Play a piece of gaming history with the original Mega Man, the action-packed classic platformer!

In the year 200X, six robots created by master roboticist Dr. Light are tampered with by the evil genius Dr. Wily, and go on a destructive rampage! Only one robot remains who can put a stop to Wily’s plans and restore world peace: the heroic Mega Man.

Please Note:
・The gameplay and difficulty have been optimized for smartphones so that certain elements will differ from the original game.

・Confirm that your device meets the minimum specs

The original Mega Man captivated users at the time of its release with its challenging gameplay and innovative concept of taking the weapons from your enemies, then using them to exploit weaknesses in the bad guys yet to come.

This version features a choice of two difficulty modes.

・Normal Mode - (Unlimited continues) The continue screen is displayed whenever Mega Man dies. Selecting Continue allows you to restart from the last checkpoint you passed in the current stage.
・Hard Mode - This challenging mode limits your number of continues, and enemy attacks deal more damage. There are also fewer checkpoints within stages.

OPTIONS (The following settings can be adjusted in-game.)
・Sound - Increase the number to raise the volume.
・Vibration - Set to "On" to have your device vibrate when Mega Man takes damage. (Default setting: On) Note: This option will not be displayed on devices with no vibration function.
・Attack - Auto: Hold the attack button for rapid-fire Mega Buster shots. Manual: Each press of the attack button fires one Mega Buster shot. Tap repeatedly for rapid-fire shots.(Default setting: Auto)
・Speed - Choose between Normal and High to adjust gameplay speed.
・Key Config - Change position of the in-game attack button and jump button.

Search Elec Man’s stage for the Magnet Beam, which lets you place platforms wherever you like! To access the Magnet Beam, you’ll need to defeat Guts Man and get his weapon, or defeat Elec Man and play through the stage again with his weapon.

Though this app can be purchased on devices that have not been confirmed to be compatible, we cannot guarantee that it will function correctly on such devices. Capcom accepts no responsibility for problems caused by using incompatible operating systems and devices and does not offer refunds. We appreciate your understanding.

iOS 6.1.3 - 10.0.2

Compatible Devices
iPhone 5 (or later)
iPad (4th generation or later)
iPad mini 2 (or later)
iPod touch (6th generation or later)

What's New

Version 1.02.01

The games now feature a newly-added Turbo Mode, offering a step up in game speed.
You can now select game speed when starting a game.

Customer Reviews

2.3 out of 5

31 Ratings

31 Ratings

No controller support


I don't understand why this game doesn't have controller support, especially considering version 1 came out less than a year ago. The D-pad on the iPad version is way too big, and the action buttons are too far spaced out to use efficiently. You can switch button configurations, but there are no other options beyond that. The game also uses no touch-optimized controls even when they would make sense (choosing a level, options menu, etc) further confounding why there is no controller support.

In addition, the game runs very sluggishly, skipping frames often and feeling very "floaty" on the so-called normal speed. At first I thought this was to give the game more of an authentic 80s console experience, but it was definitely never this bad.

In short, this is an incredibly lazy port of a great classic game. Kind of a shame, and I hope they update it to fix these problems (but I don't have my hopes up since this is Capcom we are talking about and the game is like $1, hardly on the top of their priority list).

Great, but could do better...

Gage Shead

I like how you added MegaMan for mobile, but it seems rushed in a way. One way to make this better is the ability to customize the size and placement of the buttons and the d-pad. Another way is to make it a bit faster, I can't even imagine how many times I failed during GutsMan's stage because of how slow it is. Sure there's an option to change the speed but I change it a little bit and it's a bit too fast. To fix this just add some options to range from slow to fast. And this feels as though I'm playing a flash game. Maybe you should fix the animations a bit. Another thing you should fix is the fact that you have infinite lives, it kinda removes the difficulty of MegaMan by a long shot. Who knows, maybe an update would come along... it probably won't...

So I downloaded the whole collection...


I’m going to start by saying I am a huge megaman series. I have all of the megaman games the cartridge ones from 1-6 and the disk of 8 and also 9 and 10. So when I found out megaman is mobile I got super excited! But then I played all of them in the mobile collection to find they are pretty crappy ports... they’re way slow, even the music has been slowed, and on the “normal” mode you get infinite lives, like what is that??? I mean I guess it’s coo for beginners but I just don’t think that helps capture the feeling megaman gives, it just dosent make you as satisfied as if you completed the game normally like on the cartridges. I must say this port to mobile has been a real disappointment, but I strongly suggest checking out the actual series either playing a nes or on a pc


69.7 MB
Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+


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