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Guía a una madre y su hija en su periplo a través de arquitecturas mágicas donde descubrirán caminos imposibles y asombrosos rompecabezas mientras desentrañan los secretos de la Geometría Sagrada.

Monument Valley 2 nos invita a vivir una nueva aventura ambientada en un mundo de belleza imposible, siguiendo los pasos del juego ganador del "Apple Game of the Year 2014".

Ayuda a Ro mientras enseña a su hija los misterios del Valle, donde explorarán parajes asombrosos manipulando la arquitectura a su antojo para continuar su periplo.


«Sutilmente más sofisticado que su predecesor». (WIRED)

«Pequeñas muestras de un mundo surrealista que se deja la piel para satisfacerme». (POLYGON)

«Me quedé embelesado con todo lo que vi y oí». (DESTRUCTOID)

«Una de las mejores experiencias de juego disponibles no solo en móviles, sino en cualquier dispositivo». (POCKETGAMER)


Una historia completamente nueva ambientada en el universo de Monument Valley, por lo que no es necesario haber jugado al anterior título para sumergirse en Monument Valley 2.

Disfruta de bellos niveles plagados de rompecabezas ilusorios que invitan a la reflexión. Usa nuevas formas de interacción para explorar la relación entre los personajes.

El apartado artístico del juego se inspira en una ecléctica mezcla de estilos arquitectónicos, movimientos artísticos e influencias personales que se traducen en impactantes estructuras geométricas.

Déjate llevar por composiciones musicales de una belleza melódica sin parangón compuestos específicamente para acompañar a Ro y su hija en cada paso de su camino.


Monument Valley 2 solo es compatible con dispositivos con iOS 9 o versiones posteriores.


Versión 1.2.15

Sorry folks - nothing much has changed in the game. We're updating our store assets for iPhone X :)

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.3 de 5
3.1K valoraciones
3.1K valoraciones

Truly the most inventive game out there ...PERIOD.

I first heard of this game during an episode of House of Cards. I was curious and downloaded the first version of this game. Wow, was I hooked. Not only is the story compelling, but the simplicity of the graphics along with the complexities of game play keep you challenged and engaged. If that wasn’t enough, the makers of this wonderful world of sight gives you the sounds of each step of the journey married with FX sounds along with the soundtrack fitting to journey of wonder and discovery. The music pulls you in and takes you into the story. Heck, I’m a guy who loves the shooter games and all things geek, but this second Monument Valley 2 version ... has me FEEL something along the way. I too have a daughter and this game pulled at those heart strings. I hope, no scratch that because hope is not strong enough a word ... I pray that the developers see the potential to make more episodes of this game. There are so many possibilities and journeys yet to come. Now that I have completed both versions, I am left wanting more, so much more that I feel a little empty. No game out their compares to this ... but let’s not call this a game, it’s much more than that ... it’s a whimsical puzzle of journey and mind with thought provoking fulfillment and pleasures of the senses. Can’t wait for more ... let the journey continue ...


Sequel Falls Short of Expectations

As a huge fan of the first game and forgotten shores, this second installment did nothing to raise the standard set by the first. The art and music were on point, but the levels themselves were shorter, simpler, and far less intriguing than those in the first.
The difficulty/complexity of the first game made it rewarding to play and also increased the playtime such that retrospectively I’d have happily paid twice the asking price to download the first... on the other hand I’d tell anyone who hasn’t played these to only buy the first and forgotten shores and skip MV2 (or play it first).
MV2 also seemed to have a smaller set of puzzle mechanics. Typically in this game you are limited to rotating platforms and sliding platforms. In MV1 you had these, but you also manipulated the entire map relative to camera angle, redirected water flows, channeled bird people to/from switches etc. The only new mechanic in this game was having two characters that you could direct which ultimately functioned as an easier version of the NPC birds or smaller version of the block friend you work with.
In short, the first game had puzzles, clever mechanics, presented a challenge and had a compelling storyline. MV2 felt like a reader rabbit game; a children’s interactive storybook with simple references to the original. The first game involved multiple sessions of play, this one I finished in under an hour.


Definition of Beauty!

This game is the most unique and beautiful game I have ever seen. It's a mixture of illusion and artwork as a game, like our brothers of brothers. Now you may ask, "Why the heck are you talking about brothers?" well sorry I don't have an answer for you. Anyway, despite the fact that this is the most beautiful (and hard!) games I have ever installed. Dig deep into many mirages and seek what you may seek. The game is to seek your child as you go through many levels of insanity, art, illusions, puzzles, and blocks as Ro to teach the child to become a monument. I believe that the friends, sisters, brothers, parents, uncles aunts, cousin, nieces, nephews, or even grand parents and grandchildren will seek this game. This game is meant for many ages and people. I love how this game uses mirages/Illusions as fantasy and fantastic artwork. Now, here's one thing I would love to mention. Please do make a part 3 by 2019? Please ustwo? I love part one of Ida, and part 2 as I have completed both games and the purchase (I forgot what it's called) of part one. And I completed part 2. So I'm excited if part 3 comes out! 😬😛 Thanks ustwo! Okay okay jeeeeeeez I'm done for God's sake man this was long dam u savage if u read this all other people and ustwo ignore the last bit please????? Thanks.... Bye.

Helena G.


ustwo Games Ltd
516.1 MB
Requiere iOS 9.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Español, Alemán, Chino simplificado, Chino tradicional, Coreano, Francés, Inglés, Italiano, Japonés, Neerlandés, Portugués, Ruso, Sueco, Tailandés, Turco
Clasificación 4+
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