Your PlayStation 3 console has been craving the media on your Mac. Finally, complete Macintosh and Playstation 3 integration is upon us.

Enjoying your media through the PlayStation 3 has never been this easy, on any platform -- and the Mac isn't just any platform. Its our favorite platform, so we've taken great care to create a seamless solution.

With MediaLink's flawless iTunes integration, getting to your songs on your PlayStation 3 is just as easy as it is on your Mac. Find any song, album or artist with ease in the Mac-like navigation system provided by MediaLink. MediaLink also conveniently shares your Playlists, Podcasts and Videos to your PlayStation 3.

Made a change to your Playlists? No problem, MediaLink will pick it up automatically in a few seconds and reflect that change on your PlayStation 3.

With MediaLink, you can view your iPhoto photo library and slideshows on your television screen, they're especially beautiful in vivid high definition.

Browse by photo album, event or watch a slideshow to the tune of your favorite song, its all easy and fun! Want some motion? Watch your iPhoto videos too!

Make your PlayStation 3 your home media center. MediaLink can stream high definition video content to your living room with ease!

Continue movies from where you left off or fast forward and rewind, view subtitles: all effortlessly using your PlayStation 3 and MediaLink.

MediaLink is now able to transcode most unsupported video and image formats into a PS3-compatible format on the fly. This means you no longer need to convert videos before being able to play them on your PlayStation 3. You can also now optionally transcode all videos and images, which will enable down-scaling videos and images for slower network connections.

Don't use iTunes or iPhoto? Do you have media stored outside your libraries? No problem! MediaLink has full folder organization support. MediaLink can easily locate music, photos and videos in any folder on your Mac and even preview it and collect ID3 information from your songs. Just select the folders you want MediaLink to share and you will instantly be able to access them from your PlayStation 3.

Using MediaLink, you can also easily copy media from your Mac to your PS3's internal hard drive.

If you have a PSP, you can enjoy all your media from anywhere in the world using remote play via the Internet with your PlayStation 3 and MediaLink.

Note: If you've bought the App Store version, do not download the Preference Pane version available on our web site as they will conflict. If you have the Preference Pane version installed, please uninstall it and use the App Store version found in "Applications" on your Mac.

What's New

Version 2.67

More sandboxing fixes.

Ratings and Reviews

It works, but not really

Jedi Mastah

For some reason this version of the software does not install in your System Preferences but it's a stand-alone app…oh well. Thing is, everytime I turn my TV on and use the DLNA the software shows the folders loaded but nothing in it. I have to delete them and add them back every time, only then the files will show. I have a different version on my Macbook (The one installed in the System Preference) and have no problem with it whatsoever…go figure...

Got it to work, but it was a process


Ok, so I got sick of the app store constantly showing the little red bubble with the "1" in it, so I figured I would give the update one more try.

I closed all running applications. Made sure that nothing was connected to my network other than my Mac. Then downloaded the update.

After the updae was done I restated the machine. The first and only application I launched was Medialink. I removed all the folders from the shared folders menu and readded them.

After re-adding the folders I once again restarted the machine. Again, the first application I launched was medialink. After it was up and running I closed the settings window, allowing the app to run in the background. I then went and checked for functionality (i.e. finds the server, folders show content, content plays) on all my media client devices, including my PS3.

No problems at all on any device using this porocess.

I do not believe my Mac was the issue at heart given the problems I expierenced the first time I updated. Its brand new, running OS 10.8.4 with plenty of processor speed and ram. My in home network is solid and secure, never had an issue with it. I stream netflix on multiple devices at once without issue.

Oh yeah... I should say, that when medialink is working properly, it is by far the best media server for Mac OS. Turst me, ive tried (and paid) just about all of them.

I should also note that I did all of the above mentioned things all on my own. Nullriver's customer support is totally and completely NON-existiant. Dont even try to contact them, its just going to make you mad when they don't reply.

Better than the old version & PS3 Media Server


Previous to downloading this version of MediaLink, I've used the old version which installed in System Preferences. I was happy with it until an update really screwed things up. Hopefully that won't be the case with these updates going forward. I was beginning to see huge latency and connection issues so I switched to PS3 Media Server. It's a great, free utility to have, but when streaming 720p MKV from my 2nd gen MacBook to my PS3 it couldn't keep up. So I thought why not rebuy MediaLink now that it's in the app store and see what happens. Works like a charm. Having it run as a dedicated app makes it completely easy to use when you want. Streaming and connection were quick, seemless and I haven't experienced any latency issues even when streaming 720p. There are minor hiccups rarely in the video playback when it's extremely motion intense, but the system seems to handle them well and buffers through them.


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