings and Reviews

4.0 out of 5
46 Ratings
46 Ratings

My favorite RSS app but UI could be better.


I’ve lost count of how many different *reader* apps i’ve tried on the iOS App Store and lire is my favorite. The "text-fetching" feature catapults it to the best RSS reader while having plenty of other customization options readily available.

For features alone, it's clear that I highly recommend lire - but temper your expectations for its interface and "onboarding" experience, where it lags behind the competition. Organizing folders and feeds is somewhat cumbersome and may be confusing to new users. I would recommend the devs implementing a “How-to” feature or additional elements on the home screen to organize any feed in any folder and move them around as such. For me, there was a lot of trial and error figuring out what certain buttons do and how to accomplish basic tasks that are inherent to RSS readers. Even knowing how, I still think it takes too many steps to globally edit and organize ones library.

Interface criticism aside (hopefully constructive), I still highly recommend checking out this app if you’ve tried other reader apps and haven't been completely satisfied. It’s worth the price tag for the features and customization options. life's definitely on my "Must-have" iOS app list. 👍

Excellent overall


Of the apps in this field that are still being actively improved Lire stands out primarily for its ‘clean’ interface and reasonably deep integration with newer iOS features. The ability to cache the full text of articles on sync is incredibly useful and removes a big point of friction in most rss/reader interactions. A few minor-ish niggles: some of the animations, particularly when sliding left or right on an article, are pretty jarring and clunky feeling, compared to more mature apps (reeder in particular stands out). The design, again while mostly great, is a bit off-seeming, particularly the shortcut bar. I’m nowhere near competent enough in design to properly pick nits here just something about the proportions just isn’t quite as tidy feeling as it might be. Apart from those minor sort of ‘feel’ quibbles the only real frustration with the app is the strange inability to call the share sheet when lightly pressing a link (I.e to send to Instapaper). It’s entirely possible I’m missing something here but that one improvement would make this near perfect, for me at least. Have spent too much time criticizing a great app, apologies, is always easier to carp.

Welcome back, old friend!

Neill Cohen

RSS still lives and thrives in Lire! The parsing engine is fast and crisp, and the full text feature makes extra clicks to plugins unnecessary. This version does have embedded graphics, but don't detract from the text oriented interface. Love the choice of themes - the redesign is evident on the outside too! And it's not a paid subscription model :)

Edit- now unusable. Verizon blocks its IP. PING shows 100% packet loss.

This version now loads with my ISP. Once again, best in class!!! Hope there's an OSX version forthcoming.


Kunal Sood
37.3 MB
Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
English, Czech, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish
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