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Welcome to LogTen Pro, the world’s most advanced pilot logbook. Download it today and experience the power of the first and only pilot logbook designed specifically for macOS with full support for iCloud Drive:

- Free while in training, or just try it out: no subscription required until you have more than 250 hours of total flight time
 - Import data from CSV and tab delimited text files – our fantastic support staff will help you make the transfer of data efficient and easy
 - Import airline schedules
 - Choose from over 100 built in reports or create your own custom reports
- Configure your own Smart Groups to analyze your time in any way you want
 - Instantly edit large blocks of flights all at once
 - Apply specific times to selected ranges of flights (e.g. Select all the C172 flights and log dual received with one click)

**For the All New Radar Tab with Plan and Analyze views plus our unique new Dynamic Time Loupe™ and Fly Now quick entry features, upgrade to Pro and get LogTen Pro for iOS on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.**

LogTen Pro is the leading international pilot logbook platform for all your Apple devices. It is the tool of choice for tens of thousands of pilots in nearly 200 countries, and every major airline. From glider pilots to Gulfstream pilots, and from Apache pilots to airline pilots, whether you've got 10 hours or 10,000, LogTen Pro is designed to be completely customizable for your type of flying, country, region or company so you can track exactly what you need.

LogTen Pro on your Mac gives you unmatched capabilities, wherever you are – Add, review and update Flights, Aircraft, Aircraft Types, Places, Trips, People and Certificates. Generate and print incredible reports from basic summaries to complete logbooks.

Use LogTen Pro’s powerful smart groups to track virtually any currency or limit, and filter your flights based on any criteria. You can track anything about your flying, from how much tailwheel time you have to when the last time Joe Smith was the relief pilot on your Dubai trip. 

LogTen Pro includes over 100 built-in reports for everything from applying for a job on, to printing full paper logbooks in dozens of formats from around the world.

Subscription Information:

As part of our goal to help more pilots succeed, we offer the LogTen Pro service completely free until you have logged more than 250 hours of total time! This means most pilots don't need a subscription until they're well on their way to a commercial pilot's license.

An annual, or monthly subscription to the LogTen Pro Service provides access to Coradine's professional system for managing all your flights, duties, and certificates, the ability to add unlimited new entries, and effortlessly sync your logbook between all your devices.

You always get updates, and you always get full access to your data, where you can view, edit, generate reports, export, and print.

Price may vary by location (see pricing under Top in App Purchases, or right in the App in the Store section of Settings). Your subscription will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account and will automatically renew 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period, unless auto-renew is disabled beforehand. Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be disabled by going to your iTunes account settings after purchase. A subscription cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period.

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Terms of Service:


Versión 7.5.4

With the LogTen Pro service you receive all updates, so to reduce confusion, we are returning to calling the app simply "LogTen Pro". You can find specific version numbers in the about box.

This release also includes a few bug fixes!

Thanks for the great feedback which helps us to continue making LogTen Pro better with every release.

If you're enjoying LogTen Pro, please take a moment to leave a review in the App Store, we really appreciate it!

Valoraciones y reseñas

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24 valoraciones

24 valoraciones

Excellent Choice for an electronic logbook


I have just converted to Logten Pro after being a Logbook pro user for more than 15 years. It is only fair to say that Logten Pro is a much more capable software, easy to use and packed with great features. But what really makes it stand out is the fantastic customer service. Logten Pro customer service team took a copy of my Logbook pro backup file and converted it to Logten Pro file in a matter of a couple of days and sent me the downloadable Logten Pro file with detailed instructions, followed up with emails to make sure that I was successful. I compare that to Logbook Pro customer service team who never even replied to my email requesting assistance after my new windows based laptop that I only bought to upkeep my electronic logbook had synced it self to the cloud right after entering my logbook pro cloud details wiping all my hours clean. I used to regularly send backup files as email attachments to 3 separate email servers. When this happened I tried to recover my Logbook using my backup files. To my astonishment all the backup files on all 3 email servers had a question mark on the backup file showing zero bites, rendering me in a very precarious situation having lost all my hours and no help whatsoever from Logbook pro. So yeah, really happy to be a logten pro customer.

Respuesta del desarrollador

Hi Oldendays - just a quick note of thanks for your review. We greatly appreciate your positive review - it's fantastic that LogTen Pro is meeting your needs. I will be sure to pass on your feedback to our support team! Blue skies - Paul

I cannot recommend this application.


I’ve used this product for years. I’ve moved past the schenanigans they pulled with their pricing. They like a subscription model. I get it. But the quality of the application is just absolutely terrible. I’ve had problems with iCloud synchronization for as long as the application supported this as an option. (They initially said there was nothing they could do about it—it was an Apple problem.) Curiously, however, I don’t have problems with ANY other application that uses iCloud synchronization.

Now, when I open their application on my iPhone, it crashes after about three minutes. (And, of course, the data isn’t up to date because it never can synchronize.) Despite removing the application and readding the application—it still crashes. This would point to something in my data, I suppose. The question to ask is how their application corrupted my data. The better question, as a pilot that must provide accurate logbook to the FAA on request, is can this application be trusted to correctly represent actual logbook data. I’d have to answer that question with a resounding “no.”

Use this product at your own risk, as it is not trustworthy. Of course I continue to keep a paper logbook. But it seems to be a bit of a loss of value to have this application not handle data with the care it should.

Respuesta del desarrollador

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble, I know how frustrating that can be! The quality and reliabilty of our logbook and the integrity of your data are our number one priority. We have continuously improved this and we're very proud of our 99.8% crash free stats. iCloud Sync is extremely reliable, and I absolutely guarantee we can resolve any issues you're having. I see your discussion in our support queue and one of our support Jedi's will be in touch soon to work with you.

Do NOT subscribe to this logbook service


If you are converting from another logbook program to LTP because you switched from PC to MAC (like me) look elsewhere for a better electronic logbook. I have been in touch with “customer support” numerous times via email trying to get the Logbook Pro file export to Excel to LTP to work properly. The converted file mixed many multiple-leg trips on the same day up (using hobbs times only) and it would take hours to sort the trips into proper order (Excel file lists trips in correct order). LTP does not offer telephone support and email response is very sporadic so I’m at an impasse. I was also given a discount link to save ~$30 on an annual subscription that didn’t work either.

There appears to be a few neat features in LTP, but I’m not wasting money on a subscription for a service that is so fraught with errrors. This might be an ok program for pilots just starting out, but not for those who would have to enter thousands of hours of flying from scratch, or sift through the LTP datafile looking for errors. You can find a better product elsewhere, or load Windows on MAC and continue to use Logbook Pro, like I’ll be doing. Only problem is I can’t even finish applications for the majors until I return home from flying in 18 days time… Aarghh...


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