This is the most simple pedometer app!
You can get walk steps simply.

M7/M8 chip have only 7days steps.
This app run in background once in a day.

If you don't run this app for a long time, background fetch may stop.
Please run this app at lease once in a week.

This app is made for iPhone5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus.
This app use M7 chip on iPhone5s or M8 chip on iPhone6, iPhone6 Plus.


バージョン 1.5.4

bug fix





Solid performance

I needed a simple pedometer app to track all of my daily steps while my iPhone 5s lives in my pants pocket. This one works. It reads motion data stored continuously by iPhone in the background, so the app doesn't need to be running and it doesn't use additional battery power. Also the 5s keeps 7 days of motion history, so as soon as you install Steps it can tell you how many steps you've taken each day for the 7 days prior to installing this app.

I tested the accuracy briefly by walking up and down the hall with the phone in my pocket. It was spot on. Don't yet know about erroneous steps counted while sitting or driving.

This is a no frills app. There's not much to customize. All you get is a step counter and daily/weekly totals. You can remove the ads by paying $2, which I did to support the maker of this app. I would recommend this to anyone with an iPhone 5s who needs a simple accurate pedometer and would rather not carry yet another device.


Like having a pocket pedometer!

This app relies on the M7 coprocessor to track steps, which means the app doesn't need to be open or using battery to track steps. The downside is that it will only work with devices that have the M7 chip, like the iPhone 5s. The step counting is fairly accurate and it will display the data in a graph form if you want, also. The reason I gave it only four stars is that it seems text in the app has been translated into English… poorly. Sometimes it's hard to understand what the app is telling you, but those moments are rare.


Needs some work

The app is okay and seems to be accurate with steps. Here are just a couple updates I would like to see. 1. I wish it would at least tell me the distance I have gone along with the steps. 2. Please add a reset button. The app loads with data already in it. I uninstalled the last app that did this. So I have this graph and data that isn't even accurate. A reset button would give me the ability to start fresh whenever I want. If those two things were added I would give it 5 stars.


Sakabou Inc.
Health & Fitness

Requires iOS 8.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, Japanese

Rated 4+
© 2013 Sakabou Inc.
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