Now, you have undeniable proof that there are no monsters under the bed, with Monster Meter. Put your little one’s mind at ease by showing on the radar screen that the room is all clear, even the closet, so you can both get a good night’s sleep.

Featured in "Parenting" Magazine May 2013 Issue
Featured in "The Sunday Times" Top 500 App List
Featured by Apple "Apps for Parents" and "Halloween Apps For Little Pumpkins"

“A beautiful idea that sounds silly but has a serious purpose.”


Your child is convinced that there’s a monster hiding in the closet or under the bed. While you know differently, your little one is scared to go to sleep.

Every night, you go through the same thing. First you try reassurance. When that doesn’t work, you turn on the lights and go through the motions of checking prime monster hiding spots. While still not completely convinced, your child does settle down to go to sleep. Eventually, anyway.

Fear of ‘things that go bump in the night’ is very real to small children. It can make for a long bedtime routine and be a stressful part of the day. Luckily, there is now a way to alleviate your child’s terror and make going to sleep much easier. All you need is an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and the Monster Meter app.

Monster Meter puts fast, easy monster detection right in the palm of your hands. You can scan any room and verify if there are monsters hiding there, or if you and your child are safe. Just explain what Monster Meter is and how it works then put it to good use.

The app offers four different monster detection technologies. The Radar uses your device’s camera to scan any room and issues a bleep is there is a monster nearby, while the Grid moves up and down for a touch of extra security.

You and your child can check the Green Meter as it scans the room. Watch the needle, if it goes way up, there are monsters afoot!

Sometimes, you need to pull out the heavy artillery. That’s when you’ll want to employ the Metal Meter. This one is a serious looking scanner that may be what it takes to soothe a frightened child into feeling safe again.

All of the scanners and meters have sound. They also have a results screen to show you how many monsters they have detected in the room or nearby. The results also use sound to let the little ones who haven't learned to read yet, know that there are not monsters. You will hear cute saying such as "All clear, no monsters here"

NEW Monster Spray! You can set the meters and scanners to actually detect monsters, then use Monster Spray to make the monsters go away. Monster Spray is a aerosol can that you can use that makes spraying sounds (yes you can shake it and hear the classic shaking a can sound too). Spray the room down and the next time a scanner/meter is used there will be NO monsters.

These are monster detecting features you’ll get with Monster Meter:
* Monster Spray - Help protect your room, by spraying monster spray that makes the monsters go away
* Radar – classic radar screen that uses the camera on your device
* Grid – this scanner also uses the camera on your device
* Green Meter – playful yet serious meter
* Metal Meter – more serious looking meter for serious monster finding
* All scanners and meters have sound and screen display
* Scans are very realistic and convincing
* Helps kids feel safe in their rooms
* Helps you and your child get a good night’s sleep
* Adjustable settings

Download Monster Meter now and give your little one the safe, secure feeling he or she needs for a relaxed, proper night’s rest.

What's New

Version 1.7

PARENTS - Please visit the “Parents” button to learn about Monster Meter and adjust the settings of the app. This is how you can actually set it to find monsters, turn off the sound and more.

Added Monster Spray to the Start Page. You no longer need to find monsters to use Monster Spray. Great for pre-bedtime room protection.

Update the interface - After watching our kids use the app, we found that larger buttons were needed. So we updated the entire interface (except the Parents section), to make it easier for the little ones to use

Added a contact screen - So when you need help or just want to tell us you love the app. We can now be easily contacted.

Added our privacy policy (basically we don’t store or collect anything on you, but you can read it in full if you like.

Adjusted the Monster Spray - So you have less can and more viewing space. So you see more of what you are spraying

Removed social sharing, so your kids won't post to your facebook or twitter accounts. Want it back? Let us know.

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Ratings and Reviews

3.7 out of 5

7 Ratings

7 Ratings

Augmented Reality to get kids to sleep


This is an augmented reality app! The meters show the room using the built in camera and shows the room when you spray it down with "virtual" Monster Spray.

I'm a babysitter


And whenever I babysit, it's a ritual to spray the kids homes. This is the greatest!

Please update


I need nightly for my daughter. Does not work with iOS 11 .. please please update


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