MoneyWell gives you powerful personal finance organization and analysis tools in a simple, uncluttered, single-window solution.

An Electronic Twist on “Envelope Budgeting”

Splitting up your paycheck into envelopes for each category of your budget is a tried and true method for stopping overspending. Unfortunately, with direct deposit and debit cards that work like cash, it’s nearly impossible to do today. MoneyWell supercharges that concept and gives you back control over your spending with spending buckets.

Find What You’re Looking For Quickly

See all your dining out transactions in the last three months with a couple of clicks in the Filters popover. What if you knew the entry had the word “apple” in it? Just type “apple” in Search Transactions and instantly see the results before you finish typing. Save your favorite searches with our Smart Filters.

Best-In-Class Currency Support

Each transaction stores three amounts, each with its own currency. Purchase using GBP for a EUR account and track your spending in a USD bucket. MoneyWell automatically looks up the correct exchange rate and sets the amounts, but you have full control to change any of them.

Direct Connect Banking

MoneyWell allows you to directly talk to hundreds of banks and other financial institutions giving you one-click access to your accounts. Setting up direct connect banking with MoneyWell is a breeze too. Simply follow the built-in guide that steps you through selecting your financial institution, entering your login information, and adding your accounts.

For those banks that don’t support direct connections, MoneyWell still makes it easy to avoid manual entries by allowing you to import common file formats like OFX, QFX, QIF, and CSV.

Secure Sync via Dropbox

Sync your MoneyWell data between multiple Macs or grab a copy of MoneyWell Express (for iPhone) and keep your data in your pocket. MoneyWell for iPad rounds out the suite and lets you manage your budget from the comport of your favorite chair. And don’t worry about prying eyes, you supply a password that encrypts your data during transmission and while stored on Dropbox.

To learn more about MoneyWell or just to get in touch, please visit out website. We’d love to hear from you!

What's New

Version 2.3.13

A maintenance release to keep things running smoothly on High Sierra.

Customer Reviews

2.2 out of 5

14 Ratings

14 Ratings

Great Application — So-So Developer

David J. M.

I’ve rewritten this review numerous times. I’m rewriting it again because I just exchanged some emails with the developer about my concerns regarding Moneywell.

First let me say: I love Moneywell. Its methodology for creating and maintaining a budget is exceptional. I also think it’s simple and intuitive to use once you understand how it works. I really haven’t found any other financial application for Mac that does what Moneywell does.

Now to my criticism:

The development of Moneywell has been very slow. I’ve seen an early version of Moneywell 3 and it doesn’t seem to have any major new features other than Retina Display support. I was hoping for a lot more.

The developer also doesn’t seem to spend much time on customer service. I had to write a scathing review on here to catch his attention. There also used to Moneywell forums on the NoThirst website but those are gone.

The developer did assure me that he plans to add other features to Moneywell after the version 3 release. I’ve decided to be more patient with him, because I do love Moneywell, but I’m also still somewhat skeptical.

Final thoughts:

If you are interested in Moneywell, I suggest going to the No Thirst website and downloading the demo. If you like it as much as I do, I still suggest you buy it. On the No Thirst website, there is also a 50% off sale on Moneywell 3 before the final version 3 is released. That’s probably a better way to buy it.



I’ve been using MoneyWell for years, ever since it was only available on my MacBook. 2 MacBooks and 2 iPads later, there is NEVER a smooth transition from one device to another. I never dared try to sync more than 1 device with my document because I don’t believe for even one second that the running balances will be accurate. I’ve had a new iPad for a week and a half and I cannot, for the life of me, move my data to it. Every time I’ve had these problems before, the developer has sent me instructions to do a manual copy. I’ve been through that song and dance so many times I remember the steps - and they don’t even work now. What’s the point of having DropBox sync as an option if it can’t work??? I even downloaded the MoneyWell 3 app (only on his website, must not have passed App Store muster) and tried to add my document, only to get incorrect balances. I won’t continue using software that instills so much frustration and annoyance in me. I’m off to search the App Store for a functional alternative. I’m sorry I ever paid the $20 to have the ability to sync multiple accounts.

I considered giving MoneyWell one star….


This app does not appear to be stable. I cannot, for the life of me, get my running balance to ever be right. Every time I change a transaction entered, Moneywell resets my balance so I never really know how much money I have in my account. When I went to the MoneyWell webiste, sure enough, the forums are gone. All that remains are the original tutorials. Also, there’s not even a search feature on their website! How am I supposed to find the information I need without digging through endless tutorial videos? At least their website still links to a glowing 2010 review of Moneywell 1. Neat.

What’s worse is I received two emails last November from Mr. LaCoste touting MoneyWell 3 which is supposedly in the works and nothing in the six months since then. In one of the e-mails, he actually has the huevos to ask us to pay to upgrade to version 3, even though he admits it’s “not a huge update”. Seriously? If you’re just going to address "stability over features", then make it a 2.4 release for crying out loud and give me something that makes it worth paying to upgrade!

Oh, and by the way, you’ve totally missed the December 2015 launch date.

On the positive side, my sync sometimes works when I try it. Also, the concept of envelope budgeting is useful, but that hasn’t changed since 2010.


Kevin LaCoste
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Rated 4+
© 2015 Kevin LaCoste


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