MagicScroll 6 features:

Ease of Use
• Intuitive graphic interface.
• Full text formatting of font, size, style and color.
• Adjustable margins help ‘center’ videotext over the lens of the camera behind the beamsplitter.
• Voice dictation enabled to help create or edit scripts.
• Find/Replace of text.
• Copy/Paste of STYLE applies color or formatting to script without changing the text.
• Use Emoji’s to cue your speaker to smile, laugh, applaude or other.
• PDF manual download available from our website.

Video Text Scrolling
• Smooth scrolling video text leverages Graphic GPU.
• Scale to fit or actual size for output screen/preview screen.
• Interactive, adjustable scroll speed using your trackpad or attached USB device.
• Full Screen scrolling when scrolling only on main screen of notebook.
• Selectable ‘output’ screen shows only video text (not tools) to talent
• Adjustable size, Preview window mirrors what goes out to attached monitors.
• Adjustable gradient fade at top/bottom of output screen helps draw speakers eyes to the text.
• Inverse video on/off selectable allows white text on black, or black text on white
• Reverse horizontal/vertical scan to flip your video text on your output screen. (For beamsplitters)

Prompting Specialty Features
• Unlimited, nameable bookmarks.
• Looping of script - between set-able in and out marks.
• Script Queue window with saveable ‘setlists’ or show runs.
• Linking of files in Script Queue to live-scroll from one linked script to the next.
• Built-in stop watch can be toggled on/off to output screen.
• Paperclips can be instantly set while scrolling to mark a spot in the script.
• Blanking to Black sets the output screens to black with the click of a button.
• Custom blanking screen from your graphic, such as a company or show logo.
• Script Meter in Preview window shows approximate current scrolling location within script.
• Adjustable pointer to set ‘current line’ of text for speaker’s focus.

What's New

Version 6.0.1

Improved features include:
1) Added “Set Video Output” slider to adjust pointer arrow left or right to help with over-scanned monitors.
2) Added Preferences slider to adjust the 'dead zone' pad between when scrolling goes forward and backward.
3) Corrected several issues including:
A) Fixed the occasional improperly spinning Scroll Icon,
B) Eliminated shifting tools/windows when going from a different app back to MS,
C) Fixed an issue with underlined text not properly displaying when the underlines were part of copied text from certain Word Processors.
D) Removed 9" margin limit when output display was set to Actual Size.
E) Enabled automatic restoring of files that had been open when MS last quit. (Requires Disabling: Preferences>>General>>Close windows when quitting an app.)
F) Enabled auto selecting entire name of a bookmark when naming/renaming to make it easier to just type in a name.
G) Altered the behavior when GOING to a bookmark so that MS does NOT select the text of the bookmark within the script/document.
H) Properly enabled the “Other...” font size menu item.
I) Corrected restoring tool positions, and scroll pointer, when quitting MS and restarting.


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Age Rating
Rated 4+
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