Minim is a digital musical instrument.

It shares similarities with some synthesizers, but there are plenty of differences.

For one, it's microtonal, which means the pitches won't always match what you might expect from a regular piano.

Minim also uses a custom synthesis engine that's a little more unique than most standard synths.

This opens up tons of interesting possibilities for making different sounds!

The basics are pretty easy, but take some time to play around with how the settings and actions affect each other to really hear what it can do!

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Ratings and Reviews

Not really for iPads


No landscape mode, not able to use iOS 11 touch features on the iPad, etc...Very limited in the types of sounds it can make and I see nothing really worth $5.

Developer Response

Hey! Thanks for the quick review! I know long responses can be tedious, but I'm always interested in tossing ideas and thoughts back and forth.

It's true there's no rotation for landscape mode... But right now there's nothing stopping anyone from actually playing in landscape! What little text there is doesn't rotate, but the act of playing the app isn't actually affected by orientation! Auto-rotation is locked in the app so that the accelerometer functions (which are unlocked in the full version) can be used without fear of the UI changing in the middle of playing. Moving around with your iPad might seem a little weird, but cradling it one arm while playing with the other hand works really well on all sorts of music apps. On that note, a more natural looking landscape-locked option is already planned, so please be on the lookout for that update!

As for touch features, you can indeed pull up the dock and slide out a second app. The function of this app isn't really meant for that, but it doesn't stop it from happening. As for the new "taps," iPad doesn't actually support 3D touch. At all. The home screen uses timed long presses to simulate the peek-and-pop feature of the iPhone, but there's no actual pressure feedback! So, while the full version on the iPhone implements pressure sensitivity, there's no way to add that to an iPad app at this time.

Minim is not the kind of synthesizer you might be used to! There's no FM synthesis, no ADSR envelopes. The sound engine is a hybrid of physically modeled acoustic bodies. This means it will have a different sound palette from many other synthesizers, but it has other unique possibilities for making sound that you simply can't get from a MIDI keyboard and your favorite DAW. Minim was designed to bring more subtle musicality to live-performed electronic sounds rather than an extreme range of timbres... but it still has a pretty wide range! The default presets range between something-sort-of-like-an-electric-guitar to something-sort-of-like-a-high-pitched-hand-drum to something-sort-of-like-an-electronic-synth-bass.

Also, the control mappings are far from 1:1. For example, while the pitch slider does raise and lower the pitch register, the actual sound you get from a particular pad may be drastically different depending on the body setting for that row. It's not as simple as just raising the expected pitch! Because the acoustic engine is modeling physical acoustics it does follow some rules of physical acoustics, but then it breaks rules in ways that actual physical instruments can't. It's a different sonic universe from both typical electronics and acoustic instruments. It can take some time to really get used to what is possible with Minim!

With all that said, Minim is far from "complete". Like most apps, there will be updates and improvements as I continue to play and learn from it myself!


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Requires iOS 10.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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Rated 4+
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