Math is easier with Magic Number.

When you can see math properly, able to type what you think, and do everything intuitively, math becomes a breeze.

From everyday math to advanced science, Magic Number lets you do more with less effort — whatever your level.

Here’s what you will enjoy:

See better — your eyes deserve more

•  See math properly and beautifully.
    Say no to messy ((8*sin(30))^(1/4)/5)*arcos(pi)
•  See the whole expression at any size.
    Everything is crystal clear and easy to understand.
•  See better results with superior formats.

Type naturally — no more mental barriers

•  Type math as you see it.
    For 2 sin 30 + √ 9, just type ‘2 sin 30 + √ 9’
    No more backward thinking ‘2 x 30 sin + 9√’
    And no more awkward syntax ‘2 * sin(30) + sqrt(9)’
•  Type fast without touching the mouse.
    You get lots of handy shortcuts like X for multiply.
•  Edit without thinking.
    Made a mistake? Just click and type over it.

Calculate intuitively — with extra smartness

•  You can deal with time:
    8:30 + 0:45 = 9:15
•  In fact you can deal with all kinds of numbers:
    fractions, percentages, complex numbers, and more.
•  You can let Magic Number do the algebra:
    Enter ‘100 – ? = 55’. You get ‘? = 45’
    Enter ‘240 – ? % = 192’. You get ‘? = 20’

Do more with less effort

•  Want to make sense of a list of numbers?
    The List feature gives you the sum, tax, and statistics
    with couple of clicks. It’s like a mini speadsheet.
•  The History lets you go back and reuse the past.
    You can even compare results.
•  You can export expressions beautifully as PDFs.
    This means you have a simple equation editor.

Go beyond calculators

•  Over 100 functions
•  25 digits accuracy
•  10 memories (variables)
•  4 customizable tax rates
•  Over 50 scientific constants
•  Statistics
•  Linear regression
•  Matrix (Inverse, determinant, Gauss-Jordan Elimination)

And much more.


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What's New

Version 2.8.9

Improved handling of calculations with gigantic numbers, in particular:
•  Modular exponentiation
•  Combinatorics

For more detail go to Menu ▸ Help ▸ What’s New
and follow the links.

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Ratings and Reviews

4.9 out of 5

36 Ratings

36 Ratings

Best Ever!


This is the best calculator I have ever used on any platform from old physical devices to mobile platforms to desktop operating systems. Nothing were remotely close to this in usefulness and quality. It is easy to use, shortcuts make input much faster and correctly. You can go back and edit parts of a long formula, it keeps history. I dislike the act of calling every other thing "awesome", but believe me this app is really awesome.

It feels and looks great when it draws the fraction line when you enter a division. Longer formulas look much cleaner than the ugly one-line notation.

Honestly awesome


I’m just starting an MBA program online and have no math, economic, or finance background (feel free to judge - I’m judging myself, too!).

Magic Number allows me to look down at the book and type exactly what I see. It’s truly terrific.

One thing I’d like to see added (and it’s probbly in there) is a way to create and save formulas so I can just open a sidebar and click on whatever it is I’m trying to solve for.

That said, this feature isn’t necesary for me to give an inexpensive calculator a 5-star rating.



It’s been about a year since I got this product, and it’s in my Mac tray as a common tool. Think of the calculator you get when you swipe up on your phone - same thing. I used this for everything. The app has had many updates and gets tons of support; I’m blown away. This is one heck of a calculator and Dennis Liu is doing a great job keeping it going.

Amazing software (from an amazing developer)


I’m a Physics professor and Magic Number became my default calculator as soon as I started using it. Due to its very easy, practical and streamlined way to enter, edit, correct and process calculations, it really improves my workflow while checking tests from my students. Another positive point: developers are very responsive! I had a problem due to the keyboard layout I was using, and they fixed it very quickly.


Dennis Liu
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